YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 10)


Hey guys…kaise ho…sab badiya na? how r u my little sissy ?do u miss me?i hope u do… 😉 ……aaj mein zyada bak bak nahi karoongi..heading straight towards the story….


Arjun gets out of the house and begins to move towards his car…he stamps on something and he withdraw his leg to find something folded into 4.he bends down and takes it and opens it he is shocked….
Arjun: (shocked)what’s this?………how is it possible……Miss chatterbox ki photo that too here….(confused) (yes guys its swara’s photo she is sanskar’s chatterbox some one gueesed it in the previous epiosode na 😉 ) but it seems like to be too old….how come her photo reach here?…..does anyone here knows her?…but she never came to Kolkata before then how can this photo……..lot of unanswered questions…..kuch samaj mein nahi araha……(he was totally out of his mind)
suddenly his phone rings he attends the call
arjun: (shocked) WHAT?But…..wait I ll be there in no time…
He leaves in his car
Sanskar and ragini were coming back from café.after whatever happened in the café sanskar didn’t have the courage to talk to ragini….and ragini was in no mood to talk ..…sanskar somehow manages to grab some courage and he breaks the silence
Sanskar:acha ragini Kolkata has changed a lot na?
Sanskar:before there used to lot of small shops on the road side na?
Sanskar:ragini do u remember after college four of us used to go to chandu kaka’s shop to have chatt (unknowingly smiles)…..soon he realizes what he had said…..
Sanskar: (in mind)sanskar have u lost it?she is already angry and now after talking about our college life u have made her even more angry….u wanted to handle the situation or make it even more worse…..IDIOT………….
Sanskar drove back to MM….and there was pin drop silence in the car
Ap and sujatha were sitting in the hall.Dp and Rp enters…
Ap:ji aap aagaye?
Sujatha:I ll bring water ..sujatha leaves
Dp:Ap children have reached right
Dp:where r they?
Sujatha serves them with water
Ap:ji woh……Laksh went to office…sanskar and ragini went for outing
Dp:when will they be back…I wanted to discuss something important with them….
Sanskar:we r back bade papa
Ap:lo ji…sanskar aur ragini bhi aagaye..
Sanskar and ragini comes and takes blessing from Dp and Rp
Sanskar:u wanted to discuss something with us right?
Dp:haa sanskar actually 3 of u have returned after such a long time so I thought of keeping a small party tonight
Sanskar’s phone rings..he attends the call
Sanskar:ha lucky tell me….launch party?ok let me discuss with ragini after that I ll let u know (he hung”s up)
Ragini:what happened sanskar?
Sanskar:woh ragini actually Mr Mehra and other investors wanted to through a launch party..
Ragini:launch party?
Sanskar:launch party for our 1st and most prestigious project in India…..but..
Ragini:but what?
Sanskar:actually they wanted the launch party to be held tonight only….and here bade papa have decided to throw a party..i don’t know what to do..
Ragini:I have an idea
Sanskar:what idea?
Ragini:lets do a merger party
Sanskar: (puzzled) means?
Ragini: means…anyway we are gonna keep the launch party in some 5 star….and we will invite Papa’s guest also to the same that both parties can be held together right?what say?
Sanskar:Brilliant !!!!!i ll call lucky now itself so that he will get time to do the arrangements…
Dp:ok so its decided tonight we will host 2 parties….ram now lets resume our work
Rp:ji bhaisa….
Dp and Rp leaves for their office….and all ladies are busy in doing the arrangements of the party….meanwhile sanskar leaves for office.

