YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 11)



Finally guys …….after so many day I got free…..i m really glad that u guys are liking my ff… so so very happy….ok kal se flash black story shuru hogi …It will be really long..toh start karthe hai…


Sanskar is lying on his bed unconscious.Dr is checking him all maheshwari family members are present there except ragini
Dr:did he see something related to his past?
Dp:why did u ask like that?
Dr:over these 7 years its for the 1st time that Mr Maheshwari is getting an attack,he used to get attack before when he saw or recall something related to his past?did something like tht happened today
lucky:actually Dr ….(lucky tld whatever happened in the part)
dr:look Mr Maheshwari…sanskar’s condition is very crucial…I had tld this before also I had warned u uto keep him away from his past….and that’s y I suggested u all to agree on his decision to settle in Australia and there was huge progress in his condition but now…..
lucky:dr what would u suggest?
Dr:I would suggest u the same thing keep him away from his past…..try to divert his mind otherwise u know what will be the consequences…anyway I have given him injection he ll be fine .Dr leaves
Ap:laksh go and get the medicines
Laksh:ok ma


Laksh comes to the room and finds it all dark inside he switches on the lightlaksh is shocked to see ragini is seen sitting on the bed.she is holding something in her hand and tears are flowing from her eyes
Lucky;ragini?what happened?why r u sitting in the dark?
Ragini (wipes her tears);nothing
Lucky comes and sits near ragini.ragini gets up laksh holds her hand.
Ragini:pls laksh leave my hand
Lucky:bola na nahi….i had promised someone that I ll never leave ur hand
Ragini turns.her eyes is filled with tears.laksh gets up
Laksh: (hugs ragini) bachaa…..rothe nahi….shhhhhhh!!!!!! chup ho jao…
Ragini:laksh …….whats all this?i cant understand anything……SWARA?is that our swara that means she’s alive,if she was alive then y didn’t she come to meet me?y didn’t she come to meet her sis?usi meri itni bhi parwa nahi hai kya?u know n we where one soul we used to share everything …..phir bhi usne …..(ragini realizes what she had said she breaks the hug)
Ragini:woh….actually i was………….hmmmm
Laksh;koi baat nahi ragini…..kabhi kabar dil mein chupayi hui feelings ko share kar deni chahiye…..acha lagega
Ragini gives a fake smile.lucky too smiles
Ragini:were u going some where?
Lucky;ha woh actually I had to get medicines for sanskar
Ragini:oh yeah among all these tension I forgot to ask about sanskar how is he?better na?what did Dr tell?
Lucky:same… keep him away from his past…..but till when till when can we keep him and ourselves way from our past aaj nahi toh kal apni beethi hui zindagi se mulakath hogi na….jaise
Ragini:aaj hua….
Lucky:hmmmm…….ok I ll go and get the medicines….


Sanskar is still lying unconscious on the bed.ragini comes and watches him with teary eyes
Ragini: (monologue)swara y did u do this to us?what ‘s our mistake?at first we all thought we lost u…It was hard for us but still we tried our maximum to accept the tried….and now when we are ready to move on in our life….but…… (ragini recalls what all happened in the party hw shona refused that she is swara)she looked exactly like swara … is it possible…swara toh 7 saal pehale….but ragini u cant ignore what u saw with ur eyes na…I ll have to find out about the truth…..sanskar its my promise its ur rag’s promise I ll find out about the truth(she wipes her tears and leaves)


