yeh ishq nahi aasan (badtameez dil) Episode 4

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Recap: Meher faints abeer takes her to the hospital

Abeer informs suman about meher’s condition. Abeer comes to his studio and asks his mother to come there. Abeer turns his head from the door. He hears the door open, he thinks it is madhavi. Tue face is not shown. He says thnx for coming so early. I don’t know what to do, say, what my heart feels. I guess meher’s condition is because of me. Mom u know these 8 years I did live my life but incomplete at heart. Abeer says this looking at rain outside.
The person hearing at door is shown

It is Meher. Her eyes filled with tears after listening to abeer. Abeer turns back but Meher hides behind the door before abeer sees her. She silently moves out of the studio. Meher is in her cabin remembering abeer’s words seeing out, abeer comes in and sees Meher lost, he knocks Meher turns and sees abeer there. Abeer plz if its important only then. He says don’t worry it’s a message from my mom. She wants u to eat her handmade aloo puri as u love it,

At abeer’s home
Meher arrives
She meets madhavi and is filled did emotions.
Abeer sees Meher and doesn’t like her presence.
Madhavi is in kitchen Meher at dining table.
Abeer comes to Meher: tum yahan Kar kya rahi ho (what r u doing here?)
Meher: maa ne mujhe bulaya that( mom called me)
Abeer: aloo puri hi khana tha toh pack karva leti lekin nhi tumhe toh sirf mujhe tang krna h air aloo puri thusna h( if u had to eat aloo puri only u could have packed it but no u wanted to irritate me and just eat aloo puri)
Meher: tum tang hoge abeer mere that mein tum mujhe tang krte ho uska kya??( u will be irritated u , u always irritate me wht abt it?)
Madhavi enters and sees meher and abeer looking each other with anger..

Precap: meher goes back in fb…

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  1. Acha episode jaldi bejdona

  2. This is big for u??? Pls I luv it make it big….this is lyk meher will stare angerly and say get lost and abeer also will stare angerly and say u do get lost..then episode is over…i wait to read this and so small ones…sorry if I hurt ur feelings..

  3. Dear Arshita,your ff is superb. Keep rocking!

  4. Hai y dont u write updates plz yaar bejdijiyena next episodes

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