SLR constructions

Laksh is seeing some photo’s on the ipad.someones knocks on the door
Laksh:yes come in
Arjun:sir,all arrangements are done…I have booked Hotel Royal Orchid for tonight’s party
Laksh:what about invitations?
Arjun:sir,everythingis set and done…
Laksh:ok make sure that no one is left out
Arjun;ok sir
Laksh:now u may leave
Arjun was about to leave
Laksh:u r coming to the party right?
Laksh:haa…nahi arahe ho kya?
Arjun:but sir,what will I do by coming to the party
Laksh:arjun don’t forget it’s the launch party of our new project…and u r the project manager…if u wont turn up for the party hen there use of organizing such a huge party….and do u remember I told u no one should be left out..
Arjun:ok,sir…I ll be there
Laksh:u can bring ur GF too….(winks)
Arjun:sir…….ur impossible…
Laksh:be impossible man….ok c u in the party
Arjun and laksh leaves for their house


Shona is seen tying some rope behind the door
Shona: (monologue) hmmm….everything is set…..ab tujhe pata chalega shona se panga lena ka natheeja…..bohot attitude hai na tum mein …..thank u bhi nahi bol saktha na…..ab dekho shona kaise ache achon ko manner sikhathi hai…
Shona hears car’s sound
Shona:I think he has reached…chal shona now its action time….
Arjun comes and rings the calling bell but no one opens the door
Shona : its good that I send kaka to market
Arjun:I think kaka must have gone out….but Mumbai tigress ko ghar mein hona chahiye….
He checks the door and finds out that it is not locked he opens the door and steps in
The next moment he was on the floor………he couldn’t see anything because his eyes were covered with flour….some how he manages to wipe off the flour from his eyes and next moment he saw shona in front of him who was laughing whole heartedly he was just lost in her laugh ……he was totally lost……he had forgotten that he was sitting on floor,there was flour all over his body…the only thing he could see and understand was her…….yes she was looking adorable…..cute……innocent and what not…..shona moved her hand forward offering help and he took her hand he was about to stand but his leg got slipped because of the oil (jise of course shona ne hi jaan boojkar giraya tha) and he was yet again on the floor lekin iss bar woh shona ke upar gira tha….he was yet again lost in her eyes… was for the 1st time that he had noticed her…its for the 1st time he had realized that she was….she was really…really beautiful…..they shared a cute eye lock
Shona:could u pls move?
Arjun gets up
Arjun:wo……..woh…I m really sorry…
Shona:kya?tumne abhi kya bola
Arjun: (confused) sorry…….
Shona:OMG!finally my planned worked out…
Arjun:plan ?what plan?
Shona: (proudly)all this was my plan only na?
Arjun:WHAT?all this oil and flour vagera yeh sab tumne kiya
Arjun:have u totally lost it?
Shona:excuse me?
Arjun:what excuse me ……what if something would have happened?(angrily)
Shona:itna bhi kya ho jatha?
Arjun:tum se baat kar na hi bekar hai……
Arjun was about to leave
Arjun:AAAHHH….my legs….uffffffff…………
Shona:now what happened (irritated look)
Arjun:my legs are hurting…..aaaah I cant walk…
Shona:come ….sit on the couch
She makes him sit on the couch and calls the doctor
Dr:he has got sprain…did u get slipped ?
Arjun: (death glare to shona)JIIIIII……..
Dr:u need to take complete bed rest for 2 days…..
Shona:what what?
Arjun: I mean how can i……no…. dr pls do something,…..give me some tablets or if u want give me injection but pls…..dont suggest bed rest for 2 days atleast not for today
Shona;aisa kya hai aaj
Dr:look Mr kirloskar…u have got a sprain in your legs I have given u medicine but u ll have to take rest otherwise complications bad sakta hai… its upto u …….Dr leaves
Arjun:yeh Dr’s bhi kuch bhi bolthe rehathe hai…..arey how can I take rest and that too today?
Shona:kyun aaj koi bhookamb ane wala he kya?
Arjun:haan …..if I didn’t reach for tonight’s party
Arjun:today is our company’s new project launch party …..and i cant afford to miss it…
Shona:kyun?tum nahi jayi toh launch nahi hogi kya?
Arjun:arey …I m the project manager and I have done all the arrangements for the party….and if missed the party means…..(widens eyes)
Shona:relax..nothing is gonna happen call ur boss and tell that u got an injury and u cant come…simple
Arjun:I have just joined this job….and u don’t know about my boss if I didn’t attend the party means……meri job toh pakka gayi..
Shona:oh hello…..
Arjun:what hai hello?today if I am in this state its all because of u….if u have not done all these then I wouldn’t be in this state
Shona:I just did it for fun….mujhe kya pata tha…it will turn out like this
Arjun:Its all Ma’s fault….she cant see me happy I was leading a peaceful life here but no she wanted to add drama to my life and that’s y she give me ur responsibility…and now I m suffering…why am I talking to u about all these its already late I should get ready
Arjun gets up from the couch and tries to walk but he is unable to do so
Shona:how will u go like this?
Arjun:what do u mean?
Shona:I mean to say u have got hurt in your legs and u cant even walk properly then how will u drive?look u do one thing u take rest ….
Arjun:tumhari ek screw deli hai kya?abhi abhi mein ne tum se kya kaha…i cant afford to miss this party
Shona:haaaa….thats what I m telling but first listen to me…its just 6 and party will began at?
Arjun:around 8
Shona:exactly….so now u go and have ur medicines and take rest..and e will leave for party at 7:30
Arjun:ok………….WHAT ?u mean we?
Shona:yes…look u cant drive and u cant afford to miss the party and I m the reason for all what happened so its my duty to help u……
Shona:plzzzzz…..(folding hands)
Arjun: (in mind)wah beta kya bath hai…Mumbai Tigress plz bol rahi hai…aur woh bhi haath jod kar
Chalo teek hai maan lethi hoon…..
Arjun:ok be ready by 7:30