Arjun reaches the house and saw that the door is opened he enters and notices shona sitting on the couch holding her head.arjun comes and sits near her.he coughs and shona realizes his presence
Shona:what happpend?did u want to tell something?
Arjun:woh….actually today hatever happened in the party
Shona:pls I m not interested to talk about that
Arjun:just listen to me once
Shona:I tld na I m not interested to talk about it…one of the worst day of my life….and that man how dare he touch me….dont even have manners….how can go and hug a girl like that…Bl**dy.
Shona turns
Arjun:ragini mam (yes the person was ragini)
Ragini :how dare u ?how dare u talk about sanskar like this?who the hell gave u permission to talk about him like that?
Shona:oh hello madam who r u ?and that sanskar or whatever he tried to misbehave with me and I cant even tell a word against him?
Ragini: listen first of all he didn’t misbehave with u…yh I agree that he hugged u in front of everyone bt there was a reason for that
Shona:acha???ek ladki ko public me uske permission ke bagair touch karo aur phir kaho ki uske peeche koi reason tha wah!!! Wah!!!
Ragini:STOP IT!
Arjun:mam pls ……
Ragini;I m sorry arjun,miss sengupta or whatever u r kisi ke bare me jaanne se pehle use jughe karna nahi chahiye….i do agree whatever sanskar did was wrong but he did not do that intentionally I thought that u r……..
Shona:that I am?
Ragini;his wife and btw not only him I too feel the same…I too feel that u r our SWARA (teary eyed)
Shona:excuse me?are u guys out of ur mind?i have tld this before also my name is SONAKSHI SENGUPTA and I don’t know anything about that girl swara and how can un people misunderstand me to be his wife
Arjun:shona…I know the reason for this misunderstanding
Shona:kya matlab?
Arjun takes out a photo from his wallet and shows it to shona.(I hope u guys remember I got that photo from MM)
Arjun:because of this
Shona takes the photo from him
Shona:yeh toh ?
Arjun:extacly…..this is sanskar sir’s wife Swara…swara sanskar maheshwari
Shona:but she looks exactly like me
Ragini;yes and that’s what I was talking about….actually 7 years back swara passed away and sanskar was in mental trauma it took 7 years for him to accept the reality and now when he had accepted the bitter truth that his swara is not alive tab…tab jakar usne tumhe dekha he felt like he has got his love back and that’s the reason y …
Shona:he hugged me in the party
Ragini nods her head
Ragini: I m sorry for shouting on u…and I apologies on sanskar’s behalf..i hope u can understand ….
Shona nods
Ragini:acha arjun …now I ll make a move….
Arjun:mam…would u like to have some tea or coffee?
Ragini;no no arjun actually sanskar’s is not well aur agar iss waqt mein ghar pe nahi hogi toh …..u know na
Arjun:yeah mam…..chaliye mein appko chod ke aathi hoon
Ragini leaves with arjun


Ragini reaches MM and is entering the house
Ragini(monologue) :I have done my job….now lets wait and watch whats gonna happen?jahan tak mujhe lagtha hai agar woh swara hai toh woh meri baato se zaroor effect hogi…but she didn’t show any kind of concern for sanskar and that’s the thing that arises doubt in my mind that she’s swara or not….but how can 2 people look so similar ?thats nearly impossible…kaise pata karoo
She takes out her phone and calls someone
Ragini:hello….its me.i want the all the details about a girl her name is Sonakshi Sengupta she lives in Mumbai ….no I don’t know anything more and now its ur duty to find out ……u have 2 days time I want every bit of information about that girl
Ragini hangs up
Ragini:miss sonakshi sengupta ab bas 2 din…iss 2 din mein tumhari sacchai bahar ayegi….wait and watch


Man 1:bhai what will we do her condition is getting worse
Man 2: I think we ll have to call boss
Man 1:but if boss comes to know about her condition then ?
Man 2: I don’t know what will he do but we ll have to inform him?
Man 1:ok I ll call him
Man 2:ask him to bring her medicines also
Man 1:ok …till then u take care of her
Man 1 calls someone
Man 1:boss her condition is not so good I think u should come here infact I think it ll be better if u bring a doctor along with u….O….O….OK sir


Its full dark inside someone is seen sitting on the bed and crying
Voice:I m sorry…..i m really sorry….i didn’t wish to do all these things but I m helpless I should do this otherwise …….otherwise u r life will be in danger and I cant let that happen.i can keep myself away from u buti cant loose u….i cant …….because I love u …I love u so much……(she keeps on crying)
Suudenly her phone rings
Voice:hello…….what?but how can u do this I have not revealed the truth I know it was my mistake but I m promise I wont let them know anything about me….ok I ll be there in half an hour but pls don’t …….hello …..hello…..kaat diya…. (the person on the floor crying even more harder)

Ok guys toh kal se flashback shuru hogi…..PLS DO COMMENT ……….HOPE U GUYS LIKED IT 😉

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