YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 13)


Hello people whats up?i hope ur enjoying he current flashback wala track….hi hi actually I enjoy writing it…hope u also enjoys it…now let me tell u something actually my classes will begin by next week and after that I ll not be able to post regularly because I m gonna stay in hostel and I cant take my lap along with me or rather say MOM wont ALLOW so after this Saturday I ll be posting only on week ends…..but I promoside I ll surely update on week ends without any delay….acha pinky promise …..and I ll upload whenever I get some free time I hope u guys can understand my situation …..and sorry for informing this all of a sudden……so after Saturday I ll be posting only on next week so pls do wait until then…story beech mein math chod dena theek hai?…….ok heading towards swasan and raglak’s class room


Swaragini was sitting in the front row along with sanskar’s gang .kavitha and her gang members were at the back row.teacher enters the class room.everyone greets the teacher
Teacher(looking at swaragini):so u 2 are the new admission’s
Swaragini:yes mam
Teacher:u r good name
Ragini:myself ragini
Teacher:oh!swara and ragini the toppers in enrance examinations right
Swaragini nods

Teacher :congratulations … u got admission in the merit seat
Kavitha:haa mam otherwise how can they afford the college fees
Teacher:kavitha…instead of taunting them it ll be better if u concentrate on ur studies…did u forget how much marks u got in last examination,58%….
Kavitha:yes mam
Teacher continues with her class.
Teacher:ok students that’s all for today
A peon enters the classroom and handover some notice to the teachers
Teacher:students there is an important announcement tonight the college is going to host a party for the freshers so everyone must reach college at 8 tonight…..and there will be no class in the afternoon as preperations for the party is going on
Swara:but mam it’s a party for fresher’s what will do in the party
Kavitha:swara darlingyeh tumhari purani sadak chap college nahi hai… in our college every year we give party to freshers and our college management invites each and every student to attend this party….which means its not only for fresher’s got it?
Swara nods
Teacher:ok students now u may leave and be here before time
Students:ok mam

They all leave
Swaragini were walking.ragini notices swara was lost somewhere
Ragini:swara…swara….(shakes her)
Swara: (getting back to senses)mmmmmm…what happened
Ragini:where r u lost?
Swara:no where
Swara:ok baba,I was thinking about that kavitha…such an arrogant and ill mannerd girl…baat karne ki tameez bhi nahi hai
Ragini:yeah u r right….kitni khamand hai na us me…kuch bhi bolti hai….arrey she does even know anything about us…but still she’s judging us our clothes and more over or parents…
Ragini notices swara is lost somewhere
Ragini:swara?tell me the truth what r u upto
Swara:me nothing
Ragini:swara don’t u dare lie to me….i know u r planning something big…
Swara:tume kaise pata

Ragini:I m ur sister and I know u…in the morning when that kavitha told that much u didn’t react I knew from there,u r gonna plan something really huge…whats it?
Swara:wah! meri pyari behana bohot intelligent nikali
Ragini:ha ha very funny….nw tell me what r u upto
Swara:nothing much…actually I haven’t planned anything but yeah I ll surely do something….i want to teach her a lesson
Ragini:swara….i m scared
Swara:ragini don’t be ….and its not for the 1st take a chill pill……arrey baba
Ragini:ab kya hua
Swara:dad has asked me to call him when we are leaving during all this drama I forgot to call him
Ragini:now what r u looking at take mobile and call
Swara calls shekhar

Swara:ha dad…yeah college got over who actually tonight we have a party so they left the students….ok
Ragini;what did he tell
Swara:he’s waiting outside come lets go
Swaragini reaches the gate and find shekhar’s car.they both enters the car and drives off.someone notices it
Sanskar:itni mehangi car….but kavitha was telling that both of them belong to some poor middle class family…and if they r rich then y didn’t they say it?y did they silently listen to her?dal mein kuch kala hai…


Swaragini and shekhar reach the baadi.
Shomi:shona rago both of u came so early
Ragini tells them about the party and that college left early due to that.shomi notices swara lost somewhere
Shomi:rago?ab isko kya hua
Ragini;nothing ma
Ragini tells her whatever happened in the college.both shekhar and shomi were laughing after listening to ragini
Ragini;ma dad u people are laughing?
Shekhar:toh aur kya karoon beta?

