Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 7)

Scene 1
Shivaniya comes running into the room and hugs Anika saying if anything happens to her what will she do? Ritik says both sisters are weird they both had a bad day today. He tells them about the goons incident. Anika says to Shivaniya that you are telling me off but what if anything had happened to you? They both hug each other and Dadi asks them both to stay in the Oberoi Mansion for lunch. Pinky gets jealous that everyone is putting these two on their heads and nobody is asking about her Megha. Later Shivaye checks the CCTV footage with Kartik and sees that Meghas hand is behind all of this incident. He calls everyone in the hall and calls Khanna who is the bodyguard. Khanna plays the CCTV footage and everyone is shocked. They all say Megha! Shivaniya and Anika also arrive in the hall and Shivaniya says to Megha that because of her Anika could have lost her life today. She doesn’t knoiw how to swim, she could have died!

Megha says that she just wanted to teach Anika a lesson. Anika comes forward and says to Megha that if she had an problem with her she could have said it. Why did she have to do all of this for? Megha says that she found Anikas behaviour and attitude annoying so she just wanted to teach her a lesson. Megha says to Shivaye don’t you trust me? Shiavaye tells her to apologise to Anika if she wants to live in their house. Pinky is fuming, she tells everyone to stop blaming her daughter anyone would have done something like that to teach a person like Anika a lesson. Pinky then quietly says to her daughter that if she wants to marry Shivaye she should just apologise to this downmarket Anika and end this topic here. Megha apologises and goes from there with her Mum. Shivaye and the whole of Oberoi family also apologises to Anika, Shivaniya tells them that they should not apologise.

Scene 2
Anika is with Naira and Gauri. They are having tea and snacks. Pinky and Megha watch all of this from far and say that these two only arrived yesterday and today they are ruling this house. Megha asks her Mum to talk to Shivayes family about their wedding. Pinky says yes I will talk to them, but not yet let this whole topic be forgotten about first! Ritik is taking a nap in his room when he sees the same dream again. Shivaniya comes there to give Ritik some papers. He wakes up from his dream and notices Shivaniya standing by his side. She asks him whether he is alright and that he should share his dream with her. He says no and she insists. He finally tells her about his dream and she says to him that I also had the same one! Dadi comes there and hears their conversation. She says to Ritik and Shivaniya that this means there is some connection between you two maybe some connection from up there.

Ritik and Shivaniya look at one another. Dadi goes from there and Shivaniya is about to leave when Ritik grabs her hand, he pulls her back Jal jal ke duhaan plays in the background and Ritik says to Shivaniya that if there is something between us I will never ever let you go. She frees her hand and goes from there in a shy way while he smiles. Anika goes to Shivaye and says to him that he isn’t that bad. He says I know. He is drinking his Americano coffee. Anika says to him that is he drinking Saira Bano? He says what? And spits his coffee out! They both start laughing and she says that he laughs as well! Anika is about to leave from there when her charm bracelet gets stuck to Shivayes watch. Aankhon ki gustakhiyan maaf hon plays in the background. She untangles her charm bracelet from his watch while Shivaye just looks at her. She then goes from there. Shivaye is confused as he doesn’t know what is happening to him. Omkara and Gauri are on the terrace. Omkara hugs Gauri from the back and she gets shy. Suddenly Kartik comes there and gets an scolding for disturbing the two.


Ritik tells his family about his feelings towards Shivaniya. He then proposes her by the pool and she is surprised. Shivaye sees Anika and they have an eye lock. Megha thinks to do something fast so that she gets her space in the Oberoi family.

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