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Shekhar:so Mr Goenka since this project is very important for both of us i hv decided to gve the responsibility of this project to my elder daughter Shona.I hope u dont mind
Raj:absoulty not…infact i m very much happy that i ll get to meet her too well i m must tell ur family is really talented.shemish smiles
Waise Mr Gadodia when are we planning to launch this project in front of the world
She:i was also thinking about it.
Raj:waise if u dont mind can we launch it on this saturday….actually its my daughters birthday and every year i host a special party for her and if u r comfortable with the date then…

She:of course Mr Goenka…infact i m very happy
Raj:ok then i ll keep the launch party on the same date along with my daughters bday and i ll inform the media also regarding the same
She:ok Mr Goenka
Raj:toh iss saturday milthe hai…i hope i can see shona on that day
Shomi:sure Mr Goenka not only shona u can meet our whole family on that day.we ll b there to shower our blessings on your daughter.

MIST(Maheshwari institutes of Science nd Tec)
Swaragini nd gang was sitting in the class.kavitha enters
Kavi:hey guys
Swara:hey kavi come na join us
Kavi:no darling i m very busy infact i came here to tell u guys that i m leaving
Ragini:leaving tht too in the middle of lecture hrs?
Kavi:woh actually this saturday is my bday and my dad has planned a bday party for me so i need to buy dress for my party
Swara:(excited)wow!!!bday…bt wat yaar u didnt invite us
Ragini:(blankly)invite toh kya she didnt even bother to tell us
Kavi:chill guys issiliye hi toh aayi hoon swara ragini yeh lo invitation cards…
Swara:(looking at the cards)wow they damn beautiful
Kavi:(attitude)yh i knw..guys when u r coming dnt forget to brng the cards ok otherwise securities wouldn’t let u in
Ragini:bt u didnt give cards to rest of them (pointing towards their gang of frnds)
Kavi:arrey ragini i dont have to gve them cards all their parents are well  know personalities unke ghar mein toh invitation apne aap paunch dum dono ko mujhe hi dena padega na
Ragini gives a fake smile.
Swara:dnt wrry kavi we ll b there on time with the invitations
Kavi:cool then c u guys
Kavi walks (monologue):come swara…i ll be waiting for u…saare duniya ke saamne tumhara tamasha banakar rakhdoongi jst wait and watch…smirks


Swaragini reaches home to find shemish working intensely on their laptop
Swara:mom dad wat r u both busy working on
She:shona dnt u remember Mishti informed u about the new project na
Swara:oh yeah our new project with Goenka grp of dad uski responsibility toh mere upar hai na then y r u guys stressing out
Mishti:we know beta…bt we also knw that u hv to xams coming up toh we thought we ll help u a bit with the presentation
Ragini:kis baath ki presentation
Shemish tells them about the launch party
Swara:bt mom us din toh kavi ki bday party hai
Mishti:what?now what to do
She:no prblm beta u go for bday party i ll handle the meeting aur waise bhi tum itni kam umar mein itna saara kaam sambhal rahi ho…its ur time to enjoy so jst enjoy kaam toh hota rahega
Swara:no dad…apne ne aur mom ne yeh responsibility mujhe di hai toh i ll fulfil it…waise party kah hai..

She:Goenka Mansion
Ragini:(shocked)goenka mansion bt waha toh kavitha ka birthday party hai
Swara:wait a sec dono party ek hi jagah iskar matlab
Ragini:Kavitha Mr Goenka ki beti hai?
Swara:bt hws it possible kavi ka full name toh kavitha Malhotra hai if she was Mr Goenkas daughter then her name should be kavitha Goenka
Mishti:kavitha Mr Goenka ki hi beti hai…Mr and Mrs Goenka 18 saal pehle divorce lekar seperate hogaye… Mrs Goenka ne kavitha ke naam ke aakhir mein unke khandaan ka naam jod diya….Mr Goenka apni beti se saal mein 2 baar hi milte hai ek uske bday par aur doosari unki aur Mrs goenka ki divorce hone ke din
Swara:lekin aapko kaise pata
She:shoba hum business karthe hai…aur iss field mein sabke bare mein pata hona chahiye and Mr Goenka toh Kolkata ke No 1 business man hai
Ragini:thts y she was telling that every yr her dad throws a big party for her….
Swara:yeh toh achi baath hai nahi nw i can attend the launch party without missing kavi’s bday…

Ragini:toh dad did u tell us being ur daughters Mr Goenka
She:no beta he jst knw i hv 2 daughters he never saw u nor he knw ur names
Swara:chalo achi baath hai…aur dad batana bhi nahi…we ll give a surprise to kavi…kitni khush hogayegi woh we she gets to know we are the GADODIA’s London ke No 1 business family…i cant wait to see her expressions.