Shekhar:beta misunderstanding’s occur,she must have felt that u belong to a middle class family because u reached the college in an auto and both u got admission to college on merit basis and they all must have taken admission by giving money
Ragini:but dad that’s not fair….we got admission because of our capability and she’s just making fun of our hardwork and moreover she’s badmouthing about u two
Shomi:beta…log aise hi hota hai…bina kuch soche samjhe jaane pehachane bol dete hai….and koi respect kare ya na kare hum dono,tumhare harwork ko respect karthe hai…tum dono ne apne dum pe college me admission I m really proud of u
Shomi hugs ragini and shekhar hugs swara.swara was still in some other world


Swara is seen working on the laptop
Ragini:swara come on lets get ready for the party
Swara:just a min
Ragini:what r u doing there?.she comes and peeps into her laptop.KAVITHA what is this?
Swara:nothing yaar…I was just collecting some information about that kavitha malhotra…
Ragini:and whats the need for that

Swara:u ll get to know about it very soon…now lets gets ready..swara picks up her dress and leaves
Ragini:this girl is definitely upto something
Swara and ragini gets ready ragini is wearing a white coloured sleeve less salwar with hair’s open and swara is wearing a red sleeveless gown with hair put up.both of them look extremely gorgeous


Swaragini reaches the party venue and is chit chatting with other students.sanlak and their gang enter’s sanskar is wearing a white t shirt and red blazer on the other hand laksh is seen wearing a sky blue shirt and black pant along with a black tie.followed by them kavitha and her gang enter’s .kavitha waves her hand saying hi to sanskar and as usual he unwilling gives her a wave.she is wearing a black backless gown with hair put starts and everyone begins to enjoy the party singing and dancing

host:so guys its time to find out some hidden we have a bunch of names in this bowl and let me tell u all them are fresher’s includes seniors too(wink’s).ok now we will select some names and that person will have to come on stage and showcase ur talent in front of ll those who r present here.are u guys ready…everyone shouts YES!!!!
Host calls one by one and everyone goes on to the stage and do something or the other.
Host:finally the last name lets see whoz it…wohoooooo it’s the time for the topper to showcase her hidden talents….swara gagodia
Sanskar:swara gagodia…..i have heard this name before but where?
Lucky:haa bhai..i too find this name very similar…but I m not able to identify .
Swara goes on to the stage

Swara:hey guys….so today I am going to sing a song hope u guys will enjoy it
Kavitha:lo …ab yeh gana bhi gayegi…..chalo dekthe hai gareeb ke aawaz mein kitna dum hai
Haan aa o… (sanskar is mesmerized to hear her voice)
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

(sanskar unknowingly gets up from his seat, he feels some attraction towards her voice)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aa o… aa…
Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye
(sanskar was admiring her …..its for the 1st time he was noticing her….she looked really beautiful)
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
aa… o…
Swara finishes her song but still sanskar was standing with his mouth opened
Sanskar comes to his senses
Laksh:what happened?where r u lost?

Sanskar:no where(monologue)sanskar what happened to u?what were u doing?do u even realize that u was staring at her?u was totally lost…….sanskar control urself it’s a party agar ek ladki ko aise ghooroke toh zaroor pittayi hogi…
Its dinner time and everyone was having dinner.suddenly
Akshata: (spits out her food)YUCK!!!!
Anushka:what happened?
Akshata:just taste that paneer
Anushka tastes it
Anushta:YEW!!!its disgusting….
Followed by them everyone starts to complain about the food.kavitha too tastes her food
Kavitha:chi……what the hell?is this food or poison?yeh kaun sa ghattiya hotel ka khana hai… can they think kavitha malhotra to have this?rocky go and call the management team….i said go…
Principal:what happened kavitha?

Kavitha:what happened?what type of food r u serving?do u even realize that it tastes hell …..the paneer dishes are salty and the chicken to hell with it….yeh kaun sa ghattiya restaurant ka khana hai…..arrey if u cant organize food from a good hotel then u could have told it to me,I would have arranged dinnerf rom MY HOTEL…and if problem was that of money then I would have given it for free…but such tasteless food and how can u people think that I,KAVITHA MALHOTRA will eat this ……take it away and yeah I will file a complaint against that restaurant from where this food is bought

Principal;kavitha that’s enough…I don’t know whats the problem with the food,but yeah let me tell u if u r filing a complaint against that restaurant then u ll be the 1st one to go to jail
Kavitha:what do u mean?
Principal:whe bought this food from ur so called five star hotel.and if there’s any problem in it its ur responsibility and not before shouting on the management get this thing clear into ur head
Principal and other management member’s leave

Akshata:yeh looo….puri bazi palat gayi…KAVITHA MALHOTRA yeh nahi khathi who nahi khathi ab dekha yeh ghattiya khana tumhare restaurant ka hi hai….ab kuch kehana chahathi ho?
Anushka:really bad kavitha…..u and ur dad cant even take care of ur responsibilities….isse acha khana toh highway ke dhaabe mein milta
Everyone present there accuses kavitha.kavitha stood there listening to all the taunts against her and her so called family restaurant .swaragini ws also present there watching this whole scenario.ragini got some doubt in her mind and she look at swara.swara winks and gives her an evilish smile.kavitha notices it.
Kavitha:toh yeh sab kuch tumhara kiya dhara hai bikaari ladki…..tomorrow I ll show who kavitha malhotra is

Ragini nods her head in disbelief and sanskar notices this whole gesture conversation between both the sisters.
Sanskar;there is something fishey….

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