Yeh ishq nahi Aasan (Chapter 3)

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OK so let’s continue

Shivika’s romance ishkara are friends rudra saving soumya from Goons

Past 3
Rumya reached home and found whole family with soumya’s mother and reyaan’s family
And her mother comes and hugs her
Soumya;aye app yahan(mom u here)
Aai:soucha tujhy surprise don(thought to give u surprise)
And she goes and touches the feet’s of reyaan’s mother and father
When someone pats on her shoulder she turn back and sees reyaan sitting on his knees
Reyaan:somu u know how much I love u will u marry me
She was numb after listening this as well as rudra
Soumya looked at rudra and he took looked at her tears roll down from soumyas eyes but rudra was having a belief that she will say no
Reyaan:Han soumya humein kabhi na kabhi toh shaadi karni hi thi(ya soumya one day we were suppose to marry)
And soumya’s mother comes and puts her hands on soumya
Soumya thinks of rudra how they met rudra singing song for her their marriage
Rumya were continuous looking at each other and oberois noticed this shivom puted their hands on rudra’s shoulders
Soumya looked at her mother who gave her a smile
Soumyas POV
Kya Karon Han keh don yan na laykin na kyon mein our reyaan toh humesha sy ekdusry sy pyaar karty thy kya Karon reyaan KO choose Karon yan rudra KO (what shall I do shall I say yes or no but me and reyaan had always loved eachother to whom shall I choose reyaan or rudra)
Sumya POV end

Soumya looks at rudra and says:yes I’ll marry u
And rudra steps back it was looking that both of them r broken from inside
Reyaan made her wear the ring
Everyone started hugging each other and congrating rumya were standing still
Rudra went from there as well as soumya shivika and ishkara noticed this
In soumya’s room
She was sitting on the bed crying thinking about rudra she remembered all their moments together
In rudra’s room
He was as well thinking of soumya
Ishkara and shivika along with soumya were in kitchen when rudra comes soumya was cutting vegetables when mistakenly she cutted her finger it started bleeding rudra holds her hand
Rudra:sumo apna khayal bhi nahi rakhsakti tum lag gai na(somu can’t u take care of ur self)
Rudra;annika bhabhi can u plz bring firstaid box
Annika smiling;hun
She brings the first aid box rudra start app!ying medicine soumya was looking him continuously
Next morning it was lohri tonight
Everyone was busy
In ishkaras room
Om wasn’t there ishanana was trying to tie her laces at the back of Saree when om came
Om:oh sorry
Ishana:can u plz call annika bhabhi or sumo I need their help
Om:abhi toh koi nahi hai yahan(now no one is here)
Om himself comes in and start tying her laces he pulls her closer they both looked eachother in mirror
Om:don’t we look like a perfect couple ishana blushes
Om:someone is blushing
Then they went down all the rituals were done same as serial and shivaye got shooted saving annika

In hospital
Rudra was crying someone patted on his shoulder he looked back it was soumya standing he hugged her tightly
Rudra;sumo bhaiya theek toh ho gain jy na(somu bhaiya will be fine)
Soumya;Han rudra don’t worry baby bhaiya bilkul theek ho gain by(yes don’t worry he will be fine)
(so we r continuing from where shivaye gains consciousness)
Whole family was standing there when shivaye opened his eyes omru hugged him dadi as well hugged him but shivaye was looking for annika
Rudra;bhaiya app kisie KO dhond rahy ho(bhaiya are you finding someone)
Shivaye:annika kahan hai yahan kyuon nahi hai woh(where is annika y isn’t she here)
All of them looked at pinki
Shivaye: mein kuch puch raha hon app San chip kyuon hain(I’m asking something y u all r quite)
Om:woh annika bhabhi KO
Shivaye:annika KO kya om(what happened to annika)
And they tell the whole incident to shivaye who was now at the peak of his anger
Shivaye: yeah app NY kiya mom ap kesy bhool gain app biwi hai woh meri bahu hai woh app ki app yeh bhi bhool gain ky uss ny hamari family ky liye kitni baar apni jaan KO khatry mein dala hai kitni baar uss ny apni life ki care kary bina meri life save ki hai hamari family ki izzat ky liye uss ny mujh sy shaddi kar li apny that KO chor kar hamary ghar mein our app ny uss KO hi nikal diya meri life sy(u did this mom how can u forget she is my wifeur daughter in law how can u forget how many times she have saved our family without caring for her own life she saved me just for the respect of our family she married me left her own home for us and u thought to take her out of my life)
And he tries to go but omru ask him to rest
Om:shivaye hum dhoond kar lain gy bhabhi KO(shivaye we will go to find annika)

Omru didn’t found annika priyanka ranveer lovestory to be started

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