YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 12)

yeh ishq nahi aasan (episode 12)

hey frnds so from today onwards lets start the flashbackstory …..and guys pls comments very few comments in last episode if u didn’t like it pls do tell me so that i can improvise my writing……….there u go with the next part….hope u will enjoy it 😉


the person on the floor crying even more harder…the person gets up and wipes her tears.she walks towards the wardrobe and opens it.she takes out a dress from it she hugs and cries even more harder
voice:i m sorry……i m really very very sorry……..(cries harder)
the moon light falls on her face making it somewhat visible.she notices the moon lights and starts to walk towards the window.she’s still having that dress in her hand.she stands nearby the window watching the moon

voice:life is just so weird at times… makes us do such things which we never wishes to do…sometimes to keep our dear ones happy we will have to make them suffer…..we will have to give them immense pain…..even though it hurts u more than them u ll have to do it…..u will have to do it for their sake…..and that’s what i m doing….i m keeping myself away from my family…..from my my sanskar i m keeping his swara away from him…..(yes guys its swara or u can say sonakshi)i can imagine what u have been through over these 7 years……thinking that i am…. ur swara is dead but believe me sanskar i was not at all easy for me to live away from u,away from my family by changing my identity….

but i was helpless i had to do this for u…and if i had not done this then i would have lost u forever….u know sanskar the moment i saw in the party i wanted to hug u i wanted to tell u yes ur swara is alive ……but i couldn’t ,i couldn’t ……and i can never accept the reality that i m swara ….i m sorry for hurting u sanskar……i m really sorry (cries)swara hugs the dress(the same dress she had worn in the party)janteho sanskar iss mein ab bhi tumhari khushbu hai….when i hug this dress i feel like i m in your embrace…in the most safest place in this whole world….i miss u sanskar…i miss u so much…i wish i could become ur old chatterbox(smiles)…..even now when arjun call’s me that name,the 1st thing that comes to my heart is u…..she goes near the wardrobe and takes out an album from it.she opens it and goes through the photos..i wish i could
relive those beautiful moments,those cute and silly fights…she unknowingly smiles recalling those beautiful moment…


someone is shown sleeping on the bed her face is covered with blanket.ragini comes out out of the wash room with wet hair.she dries her hair
ragini:swara atleast now get up….its already 8:30…if u didn’t get up today then will become late for college
swara (without getting up):kya hai ragini thoda sone do na?
ragini:acha!from night 8 ‘o clock u r sleeping…and now u want to sleep more…..swara gets up ok…otherwise
swara:otherwise what?
ragini: i ll call dadima.dadima…….
swara immediately gets up from the bed grabs her dress and run towards washroom.ragini laughs

swara and ragini gets ready for college.swara is wearing a skyblue coloured jumpsuit with hairs open while ragini is wearing and orange coloured salwar suit.ragini and swara comes down.dadi was doing pooja
dadi:lo aageyi dono,sharmishta yeh tu ne in dono ko kya sikhaya hai ….5 sal london mein rehake saare sanskar bhool gaye …..ab toh subah pooja paat bhi nahi karte
sharmishta:no no ma,in london also they used to get up early and we used to do pooja together
dadi:toh phir yahan aakar ke hogaya
ragini:woh dadima actually….swara …..
swara: jetlag ….jetlag… oh gaya mujhe (ragini looks at swara and she winks )
dadi:ke ?ke hua thare ko?
sharmishta:nothing ma….shona rago come have breakfast
swara:ji ma
ragini:no ma….
ragini;swara we are already late and if u sit here to have breakfast then we ll miss our college…
swara:but ragini
ragini:no but …..come lets go.ragini drags swara and take her from there
dadi:sambhal ke jaana
ragini:ji….bye dadi bye ma
swaragini leaves

swaragini’s car

swara is driving and ragini is sitting beside her.
swara:papa bhi na..
ragini:papa bhi na kya?
swara:areey yaar..there was only one year left we could have completed our mba and then return to india na….
ragini:swara u know na….after we left for london dadima and dadaji was all alone here….and now during their oldage they wishes to spend some time with their family…so whats the problem?
swara:ragini don’t take me in a wrong way..i too missed dadi and dadu when we were in london i too wanted return infact i m happy to come back but he only problem is my …
ragini:studies…i know….
swara:haa….wahan achi khasi padayi chal rahi hi ab pata nahi naya college kaisa hoga or 2nd year ke midterm mein join karke kya hoga padayi ka

swara was driving and suddenly car stops
ragini:what happened?
swara:don’t know yaar….it suddenly stopped….
swara tries to start the car,but it doesn’t get’s start
ragini:what will we do now its already late…1st day of college and if we get late means
swara:what to do?what to do?…..
they hifi’s each other

maheshwari’s institution of management and technology

a sports car enters the college.2 boys get down from it and they walk towards their gang they joins the gang and gives hifi to each other.
sid:what happened guys today u reached college before time
rajeev:ha yaar…otherwise both of u used to enter college after 1st lecture then what happened today
akshata:seems like he’s desperate to meet kavitha….no sanskar?(winks)
(boy 1)sanskar:oh plz….uss chipku ke bare mein yaad math dilana…everyday before entering college i pray that day i should not see her face…