Arjun is already waiting in the hall.he is wearing a black pant and shirt with red blazer….damn HOT 😉 ;*
Arjun:its already 7:30…I had told her to be ready on time…….yeh ladki aaj mujhe marvayegi….aane do uski aisi class lung ki……….suddenly the door opens and swara enters.arjun is mesmerized to see her yet again he was lost ………..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is she this much beautiful?yar phir I m dreaming?look at her man ……
Swara was wearing a black sleeve less gown with hairs open and matching jewellery …she was looking Mindblowing ;*
Shona comes towards arjun
Shona:lets go…arjun was still lost in her……lets go?she moves her hand in front of his eyes….Where r u lost lets leave?
Arjun comes back to his senses
Arjun;haaa lets make a move
They leave


DP,RP,AP and sujatha is waiting in the hall for sanlak and ragini
Sujatha:jiji…we are waiting for the past half an hour…arey did they get ready or not?
Sanskar;we are ready Mom
Sanlak and ragini comes.sanskar is wearing black shirt ,pant and tie with grey blazer whereas laksh was wearing blue shirt with black blazer (I know black is common but kya kare I love black a lot 😉
Ragini was wearing a dark blue backless gown with her hair put up she was looking really very vey beautiful
Ap:everyone is ready then we shall leave
Everyone leaves for Hotel Royal Orchid

Hotel Royal Orchid

Shona and Arjun enters.shona looking at all the arrangements
Arjun (smiles):if u have finished staring then shall we make a move
Shona gives an annoyed look to arjun.arjun walks inside and shona follows him.arjun comes and takes a seat shona also sits beside him
Arjun;what r u doing here?
Arjun:u came with me so that u can help me and now u r sitting here and taking rest,then who ll check the arrangements and all
Shona was about to say something arjun cuts it off
Arjun:look I cant walk..and its all because of u (swara gives him a death glare)….i…..i….. mean to say u are here to help me not just to enjoy the party toh jao aur fatafat apna kam shuru karo jao…
Shona leaves from there getting frustrated..she goes to check the arrangements
Meanwhile the Maheshwari’s arrive.and the party begins,the party is going on in full swing and shona was busy checking the arrangements.arjun was just sitting there and supervising her.
Sanskar:lucky arrangements are really beautiful I must say our new project manager is too good at his job.BTW where is Arjun?didnt he turn up for the party?
Lucky:don’t know….mein bhi use kab se search kar rahi hoon
Abhay:sir,actually arjun is near the Bar counter
Sanskar:oh!thank u abhay….
Abhay:u r welcome sir
Sanksar:chal lucky…
Sanskar and lucky reaches the bar counter and see arjun sitting there.sanskar keeps his hand on his shoulder
Arjun turns:sir,aap and he tries to get up but he is unable to because of this sprain
Sanskar:dyan se…..what happened to ur legs?
Arjun:nothing sir just a small sprain
Lucky:sprain?but u were totally fine in the evening then how come this sprain occurred
Arjun: (in mind)ab mein aap ko kya bataoon sir,ek pagal ki wajah se mere saath din ba din kya kya atyachar ho raha hai…..agare aisze hi chalta raha na toh ek din mein toh ….
Arjun:yes sir
Sanskar:BTW I came here to appreciate ur effort I must tell u,u r really such a hardworking guy even after being getting hurt u came to the party and did all these arrangements that’s really sweet of u
Arjun:no no sir,I just came to attend the party and regarding arrangements then all credit goes to someone else
Arjun:my friend actually she has done all these arrangement I just gave her guidance
Lucky:FRIEND and all …… 😉 and She did the arrangements….i just simply told u that u could bring ur GF to the party but tu toh serious ho gaya yaar….
Sanky:lucky….stop pulling his legs its his personal matter
Arjun:no no sir,she is not my GF just a friend
Lucky:koi baat hai abhi nahi hai toh phir ban jayegi
sanskar:arjun I would like to meet her..can I
arjun;sure sir….he points towards shona sir she is the girl,the girl in black gown
sanskar:and her name is?
Sanskar: (shocked to hear the word chatterbox)WHAT?
Arjun: (in mind)what the hell arjun?at first u gave all the credit to that jhalli and now ……..uuurrrrrgggghhhh look like u have totally lost it.
Sanskar was lost somewhere hearing the word “chatterbox”

