YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 1)



Hey guys i have read all ur comments and thank for all the support……yes its all abt swasan and raglak so dnt wrry…..i knw there ll be swalak and ragsan fans too srry for disappointing you guys …..i ll be uploading 2 episodes today because i ll not be able to upload the episodes for some i do promise to upload whenever i get time …..nd yeah it ll be a mix of hindi and english srry for thta……so moving on …..

Rising sun…. its rays spread out and out and finally finds its destination on a beautiful and bubbly girl who is sleeping with a blanket covering her body till her neck.when the sun rays fall on her eyes she starts covering it with her hand but still no use the rays still finds way to reach out her beautiful face. Suddenly he alarm starts to ring.she gets up wiping her eyes.yes its our swara (but currently sonakshi,I ll reveal abt this name change in the upcoming episode) .she switches off the alarm and looks the time.its 7am
Shona: oh shit 7 baj gayi….i ll get late today also.hey bahagvan kya kismat hai meri kabhi toh mere saath kuch acha kiya karo……

She gets out of her bed ties up her hair and goes towards kitchen.she is wearing a red colored night dress.she reaches the kitchen turns the stove on and start to prepare coffee and her breakfast.she is doing all her job in hurry as she is getting late for office.she prepares her coffee and breakfast.
Shone:I have made the breakfast now let me go and get ready quickly.

she leaves the kitchen and move towards her bedroom.but she forgot to switch off the stove and her breakfast is still on the stove.she comes out of the washroom with her hair covered by a towel and she is wearing a white maxi.she changes her dress and starts wearing a light pink and white mix cotton sari.she opens her wet hair and dries it up.she is ready…nd now she is looking really matured.suddenly she senses the smell of something as if something got burned.she opens her eyes wides and keeps her hand on her head.

Shone:oh shit………

Shomi:shekhar yeh kaisi badboo hai .
Shekhar:mishit I think something got burned in the kitchen.
Shomi:kitchen,toh its pakka her job.
Both of them smile looking at each other.they reach the kitchen and find out that the kitchen is covered with smoke.they both go on coughing .

Shomi:I knw its her job…..where are u nw dnt hide we did find out what happened in the kitchen….nw come out
Shekhar:come out na bacha ……acha promise badi daadi wont scold u.
Shomi:u heard na wat he said nw come out…. U knw na u have asthma problem and u cannot withstand this smoke…….
Someone comes out of the smoke.shekhar and shomi smile seeing that person
Swara reaches the kitchen ho no…….phir se… come always I forget to switch off the stove.toh aaj bhi kaali pet office jaana padega
Someone rings the door bell.swara opens the door and is shocked to see the person

I know I hv got u guys confused … let this confusion remain I ll make it clear in my next episode…….now wait for the nxt episode to find out who rang the bell? and y is shone shocked to see that person ?pls do comment and if u don’t lyk my ff then its sure I ll stop writing it….bt pls do share ur views…….thank you

Credit to: Jitha

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  1. its nice…..but long updates

    1. thank you ……i ll definitely post long episodes

  2. k epi ..shw Ragini also

  3. Awesome dear????

  4. Yahan par ragini kun nai hai

    1. Ragini will be introduced soon

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