anushka:sach mein haath do kar sanskar ke peeche padi hai….
sid:everyone in the college know she’s behind u only for money
boy 2:guys pls stop talking about her…u know how much me and bhai hate her
sanskar:exactly and she’s the reason y i miss my 1st lecture
sanskar:use samjhana lucky
(boy 2 )lucky:one day he car got break down and we offered her help from the next day onwards she keeps waiting for us near that café…in order to avoid her we have to take another route and that route it too long and by the time we reach college 1st lecture would get over….
anushka:then how did u guys manage today to come early?
sanskar:don’t know what happened but i didn’t see her near the café so we took that route itself
lucky:i hope that she’s no leave today

all of them laughs
sid:sanskar btw today our juniors are coming?
sanskar:term ke beech mein kaha se ayegi juniors?
akshata:did u forget there is midterm admission’s right…and many studied have joined….
lucky:wow!!! so today will be a very good day by all means (eyes at sanskar)
sanskar nods in disbelief
they see many new students entering.they call each one and makes them do something or the other.they are doing it for fun.(they didn’t hurt anyone)
on the other hand there is their rival gang who are ragging the fresher’s.many of them were leaving from there crying vigorously.kavitha also belongs to that gang and that’s the reason y sanskar and his gang hate her the most.sanskar and their gang notices them.
a car enter and a girl wearing short skirt and sleeveless white top comes out.
sid:bhai lo agayi miss chipku malhotra

sanskar and lucky:she’s present?(gloomy)
anu:lo aagayi toh ab is chudail ki show off bhi bare karni padegi….
akshata:today their gang itself is showing off and now whem miss chipku malhotra joinsthem show off would be double
rajeev:i just wish there was someone who could teach her manners
kavitha goes and stands near her gang and gives hifi to everyone.and waves hi to sanskar.sanskar too unwilling waves his hand
an auto rickshaw enters the college and everyone notices it.because it’s a well reputed college and only rich people’s children study here.and everyone here either has a bike or a car.
ragini and swara gets down from the rickshaw.they began to walk towards their class.they were passing both the gangs suddenly they hear clapping sound and turns to finds out that kavitha’s gang members were calling them.ragini and swara goes near them
lucky:bechari ladikiyan!dont know today what will this chipku malhotra and her gang do with both of them

vinay:oh madam whats ur name?
rohit:will i have to ask u separately
ragini:ji ragini
laksh:swara…..ragini…nice name nai bhai….sanskar eyes him.lucky stops his bak bak
kavya:which course?
ragini:final year mba
vinay:that means we are classmates wow!!
swaragini smiles
kavitha:by the way both of u came in auto?
kavitha:if u don’t have the status to study in this college then y did u take admission here?ur parents while have to work for their life time to pay one years college fees
all of them laughs and gives hifi to each other
swaragini looks at them angrily.
swara:oh madam….dont u dare say something about my parents
rohit:y?aukat nahi nahi lekhin aise college me padne ke sapne hai….dont u think ur parents dream’s are a bit too big?
kavitha:i m sure they must have made to college through the scholarship entrance examination…otherwise they cant afford the fees of this college…
a car enters the college compound and a person gets down from it
akshata:principal sir has arrived
principal walks towards his office and he notices swaragini.
princi:swara, ragini …how r u both?
swaragini:we r fine sir
princi:i hope u liked the college

swara:yes sir
princi:i m really proud of u both…both of u made in to this college through the entrance examination and that too with 98%..really great
swaragini:thank u sir
princi:ok classes is about to begin ….get inside and u people also (to kavita’s gang) go to class
princi leaves
kavitha:look guys i had told u na….they got in to this college through entrance examination otherwise they cant even dream of entering this college
kavya : (looking at ragini) look at her dress?looks like she bought from some mela….(all laughs)
kavitha:and her jumpsuit don’t know its from chandini chawk or somewhere else
swara’s phone rings and she attends the call
swara:ha papa,we reached college….we took an auto…yeah we had to take n auto there was no option left otherwise we would have been late for college….sorry papa…i couldn’t inform u ..yeah i ll call u when we are leaving

kavitha:seems like her father got a heartattack after knowing she took an auto…now they must be sitting and calculating how will they managetook this much money…..(laughs)
sanskar and his gang was watching all this.sanskar was about to go near their gang.but the bell rings and everyone leaves for class

ok guys so done with todays episode …….now let me tell u something swara and ragini belongs to a very very rich family shekhar is a business man and they used to live in india before 5 years they had to move to london for their business needs.but they doesn’t showoff their richness,they still live in baadi where shekhar and sumi was born and brought up sumi is also a business women and helps shekhar in her business….swargini love their family the most…..ragini is very emotional but very indipendent whereas swara is very sorted and strong girl….
any doubts pls comments ….guys only very few comments…ur commments only encourae every writer to write so pls do comment….

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