Hlooo people…..i know u all will be angry bt i had posted this episode day before ystrday bt it was not published due to some guildline issues and i was not getting access to my e-mail….nd now i hv rewritten the whole chapter thts y late to post….hope u guys ll understand

Ragini: (pointing towards swara)sanskar look at that
Swara was walking suddenly the straps of her dress tore (broke).kavitha smirks .suddenly swara felt something uneasy she soon realised what had just happened she was shocked,she didnt knew what to do how to react.the spot light follows swara and before it could reach her back she feels something warm covering her.she turns to see sanskar standing behind her and his blazer on her.
Swara:(teary eyes)sanskar..yeh
Sanskar: (keeps his fingers on her lips)shhhhhh!!!
She immediately hugs him and starts crying and sanskar continues to console her.meanwhile kavitha calls someone
Lady1:look how shamless she is?at 1st she was luring over that guy and now on him…..chi chi chi.
Lady2:of course just take a look at her dresses
Lady3:haan she is just doing all these to lure the men and did u see she did even tore the straps of her dress…shameless girl

Lady 1:then only na the men will get attracted towards her
Swara was listening all this with shocked expression she couldnt say anything.she was indeed a strong girl bt what jst happened can make any strong person to go numb
Ragini:bas!!who r u all to raise voice against my sisters character u dnt even know her
Lady2:arrey we hv seen many of them like her at 1st they ll try to lure over rich guys and try to become rich…and i hv seen her here for the 1st time….pata nahi kaha se aaye hai
Ragini:we are kavithas
Lady3:kavitha beta are they ur frnds?
Kavi:no no aunty i dnt even know them and hvnt even sent them any invitations….dnt knw hv did they manage to sneak into the party
Swara was beyond shocked to hear this the only thing she could say was
“Mein aisi ladk nahi hoon” and she was continuously blabbering the same lines…all this while sanskar was jst standing beside swara and holding her…
Ragini:kavitha what r u saying u invited us for the party and now ur insulting us in front of others
Kavi:what me?aur woh bhi tum jaise sadak chap ko no way,u guys dnt even hv the class to become my servants …and u how dare to lure over my frnd

Rags:wat?wat r u saying?if u hvnt noticed then let me tell u ur frnd was trying to misbehave with her not my sister did u get that miss malhotra(point fingers )
Kavi:oh pls dnt shw ur attitide to me..i can throw both out of the party bl**dy cheap….
AUR AGAR MAIN CHAHU TOH TUMHE AUR TUMHARE FAMILY KO SADAK PAR LA SAKTHI HOON,a voice came from behind all turned to find the person to be..
Kavitha:shekhar uncle?wat r u saying arrey u hv no idea about these girls…they jst do anything for money
CHATAK!!!!!!.kavi was standing there holding her cheeks.
Shomi:dont u dare utter a word against her
Raj:Mrs Gadodia wat r u doing y did u slap my daughter
Shomi:wow Mr Goenka when i slapped ur daughter u felt bad then think about hw would hv i felt when ur daughter insulted my shona in front of others …..shona…….shomi goes and hugs swara.swara brkdown in her embrace
Shona:Ma…mein aisi ladki nahi hoon na aapko toh pata hai na ma….
Shomi:shhhhh shona dnt cry u r a strong girl bas bacha bas…
Shekhar:how dare u kavitha?how dare u insult shekhar Gadodias daughter
Kavi:swara ….ur daughter?

She:haan swara is my daughter wat did u think that she belongs to some poor family..shes my daughter..shes the owner to Gadodia Empires…rago has tld me about u bt its me who didnt care to believe her…i thought its clg life and in everyone’s life all thrse things happens…bt no i was wrong…u just misused my daughters trust….and i ll never forgive u for that and Mr Goenka i am cancelling allnthe deal that was meant to signed between our companies
Raj was standing there shocked
Swara:nahi dad….y would we punish Mr Goenka for kavithas misdeeds
She:shona wat r u saying
Swara:dad u only taught me never mix personal life and professional life wat happened if kavitha has broken my trust she could do it becz i gave her permission to play with my feelings with my trust,rago and…(she looks towards sanky with teary eyes)someone had warned me bt i was such an idea i couldnt even see her true face….bt leave all these things we ll not cancel this deal
She:bt shona
Swara:dad i m the head of this project na toh i ll decide.
Shekhar nodes giving up

Ragini:see Miss Malhotra aisi hai meri sister if she wished she could hv canceled this deal uske baad u and ir so called family would be on road begging bt no she chose to let u go…if we would hv canceled this deal then the whole goenka and malhotra empire would be turned into ashes…(kavitha give her a confused look)i thnk u didnt get me let me explain like ur dads company ur Mom’s company is also equal partners in this project if we backed off from this project along with us all the other companies will also back off…ur so called company only got this deal because of us becz of our name…nd nw coming back to our clg from where all these started, u had jst bought a seat for u na if we wished we could hv bought the whole clg bt no we gained admission in the clg that too in merit basis…and u think who ever get admission in the merit seat is poor they dnt hv any standard any class hai na,?….do u even jv any idea eho we r have u heard about SR GadodiaConstruction…..jiske CEO iss saal Younger Entreprenuer of the yr award ke liye nominate hua tha…..and SR constructions means Swaragini gadodia constructions… i think u got to know who we are aur agli baar kisi se bhi panga lene se pehle hazar bar sochlena…chalo swara….
Swara was literally dragged by ragini she couldnt even walk bt the only thing she could register in her mind then only thing she realised was that sanskar was not at fault….it was her fault….

