YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 2)


So all of u might have understood swara is not staying with her parents she is staying at Mumbai.shomi and shekhar is at Kolkata along with other family members.
The door bell rings shone opens the door nd is shocked to see the person standing in front of her.
Shona:aap?aap Kolkata se kab lauti?aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi.
A women in her 50’s is shown.
Women:yes its me only .i reached Mumbai early in the morning.nd I didn’t inform u because I knew that u ll be busy with ur job and I didn’t want to disturb the way tumne breakfast ki?
Women:I knw phir se jal gayi hogi na…..

Shona:ha bt taai ma hw come u knw abt it
Taai ma:shona…its more than 5 years I m seeing u nd till nw there is o single day left where u have not burned ur food….kabhi toh dyaan rakha karo
Shona:I m srry taai ma…what can I do I always forget to switch off the stove
Taai ma:I knew this that’s y I hv brought breakfast for u…
Shona:what ?….breakfast?….i thought mujhe aaj bhi bhooka rehana padega
Taai ma:aawww…… when taai ma is here nt to fear….
Shona:bt yeh toh mera dialogue hua na?
Both of them laugh…….
Kaali baadi
Someone come out of all the smoke.shomi and shekhar laugh by looking at that person.
A cute little girl is shown she is 6-7 year old.her face is covered with black colour.she is too adorable.
Shomi:aaru yeh sab kuch kya hai ?I hv tld u nt to get into the kitchen without my permission
Aaru holds her ear and says
Aaru: sorry na mishit….pls forgive me
Shekhar:sorry wat sorry u ll do all mischief and at last will say sorry….this time I m nt gonna forgive I ll tell this to badi dadi
The girl becomes shocked.tear starts to fill up in her innocent eyes.seeing this shekhar kneels down in front of that girl
Shekhar:aaru beta u should nt cry ..u r a brave girl na
Aaru;but u said u will tell this to badi daadi…pls na sheku dnt tell I promise I ll nt enter the kitchen again
Shomi;bt aaru y did u enter the kitchen without my permission
Aaru:did u all forget todays specialty?

Shomi:speciality ?wat speciality?
Aaru:so no one remember right…as usaual mujhe hi yaad dilana is ur wedding anniversary
Shomi and shekhar look at each other with their eyes wide open…
Shomi and shekhar together:aaj 13th march hai our wedding anniversary.
Aaru nods her head in a yes direction
Aaru:aur mein aap ke liye aap dono ki favourite milk cake bana ne ki koshish kar rahi thi….lekin gadbad ho gayi.saying this she lowers her head indicating her disappointment.shomi and shekhar hugs her (both of them are kneeling down and embraces aaru)

Shomi(in her mind):aaj agar shone hoti toh who bhi yahi karti…..tears roll down from her eyes
I knw guys the episode focusing more on swara and aaru nd its short…bt I promise there ll be sanskars entry soon….but u ll have to wait a little more for swasan scenes and sorry for that.nd the nxt episode will long.

Credit to: Jitha

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