Yeh ishq nahi Aasan (Chapter 2)

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Ishkara got married
Part 2
Ishana was welcomed in oberoi mansion with all the rituals after all the rituals were done everyone was about to go when dadi stopped them
Dadi:ek rasam abhi baqi hai(one ritual is still left)
Jhanvi:konsi rasam mummiji(which ritual mom)
Dadi:tu bhi bhool gai(u as well forgot)
Jhanvi:ab yaad aya(now I remembered)
Dadi:hamary khandan ki rasam hai ky shaadi ki raat dulha dulhan ko utha ker kamry mein ly ker jata hai(it is the ritual of our family that on the wedding night the groom takes the bride in his arms and goes to the room)
Om looks at ishana
Rumya:ahem ahem
Rudra goes to om and whispers(bhaiya I wasn’t knowing that u r this much impatient )
Om:shut up rudra

Jhanvi:om what are u waiting for jao uthao ishana KO(go pick up ishana)
Dadi:ek minute yen rasam sirf ishkara ky liye hi nahi hai shivaye our annika ky liye bhi hai(one minute this ritual is not just for ishkara but for shivaye and annika as well)
Shivika:hamary liye(for us)
Shivaye:dadi app bhool rahi hain ajj ishkara ki suhagraat hai hamari nahi(dadi u forgot its ishkaras wedding night not our)
Dadi:yaad hai putter mujhy laykin tum logon ki shaadi per Jo bhi how’s uss ki wajah sy yeah rasam nahi howi laykin ab hogi(I remember but what happened on us marriage due to dat we didn’t did this ritual but now we will do it)
Shivika look at each other
Om goes to ishana and shivaye to annika both picks them in their arms and head towards their rooms
In shivikas room(dil mein chuppa longa was playing)
Shivaye closed the door made annika lay on the bed he took of her earrings and bangles kissed on her neck cheeks forhead and finally on lips(then what happened this u people know very well)
In ishkaras room
Om closed the door made ishana sit on the bed both were very nervous om started
Om:I know u would be very nervous even I’m as well very nervous but kehty hain kisei bhi relationship ki starting friendship sy hoti hai toh can we be friends(it is said that the starting of every relationship is from friendship)
Ishana gave him a big smile
Ishana:friends both shaked their hands sat on the bed talking and slept there
Next morning in shivikas room

Annika woke up and found her self in shivayes arms who was sleeping peacfully she smiled got up and went for shower
In ishkaras room
Om woke up and saw ishana sleeping but some of her hairs were disturbing her he went closer to her and sticker those hairs behind ishans ears when she woke up they both shared a deep eyelock
In shivikas room
Annika came out and saw shivaye still sleeping she stood in front of the mirror drying her hairs when shivaye worked up and saw annika he smiled and went to her hugged her from kissed on her neck
Shivaye whispering:thanks for giving me the best night of my life
Annika ran out of the room blushing
After some time
All ladies were standing annika was just coming
Jhanvi saw annika
Jhanvi:omg annika look at your face u are tomato red y ur blushing this much
Annika:blu….blushing nahi toh Bari maan(no mom)
Dadi to ishana
Dadi:ishana puttar ajj Teri pehli rasoi hai our rasam ky mutabiq tujhy much metha bnana hai won bhi akely(ishana its ur first time to cook in this kitchens and according to the ritual u have to make some thing sweet)
Ishana decideds to make gajer ka halwa
On breakfast table everyone was waiting for ishana to come when she came
Rudra:wow bhabhi it looks yum plz serve fast I’m starving
Dadi:oye khotya yeh halwa sub sy pehly om khaye ga won bhi ishana ky haaton sy(om will eat this first and that to with ishanas hands)
Ishana looked at om took the spoon and made om eat the halwa
Shivaye:kesa hai(how it is)
Om:theek hai(ok)

Annika:sirf theek hai(only ok)
Om:its good
Jhanvi:sirf good(only good)
Om:its very good
Rudra:sirf very good(only very good)
Om:its superb
Ishana gave him a big smile
While shivika smiled remembering annikas first rasoi
After sometime everyone was doing there breakfast when Tia came
Tia:hello everyone
And surprisingly only pinki replied to her
Tia:shivaye baby I wanted to go to the hospital
Shivaye:tia do u think that I’m ur driver

Shivaye:then go and ask ur driver to take u along with him
Tia was about to say something when they all heard a loud voice from the kitchen everyone rushed to kitchen and found annika there with burned hand
Shivaye took her hand in his hand pain was clearly seen in her eyes
Shivaye:kitni baar kaha hai dhayyan sy kiya Karo per tumhy kisei ki baat nahi maanni hoti hai(how many times I have told u to do it carefully but u don’t have to listen to me)
And he took her to their room
Shivaye took the ointment he was blowing air on the burned place he closed his eyes
Shivaye:jab mein lagaon ga toh jaly ga(when I will apply it will burn)
Annika:app lagaiye(u applyl
Annika:app mujhy ek baat btaye chot mujhy lagi hai dard app KO kyon ho raha hai(u tell me one thing I have burned my hand then y is it paining to u)
Shivaye:woh toh ho ga na kyuon ky mein tum sy pyaa……….and saying this he stops(it will happen bcz I lov……….)
Annika look at shivaye(o jaana was playing)and our love birds were lost in each other
Else than pinki and tia everyone was smiling seeing them
After that rumya left for college
Soumya was with her friend when her friend receives a call so she goes to attend the call while soumya was waiting for her to come when some goons came and start chasing her she tried to go but one of the goon tried to come closer to her he gets a tight punch when he saw it was rudra soumya hid behind they started fighting the goons ran away when rudra saw soumya sitting on the ground and crying
Rudra holding soumyas face:sumo y u r crying
Soumya:ager tum nahi hoty wahan par toh(if u wouldn’t have been there)
Rudra:shhhhh!jab tak mein zinda hoon tumhy koi haath bhi nahi LGA sakta(until I’m alive no one will even dare to touch u)
Soumya looked him and hugged him tightly

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