yeh ishq nahi aasan (badtameez dil) Episode 3


Hi guys sorry for short episode but I was a bit busy
At meher’ s house:

Abeer sees suman tensed. He hugs her from behind and says kya mummyji meri itni chinta ki aap Soye nhi. ( what mom u care for me so much DAT u didn’t sleep)
Suman gets extremely happy seeing abeer and Meher safe
Abeer says OK mom I did my work now its time to go.
Suman says but abeer u helped us so much why don’t u stay a night with us
Abeer says but mom where will I stay
Suman says oh god of course in meher’s room
Meher says but mom
Abeer interrupts saying but mom where will Meher stay
Suman replies Meher u sleep tonight at the couch
Meher says sorry mom I never said a no to u but today will
Abeer says leave it mom I got my answer

He takes blessings from mom and is about to go but faints Meher supports him but with a jerk which makes abeer conscious again. She says careful or else u will die and world will point me out that I got frustrated aid ur alimony taunts and murdered u.

Abeer replies baby accept it or not u still would be known by my name only
He winks

Meher says enough abeer its too late to fight with u. First it was office I thought at home at least I will be at peace but no u came here also just to irritate me. She goes to the couch and sleeps

Abeer goes to her room but still sleeps on her room’s couch…

At morning in office

Meher calls everyone down for an important talk

Meher to staff u all know my relation with abeer so wanted to talk in front of u all for no further misunderstanding s

To abeer

Abeer since I have come back in ur life ur life is taking many emotional turns
First when I went away u have made itself lost
Then Elton sir
My coming back to ur life pricks u the most so as I want to avoid u , ur pains, ur emotions I decided to once again go from ur life

She gives the resignation letter to abeer. He couldn’t understand wht to do but know s he lives coz he can see her everyday though by the sight of an enemy
He tears the resignation letter Meher remember s how she did the same for alimony cheque she can’ t resist the stress she feels and faints

Abeer holds her and takes her to hospital

Precap: abeer and Meher fighting and Meher realizes abeer still loves her but abeer himself is not aware of it

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Credit to: Arshita

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  1. nyc 1.. not again short epi.. its okk we undrstand and nxt tym plzz a bigger one..

  2. Awsome keepitup plz litl bit of lenthy

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