yeh ishq nahi aasan (badtameez dil) Episode 5

Hi guys!!! Sorry I was busy with my exams so couldn’t upload but from now I would , my episodes may take time but for sure would be uploaed……..

Recap: Meher has a secret between her relationship with abeer the secret oughts to be shared with abeer but Meher avoids it due to a reason after going back to abeer’s lifeMeher sees his condition and decides to silently move out from his life Meher resigns but abeer doesn’t allow her and the secret she had been hiding comes before her eyes she feels stressed and due to regular stress she faces she faints. After her treatment abeer’s mom invites her home but abeer doesn’t like her presence

Meher after fighting from abeer goes out from there madhavi scolds abeer for troubling her ,he furiously goes out. Meher visits the place where abeer and Meher used to visit and talk there for hours. She goes to a small fast fb, she sees abeer 11 years ago fighting with her. She sees abeer 10 yes ago proposing her and saying that he loves her. She sees abeer 9 years ago saying Mrs.Meher malhotra. She sees abeer 8 years ago saying ms.Meher purohit I hate you . she open her eyes and notices a tear on her cheak she wipes it off and sees abeer in front of her. She without saying a word goes from that.

Abeer wonders why Meher came at that place. But gives it up by saying why do I care?

He takes his guitar and plays awaragi Meher hears it and turns she says to herself wish abeer today I could say please sing this song again for me.
Abeer says to himself wish Meher I could say this song is for you but you left me there and now once again tried the same.

Meher recalls her secret abeer goes to Singapore leaving her behind all alone. She waited for him but he never returned. At last she gave up and asked for divorce and an alimony of 5 crores…

She goes home recalling this and locks her room. She opens her cupboard and takes out a teddy bear she looks at it lovingly

Precap: she takes a rope, a stool and a knife to a store room and locks it. Abeer gets frightened and tries to open the door

Sorry guys for my late update hope you find it interesting and not boring. I actually love being emotional so hope you do not feel it a boring one plz do leave your comments

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  1. Hi Arshita I am a big fan of mehbeer. I can’t read ur previous updates. Plzzzzzzz give some hints’s update is nice ???☺???☺

  2. Wow it’s so interesting. I missed mehabeer & u so sadly now I’m happy after long Time u r here

    1. Thank u so much and even I am happy that u loved them….

  3. Nice episode gud to see u

  4. Awesome episode yaar

  5. Hi arshita, I thought u will never return, m so happy u updated the episode, nice epi, read my ffs too if possible, they are together forever and hidden love ?
    Bd rocks

    1. Hi sally I have read ur episodes too they r rocking truly I used to read all the ffs and they supported me so much that I thought to continue mine I love ur ffs they are great dear

  6. […] Hi guys so new episode hope u all liked it n the links to my previous episodes r: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 […]

  7. Amazing!!! Thnx Arshita pls update regularly if possible

  8. Amazing!!! Thnx Arshita pls update regularly if possible.

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