Sanskar is talking to some girl her face is not shown she keeps on blabbering about something and sanskar was not listening to her he was busy with his phone
Girl:sanskar are u listening to me
Girl:acha then tell me what am I talking about
Sanskar :what the big deal u always keep on blabbering about something or the other…what u just need is someone who keeps on listening to ur boring talks
Girl:how rude……I m going I don’t want to talk to u…
Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards himself
Sanskar:suno,mujhe pata hai tumhe apni zindagi mein ek aisa insaan ko chahathe ho jo bina kuch sawal kiye ghanton tak tumhare bakwas sunthi rahe…aur mein woh…
Girl:mein woh…aage bolo na sanskar
Sanskar:aur mein woh nahi banna chatha…I cant tolerate u till the end of my life CHATTERBOX
Girls gets up and leaves angrily
Sanskar:chatterbox suno toh…ooye chatterbox…….
Sanskar smiles
Arjun:what happened sir y r u smiling
Sanskar comes back to his senses:nothing whats her name?
Arjun:sonakshi sengupta
Sanskar:ok…lucky u go and attend the guest let me go an thank Miss Sengupta
luckY:ok but come fast launch is about to begin
sanskar goes towards the girl.he is not able to see her face
sanskar :I don’t know what happening to me….why I feel some unknown connection towards this girl?y I feel like being attracted towards this girl?she has done this arrangements in the same way swara does….jab se arjun ne is ladki ki taraf ishara ki jab se mein is ki aur kyun Keechi ja rahi hoon?y I am I so desperate to see her face?jab se ise dekha tab se I stared to remember my past …..woh past jis ke bare me mein kabhi nahi sochna chahathi thi……that happy phase of my life which was just like a beautiful dream ……..
sanskar reaches near the girl
sanskar:excuse me Miss Sengupta
sanskar was SHOCKED
sanskar(with tears ):TU….TU…..TUM?
sanskar engulfed her in a bone crushing hug….tears were flowing from his eyes
sanky:swara….is it u?i just cant believe my eyes….i thought like I lost u forever but …….OMG! I just cant believe it my……MY SWARA is alive….do u know my heart always used to say that I have never loosed u..I always felt like u were alive but just far away from me…..whenever I had a problem in my life I think about u swara and I used to get a solution to my problem…..after u left I realized ur importance in my life….what ever happened 7 years back totally changed our lives but my love for u can never change….
A voice came from behind
Sanskar turns
Sanskar:ragini…. Then he came back to his senses and find out where he was the excitement of seeing swara he has just forgotten where he was what he was doing etc he had totally lost it….soon he realizes that the people standing there were looking at both shona and sanskar shockingly there were thousands of questions in their mind…sanskar was standing in front of swara and ragini was not able to see her sanskar moves and ragini is shocked
Ragini:SWARA….sanskar,laksh how….how is it possible?
Sanskar:see ragini MY SWARA OUR SWARA is alive!i knew this ….i knew that she would not leave me ….i had trust on our love our relationship….on my …MY SWARA….
He goes and hugs swara..all this while shona was just standing numb….ragini was watching all this with a shock…….suddenly shona pushes sanskar away and gives him a tight slap…everyone present there including the family members were shocked to see shona and moreover this scene
Sanskar(holding his face):SWARA? Moves towards shona