Kavitha is in her room.she opens the cupboard and takes out a black dress from it.she takes a scissors and cut the stitches.smiles evily.the clock strikes 12.?
Kavi:finally Happy birthday Kavitha Malhotra…..aaj ke din ka muhje kab se intezaar tha….come swara i ll b waiting for u

Kavithas bday party is going on in full swing.the mansion is filled with guests.shemish enters the party and Raj welcomes them,he makes kavitha meet them
Kavi:hi uncle hlo aunty
Shemish:hlo beta
They give her a gift and wishes her happy birthday
Kavi:thank u uncle…waise aunty aap wahi ho na jine iss yr ka Best Business man ka Award mila tha…shekhar smiles
Raj:arrey kavi yeh sirf wahi nahi hai yeh Mrs Sharmishta inhe iss saal ki best business women award mila tha…aur inki beti…she is nominated for Best Younger Entrepreneur of the 
Year jisle results aaj hi announce honge
Kavi:wow aunty i hope nd wish ki aapki beti jeeth jaye
Shomi:thank u beta
Just then swaragini arrives in the party shekhar and sumi were busy with others that they didnt notice swaragini.swara was wearing a peach colour off shoulder dress and ragini was wearing a red coloured dress till her knees.

Kavi:hey guys
Swaragini:hey kavi happy birthday and both hugs kavi
Kavi:thank u so much guys.
raj comes to the stage seeking everyones attention
Raj:Ladies and Gentleman as u all know i hv hosted this party to celebrate the bday of my one and only daughter kavitha its her bday.Many many happy returns of the day Kavi….nd today on her birthday i am glad to announce about our companys new project along with Gadodia Industries.the project launch will begin in half an hour in the presence of media…till then pls enjoy
Kavitha smiles and turns to swaragini
Kavitha:see guys aaj hamara company ka ek naya prjct launch hone wala along with Gadodia industries…arrey Gadodias lindon ke No 1 business family…unke saath yeh prjct ke baad dad will indeed become super rich
Swara smiles whereas ragini gives her a disgusting look hearing about her crave for money.
Waiter comes there with a tray.kavi takes some wine and purposefully make it fall on swaras dress
Kavi:O M G!i m so sorry swara…i didnt do it intentionally come with me i ll gve u a new dress
Swara:its okay kavitha
Kavi:no no swara i spoiled ur dress u know na wine ka daag kabhi nahi jaatha pls swara come with me i ll gve u a new dress
Swara:ok baba

Swara leaves with kavitha.and Ragini is all alone on the party
DJ:come on guys now its time for romance ….couples on the dance floor pls
Someone yaps on raginis shoulder she turns to find a person extending his hand in front of her asking permission for dance.ragini smiles and gives her hand
Person: (while dancing)toh kya lagtha hai is she upto something
Ragini:dnt know sanskar(ha guys sanskar hai kya laga lucky hai nahi nahi raglak ka track toh shuru hone wala hai)bt she has taken Shona with her and tells watever happend
On the otherside kavitha give swara the same black dress and ask her to change and come down.kavitha smirks.swara changes her dress and comes down.she sees couples dancing she stands there all alone when some one comes and ask him to join.swara joins him for dance.everyone was enjoying dancing bt the boy with whom swara was dancing was touching her sensuously nd trying to be cozy with her swara tried to get off he was not letting her go swara was having a hard time.all this was noticed bt ragsan.swara lost her cool when that guys tried to unzip her dress she jst pushed him and walked off every guest noticed this except shemish and raj as they were not present suddenly ragini noticed something
Ragini: (pointing towards swara)sanskar look at that
Swara was walking suddenly the straps of her dress teared (broke)

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