End Of Flashback

(dnt wrry i ll continue with flashback bt along with present track)

Swara’s chain of thoughts was broken
by a phone call
OP: we ll reach in 20 mins
Swara:ok i ll be there
She dials someones no
Swara:hello i got a call from him he tld to meet in 20mins …i know its risky bt i cant help it…anyway i m going… I jst thought of imforming u….ok bye

Swara wipes her tears which was continuously flowing form her eyes.she gets up and leaves the house…


Sanskar was still lying on the bed being unconcious ragini was sitting beside him and was lost in her thoughts when someone keeps a hand on her shoulders
Ragini:Laksh wat happnd y r u here nw
Laksh:jst came to check sanskar?hw is he now
Ragini:(blankly)he was better laksh he was much better infact over these seven years he had a lot of improvement he had overcome his past bt whatever happened today has brought him back to square one….who is she Laksh?shes exactly looking like swara ….bt she….. She is not swara.laksh if we are getying so much confused and frustrated thinking about this then think about sanskar….i cant see sanskar going the the same traumatic phase again …bohot himmath se sambhala hai unhone khud ko….
Laksh:(englufs her in a bone crushing hug)bas mere bacha bas….if we will loose hope then who ll take care of sanskar who ll standby his side to support him,and we had promised na we ll never let our past comeover our future. Ragini now wipe ur tears.their emotional moment was broke by a phone call
Laksh:hello abhay yeah tell me… sanskar cant come….ok i ll be there u dnt wrry
Ragini:what happend laksh anythhng imp
Laksh:haan yah actually Mr Dubash is going to US tomorrow so he wanted to meet tonight and discuss about the prjct and since sanskar is not well i ll hv to go…i ll be back with an hour
Laksh begins to leave :and yeah dont tell to anyone i ll b back soon
Saying this he left and ragini was sitting in sanskars room yet again lost in her thoughts


Swara is seen standing outside arjuns home.a car comes and stops in front of her she gets inside the car and drives off.they reaches some unknown place and the car stops
Swara:(looking outside)u only tld that u ll not come
Unknown person:aise kaise nahi aathi..BHABHI KA HUKUM DEVAR KA DHARM
Swara:Laksh u ll never change na
Swara:lucky can i ask one thing…
Laksh:i know what u want to know about.mmsanskar is fine
Swara:bt usse phir se attack?
Lucky:haan he has got an attack aftr 7 yrs and that too aftr
Swara:(teary eyed)seeing me…lucky u know i m very bad i m lyed to my sanskar over all these yrs i hv kept him in darkness……usse har pal thadaptha hua dekhar bhi mein kuch nahi boli…u know lucky today when he took me in his embrace i couldnt control my self at a point i felt week i wanted to reprocriate i bt i know i couldnt help it our plan couldnt help it …..i left from there leaving him all alone…all alone to fight with himself with his thoughts
Lucky:(cups het face)shhhh!!!!swara pls dont blame urself…u r doing all this for a purpose if u had nt done this u know wat would hv happened..and u cant be weak untill and unless we win this game
Swara:bt sanskar….
Lucky:u dnt wrry about him i and ragini are there na we ll take care of him
Swara:(teary eyed looking towrads lucky)hw is ragini?does she still hate me?
Lucky:swara….y r u thinking about all these useless things let me remind u,u hv nt done anything purposefully its all bcz of the circumstances
Swara:bt lucky meine usse uski…..
Lucky:i tld u na No means No…..nw wipe ur tears if she comes to know about it then i ll be dead
Swara:aah woh toh hai…if she comes to know tht u made me cry then ur gone lucky
Lucky:what nw u r telling that i made u cry…nautanki
Swara: (laughs)ha ha ha…..waise lucky thank u so so so very much for whatever ur doing
Lucky:swara u r my bhabhi bt even before that we were and we are bst frnds…i would hv accepted this thank u if i had came here as ur devar bt nw i m here as ur frnd….so
Swara:in frndship no sorry no thank u…
They smile.a van comes and stops at some distance from the car..
Laksh:swara they are here
Swara gets down from the car.
Laksh:swara pls be careful…
Swara:dnt wrry lucky…..
She moves towards the van.some men with mask comes and stand in front of swara blocking her way
Swara:wat r u doing leave me i want to meet her
Voice:y so much hurry…

Uff done with this part also i hope u guys dnt hv any doubt this a mixture of both past and present tracks hope u ll enjoy…

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