Shona:don’t u dare to come near me….who….who the hell are u ?how can u ……….cheeeeeee……….
Sanskar:swara its me ur sanskar?
Shona;sanskar wch sanskar?and who the hell is swara…me kab se dekhe ja rahi hoon tum mujhe swara ….swara ….bulathe ja rahe ho?and how dare u touch me?
Sanskar:swara ..
shona:I told u I m nt SWARA MY NAME IS SONAKSHI SENGUPTA….did u understand?looks like u belong to a well do to family but itni cheap harkat….chiiiiiiii……………..
sanskar was standing shocked seeing her response
sanskar:look na ragini……as always she is playing a prank on me….u tell na…tell her na to stop this stupid prank…..she will defintely obey u…after all shes ur sister…
ragini was standing numb
sanskar:tell her na ragini…
sujatha comes and hugs shona
sujatha:meri bachi…..ur alive….i m so happy to see u….i thought we lost u forever but na…….i m so happy to get my daughter back….
Shona:excuse me?who r u?and how come I become ur daughter?i have never met u
Ap:swara beta what r u talking?didnt u recognize us I m ur badima,ur ma,papa badepapa,ragini,and ur husband sanskar
Shona:HUSBAND?(confused)wait a min now u r telling me that this ill mannered person is my husband …..ok wait let me clear u one thing my name is Sonakshi and I live in Mumbai I came to Kolkata for some work before this I have never been to Kolkata..then how can I be the person whom u assumes me to be?
Lucky:that means u have never been to Kolkata
Shona:no ….its for the 1st time I came to kolkata
Lucky:then how come u attend this party
Shona:actually I came with my friend
Lucky:friend?who is he call him I want to meet him
Shona:ek min
Voice:she came with me I m her friend
Arjun:yes sir she came with me…and what ever she told is true…she used to live in Mumbai with my Aai…she came here for some work and its for the 1st time she has came to Kolkata
Lucky:is this true?
Arjun:yes sir
Sanskar:I don’t believe it…its all lie …a big lie…..I KNOW U R MY SWARA!!!!!……MY HEART KNOW ITS U…….U R MY SWARA………….MINE ONLY MINE……
Meanwhile swara left from the party angrily …Sanskar was just shouting laksh and rp tries to control him but all in vain…..
Sujatha:jiji….i think he got an attack…I m really scared jiji… no one will be able to control him
Sanskar goes on shouting swara’s name..ap goes near sanskar
Ap:laksh take him to home
Laksh:but how mom?cant u see we r not able to control him
Sanskar:ma believe me its my swara…..atleast u believe me she’s…she’s our swara….u know na….u know how much I love her…ma she’s alive…..swara come back…..plz swara come back
Ap:haan beta I know she’s our swara….(sujatha brings some water)1st u calm down and have some water …ap makes him drink water and soon he looses his consciousness…lucky and rp take him home…
Dp; (to the guest)I m sorry for all what happened today…..and I apologies on sanskar’s behalf for the inconvenience …..
Man:arey na na dp ji..we all know about whatever happened in ur house 7 years ago and we all know about sanskar’s trauma and his mental condition so u need not apologise..
All the guest leaves
Arjun: (monoluge)whats all this drama?sonakshi is swara ….sanskar sir’s wife…..but how is it possible she never came to kolkata before then how come she become swara???wait a sec …..that day u saw sonakshi’s photo in maheshwari house…usi din mujhe shak hua tha…but…if she’s swara then y didn’t she recognize sanskar sir and her family…its totally confusing….i ll have to find out about this soon….


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