Yeh ishq nahi aasan!!! Raglak OS… (part 1)


Hey guys m back with part 1…thanks for all your support…yes they are raglak..


A guy is seen making out with someone…both were so tired…the guy collapsed on the girl…next morning he got up and threw a bundle of notes on the girl….she gets happy and goes…

The boy is revealed to be Laksh…he smirks…

Laksh-all the girls die on me…woahh Laksh dude your awesome man..

He gets ready…

The scene shifts to a hostel where a girl is getting ready…and another is sleeping..

Girl1-ragu get up…today we have kapoor sirs period first…he will kill us if we don’t go on time..

Yes the girl who is sleeping is our chweet ragini..and other one is swara..

Ragini-swara yaar….today morning itself I have to see that khadoos face…urghh..

Swara smiles…

Swara-now get up and go..and pushes her from the bed..

Ragini goes to change..

Swara-god this girl naa…

Screen shifts to Laksh getting out of the house and going in a car while…swaragini.going in a scooty..

Ragini drops swara in the collage and says to her that she will come after parking the scooty..

Ragini goes a bit far from the collage to park the acooty because the collage compound was filled with other cars…

On her way a car hit her scooty..

Ragini-arre don’t you have eyes..oh god where have I got stuck…

A man comes out of the car..its Laksh…he could not take his eyes from her…

He was staring at her as if he would pounce upon her and eat her..

Laksh-baap re what an item…I somehow want her in my bed..her body is so perfectly shaped…

Ragini feels irritated by his silence..and her sixth sense made her realize what he was up to..

Ragini- excuse me…


Ragini-could you move your car out of the way…extra sweetly..

Laksh-yes dear..

Ragini-dear my foot..

Laksh-yes your foot is also very dear to me..

Ragini-ohh god…can you please get lost..

Laksh-as your wish madam..

And goes….

Ragini-god knows from where he came..

Laksh could not do his work properly…his mind was getting flashes of her…

Laksh-laksh if you need proper sleep from now on wards you will have to get her in your bed…

Next day Laksh follows her and points her to his pa…

Laksh-i want all the information on her..

Nikhil-yes sir..

Next day…

Nikhil-sir her name is Ragini..she lives in a hostelwith your future sil…her friend…she is not the type of girl you are searching for…you won’t easily get her in your bed..

Laksh-nothing is impossible for Laksh Maheshwari…oops sorry bhabi..

Next day onwards Laksh started following her..proposing her and doing a lot of stuff to win her heart…sometimes ragini gets irritated but dmshe likes it..

Slowly ragini falls for him…even Laksh also..but he is not one of those types who always listen to their heart…

Ragini tells it to swara…swaragets happy knowing that ragini likes her bil….

Swasan marriage was fixed and in the marriage day…all the rituals were over..

Ragini was wearing a blue net lehenga…and Laksh was wearing a blue sherwani..both were looking like made for each other…

At night after a lot of hard work by sanskaar with ragini and his other cousins he somehow went inside swasan room…then they consummate their marriage…

Ragini was in her room changing her dress when Laksh comes inside..

Ragi i-laksh what are you doing here..

Laksh-i came to meet my love..

Ragini blushes…
Laksh goes near to her anfmd kisses her..

Ragini gets shy-today is swasan suhagraat not ours..

Laksh-who cares let it be ours also…

He kisses her..Laksh becomes a bit too wild because he was waiting since days..they also consummate…

Next morning ragini is happy that she became his…and Laksh was happy that he succeeds in getting her..

Precap-ragini coming to know the truth…swaragini leaving the house and leap of 7 years…

Over with this part…

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