Yeh ishq nahi aasan!!! Raglak OS… (part 2)

Hey guys I am back …thkxx for your comments and keep commenting…sooooory this is a short update…I know I never give long onesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ragini started loving Laksh like anything…few days passed…Laksh completely changed his behavior…he stopped spending much time with Ragini…ragini felt bad but she thought he would have work in office…

Next day was lalsh’s birthday…ragini thought to surprise him…she made his favorite butterscotch cake and went to his office…

She reached the office and went to his cabin..

She was shocked to see the sight there..Laksh was making out with someone and they were enjoying..

Ragini could not bear it and tripped on a vase..
They heard the vase falling down and stopped..Laksh was shocked to see ragini there..

Ragini-what is this laksh…you love me right then what is this…why did you play with my dignity if you did not love me…I was such a fool I gave my heart,my body,my soul …everything to a blo*dy womanizer..and cries holding his collar..

Laksh-ragini look I don’t love you..the day I saw you first I wanted you somehow…I am sorry but I can’t keep any relation with you…and goes away..

Ragini falls there and cries..I hate you..

Ragini wanted to share her grief with swara…

She went to see her..she told her everything and cried…swara was shocked…she couldn’t believe Laksh could do this…

Swara-ragini don’t cry…let’s talk to sanlak..

At night..

Sanlak came back from office…swara went to Laksh and slapped him..

Swara-why did you do this to ragini…huh..she loves you. A lot….you just simply played with her dignity…I never knew you were a womanizer..

Sanskar-how dare you Swara..and slaps her…you have no right to harm my brother…

Swara-i have whole right because he hurt my sister..

Sanskar-what happened..

Swara narrates the entire incident..

Sanskaar-swara I know my brother very well he will not do this…

Swara-its the truth..

Sanskaar-i believe my brother and I know he won’t do anything wrong…ragini must be lying..

Swara-dont you dare..I know her…she won’t do anything wrong..I can’t stay with a guy who can’t even accept his mistake…you have to either choose me or him..

Sanskaar was shocked…both were very dear to him…he looked angrily at ragini who was crying and trying to calm Swara… Then he looked at his brother standing like a statue..

Sanskaar-i choose my brother…

Swaragini and Laksh were shocked…all knew how much sanskaar loves swara..

Swara could not bear that sanskaar can leave her in a jiffy..


Sanskaar-if you can choose someone who is not even your sister then I can be with my brother…I believe he can’t do anything wrong..

Swara-then OK Mr.Maheshwari..bye.

Swara drags ragini and goes from the house..

Outside the house..

Swaragini are crying..

Ragi i-why swara…he would afcource believe his brother know then why did you tell him to choose…

Swara-now I understood who is more important to him..let’s go from this place..

Ragini-but swara you did not tell him the can’t hide the fact that you are carrying his child..

Swara-my child does not need a father who does not believe his mother…

Ragini-swara don’t do are spoiling your life..

Swara-letsgo ragini…

Swaragini goes from there with tears in their eyes..

They went to Mumbai..after some days even ragini comes to know she is pregnant..

She goes to swara

Ragini-swara I am carrying his child..cries…

Swara was shocked..

Swara-that guy ruined all our lives..its OK ragini…you loved him it not your fault…

And hugs her…

Swaragini plays……

They start working together and rises a company…

Armania enterprises…Ltd..

Within a short span of Tim it grew big and one of the most know company in India…they never revealed their names in front of all or used to go for any business parties…no one has seen them till now..

Swara gives birth to twins two boys and ragini gives birth to cute baby girl…

They name the boys Samar and Sanskrit…and the girls name as ragya…

As the children grew up they 3could never leave without each other…samkrit were very possessive about ragya and could not let anything happen to her…they were protective brothers in fact over protective about her..

Swaragini always used to enjoy their bond..

Precap-will raglak meet…has Laksh changed..what is sanskaar’s condition without his love…will swara forgive sanskaar..will the children meet their fathers..continue reading yeh ishq nahi aasan..

He he just kidding..

Bye hope will meet you guys soon with next chappy..


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Oh god!!!its damnnnn amazng yaaaar…ahh!!!dis lakshhhh 😬😠😠😠😠….bechari rags πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ …..update ws mindblownnnggggg dr…. i jst loved it!!!!!super amazngggg storyyyy….waitng eagerlyyyy for nxt partttt…keeeep rockng n stay blessssed dr πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome update, swaragini’s bonding is unbreakable. laksh literally ruin many lives some are knowingly and some are unknowingly including his own blood. update soon

  3. Priyashini


    |Registered Member

    Damm awesome….!!! I loved it. Though sanskar stand on laksh’s side.,it doesn’t mean he loves swara less…why this laksh behaviour was bad??!and how lovely to see the 3kids…I want laksh to miss ragini for these years… swasan always miss each other,its a fact.keep continuing….tc

  4. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    Fab and even if lakshya changed it not ragini shouldn’t forgive him even for the sake of her children and neither should Swara forgive Sanskaar yet as he didn’t trust her and insulted her and raginis relation saying they r not real sisters… want sanlak to suffer until being forgiven. Post soon as can’t wait to find out what happened next xx

    • SRSL



      Dear please check back you will find it otherwise type my ff name in the search column above you will get it…thanks..

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