Yeh ishq nahi aasan!!! Raglak OS… (part 3)


Hi…thanks for you lovely comments…guys this is not completely raglak os…its a swaragini os… I am describing swaragini bond here more than couples..

The scene starts with…

Samkrit fighting…

Sanskrit-i will help her in hw…

Samar-no way…I am gonna help her..

Samkrit fight…ragya looks at them and give”you guys are hopeless”look..

They stop fighting…

Ragya-i just simply asked what is the answer of 3+6-7…
You guys are fighting like hell as if I asked you to complete my hw…

Both give puppy face to her…

Ragya-ohh meri pyaari bhaiyooo…don’t give these face…m gonna melt…

And hugs them…swaragini who was watching them silently their eyes started welling up seeing their bond…they hug eo…


Man-swara mam tomorrow we have an important meeting with a company…if we merge our company with them…we would be the leading company in Asia…they have asked an appointment from you guys….the company’s name is….

Swara-enough you do all the arrangements for tomorrow… There should be no and ragi I will be there by 9…

Man-ok mam..

Ragini-swara company’s name…

Swara-never mind ragini…we can meet them tomorrow directly..

Ragini nods..

Sanskrit-mama tell this duffer not to interfere in my personal matters…

Samar-mama you won’t believe what I found…mama he has…

Sanskrit covers his mouth and gives I will kill you look…

Samar gives idc look…and bites him..


Samar-mama he has a girlfriend whose name is aashi…

Swaragini stand with their mouth open..

Ragya-wow bhai where is my lucky sil…


Ragini-sanskrit beta you are just 7 years and girlfriend….when we were smaller did not even know what it was..

Sanskrit -a nothing like that choti maa…she is justy friend….these people have been irritating me by telling that she is my gf…

Samaragya gives a cute wicked smile…

Swara-ohh god samar you have completely go e into your father..

And realizes what she said..

Samar-mama tell us more about papa naa..

Swara-you don’t have a father’s…understand…no more explanation go and sleep..

And goes from there…

Sanskrit- why does mom hate dad….

Ragini-who told she hates him…in fact she loves him more than herself…its just that she is a bit angry on him..


Ragini-its because of me and you papa..

Ragya-what happened..

Ragini-enough go to sleep…

They go to their room..ragi I kisses all and wishes then good night…

After they slept swara comes and kisses there of them..

Next day..

Swara-today is a big day for us…

Ragini-yes swara just hope we will get this partnership..

Swara nodes…samkritragya gets ready and come down..

Ragini says today they will drop them..

Swaragini drops them in school and heads to office..


Man-mam they arrived..they are waiting in the conference hall.

Ragini-ok we’ll just come..swara come let’s go..

They go…they reach the conference room…they see two people turned to the other side of the room.

Ragini-exescuse me..

They turn…

Swaragini were shocked…

Yes you all guessed it right its sanlak..

All were shocked seeing each other…

Ragini-tum log..

Lalsh-ragini…ragini… Where all did I not search for you…I am sorry ragini…after you two went from our life we understood your value..

Swara smirks painfully..

Laksh-i said the truth to bhai…you have no idea how much he started hating me…we are just to strangers at home and brothers outside…please comeback…we need you two..

Ragi i-dont you dare touch me you womanizer…

Laksh-tell whatever you want I know you are angry with me .

Ragini-i am not angry with you I am angry with myself for loving you..for being the reason of swasan’s separation..

All this time swasan were painfully looking at eo.

Suddenly a man comes inside and

Man-swara mam…samar again suffered from an asthma attack..

Swaragini were shocked…

Swara-samar….and runs…

Sanlak were confused who is samar…

Before ragini could go..

Sanskaar-ragini who is samar..

Ragini thought its high time she revealed the truth..

Ragini-your son…swara gave birth to two boys…sanskrit and samar…that time when you chooses Laksh she was carrying and dying to give you this news but you didn’t bother…I am sorry I have to go..

Sanskaar was beyond shocked…he couldn’t imagine that he disowned swara the time when she wanted him the most…he looked at Laksh slightly cursing him under breath..Laksh was the one who was most hurt because he knew he spoiled 5 life’s..

Then suddenly something strikes both of thems mind..


sanlak rushed to hospital and found swara crying along with ragini and sanskrit and a girl…

Laksh looked at her confusingly…ragya went to drink water…that time Laksh followed her..

Laksh-beta what is your moms name where is she..

Ragya-her name is ragini and there she is…

Laksh looks on shocked knowing that he also has a child…

Precap-sorry not decided…

Over with this part

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