Yeh ishq nahi Aasan (Chapter 4)

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OK so let’s continue

Shivaye got shooted while saving Anika reyaan propose soumya

Part 4
All the youngsters we’re in shivika’s room shivaye sitting on bed and Anika feeding him soup
Rudra:ab bhaiya bhi theekho gain hain toh let’s have a party tonight(now brother is fine so lets have a party tonight)
When priyanka comes all were amazed to see her
(Ok gyes here no killing case and no one is knowing ranveer he is a business man and best friend of priyanka they met in London two years ago he came to india and priyanka requested him to stay in oberoi mansion)
Om:prinku yeh kon hai
Priyanka:bhaiya he is my best friend pointing her finger at ranveer (but she didn’t saw him)
All laugh out loud when prinku saw back she found a dog standing there
Rudra:prinku mujhynahi pta tha ky tere kuton sy dosti ho gai hain(I wasn’t knowing that u have dog friends now)(i’m really sorry guys I know its a bad thing to make fun of dogs but its just an ff so don’t take it seriously)
Priyanka shouted:ranveer
And ranveer laughed and ran priyanka ran before him when suddenly her feet slips and ranveer holds her they both share an eye lock not noticing shivika ishkara and rumya
All together:ahem ahem!
And listeningto them ranveer moved his hand and priyanka felt on the floor
All laughed

At night in the party
Everyone was sitting when ishana said let’s play something
Anika:good idea
Soumya:let’s play
Rudra:with a fruit punch
(Guyes i’m not having much time so most of the sentences will be in English sorry)
Game starts
Rudra made the bottle spin it stopped on soumya
Annika:somu truth or dare
Soumya:uhh truth
Rudra:do u love reyaan
All look at him and he looks at soumya
Soumya:ya…….yes I…I love him
He gives her a painful look
Ishana:ok lets continue the game

She spins the bottle and it stopped on ranveer
Ishu:ranveer truth or dare
Ishu:who was ur first love
He looks at priyanka
Ishu:ranveer I asked some thing
Ranveer:I have never loved someone
Then shivaye spins the bottle it stops on om
Shivaye:om truth or dare
Om: dare
Anika:om but u hate lies
Om:bhabi its just a game
All:oho game
And om gives them a deadly look
Shivaye:ok then kiss on ishanas cheek
Om:shivaye how can I do it
Rudra:o come on om u took dare

Om goes close to ishana and slightly kisses onher cheek ishana was Tomato red
They all kept playing and after drinking the fruit punch they all were now behaving weirdly
Annika:shivaye how much u love me
Shivaye:I love u more then myself
Anika:how can u prove it
Shivaye:shall i prove
Annika: yes
Shivaye picks her up and takes her to a side behind a pillar
Annika tries to go from the left but Shivay puts his hand there blocking her Way and annika tries to go from right but shivaye did the same hewent close to her and kissed her on her lips she too reciprocated both became busy with each other
While ishkara
Ishana:om u are very sweet
Om:but when I star with my eyes I can make everyone scare
Ishana:and when I kiss someone that persons becomes very sweet
And in excitement she kissed on his cheeks
Realisingw she did she start to go but o holds her hand and pull her towards him
While rumya
Rudra:soumya I love u
Soumya laughing:I love u too
Both laugh
Soumya:but I’m angry with u
Rudra:y so
Soumya:bcz u didn’t confessed
And she turns back but rudra stops her and kisses on her cheek
Soumya:its ok

While priveer
Both were sitting on a big swing priyanka placing her head on ranveer’s shoulder
Ranveer:priyanka u know what
Ranveer:u are very beautiful
And priyanka blushes
Ranveer:and u look more beautiful while blushing
Screen freezes on the of their happy faces

Ok guyes so done with my update if u have any problem plz tell and do comment so that I could know that whether u a liking the story or not

Keep smiling☺☺

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