Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 6)


Scene 1
The party is over and Dadi asks Shivaye to drop Anika and Shivaniya home. He gets ready to leave, but then Megha comes and stops him saying that someone else will go he says to her that the one person he can never say no to is his Dadi. She urges him to stay back, but Anika comes in between and says to her that her and Shivaniya would have managed to go home alone, but Dadi requested them to wait for someone to drop them off. Megha gives her an dirty look and asks her to stay away from her. Anika calls her an chipkali. Megha says just shut up! And Gauri comes there and asks Megha what happened? She says nothing and leaves from there. Shivaye stands there with his eyes wide opened and Gauri says Bhare Bhaiya go and drop these two home before Megha comes back again.

Shivaniya is with Ritik and he compliments her dance, and asks her where she learnt how to dance so good from. Shivaniya says that Anika and her used to dance in their free time, it’s just an hobby of theirs. Shivaye comes and says to Shivaniya that he’ll drop them off. They leave and Ritik stands there waving at Shivaniyas back. Dadi comes and asks him who he is waving at, Shivaniya or her back? He gets shy and says Dadi! In the car Shivaye and Anika are arguing and Shivaniya asks them to stop as they look like little children. They reach their house and Shivaye says to Anika that she needs to come to his house tomorrow to give the designs to him she says can’t Shivaniya do it and he says no because Shivaniya needs to do the work that Ritik has given her. She says ok and Shivaye leaves. Shivaniya asks Anika to behave around Megha, as she saw what Anika done.

Scene 2
It’s morning and Anika says to Shivaniya that she is going and that Shivaniya should also reach the office safely. They hug one another and say bye. Kartik is in his room and Naira comes and hugs him from the back saying she loves him, he says I love you too and smiles. Shivaniya is on her way to the office and some goons harass her. Ritik is driving past and he comes to save her. The goons run off and Shivaniya hugs Ritik and he comforts her, asking her whether she is ok. Anika goes to the Oberoi Mansion to give Shivaye some designs. Megha fumes seeing her and thinks to teach her a lesson. She greets Dadi, Jhanvi and Manish. She asks them where Shivaye is and they send her by his room where the pool area is. Megha follows her and thinks that this is the right time and the right place to teach this downmarket Anika a lesson.

Anika comes to the pool area and says O Bete Ki! She goes by the pool and praises it. Megha comes there and ties an thread near the pool so that Anika trips over. Megha quickly goes from there and hides behind the door. Anika keeps her bag on the couch and walks towards the thread. She is busy talking to herself and praising SSOs house. She then says to herself that why didn’t she think of that before? She can call Shivaye SSO from now on. She carries on walking and she trips over the thread. She falls into the pool and Megha laughs from far and goes from there. Anika tries to get out of the pool, but she can’t as she doesn’t know how to swim. Shivaye hears someone screaming outside he looks from his room window and notices Anikas hand. He quickly runs out and says Anika! He jumps in the pool and brings her out. She hugs him as she is scared. He asks her why did she get in the pool if she doesn’t know how to swim? She says she would never risk her life and jump in the pool if she doesn’t know how to swim. She says that she felt as if she tripped over something, like an thread. He asks her to forget it he’ll sort it out later. He calls everyone and takes Anika into his room and asks Priyanka to bring some spare dry clothes for Anika to wear she goes. Everyone asks what happened to Anika, and Shivaye tells them that she fell into the pool. Omkara goes to phone Shivaniya, she picks the phone up and panicks hearing the news about Anika and tells Ritik. He says don’t worry and takes her home.


Shivaniya comes running into the room and hugs Anika saying if anything happens to her what will she do? Ritik says both sisters are weird they both had a bad day today. He tells them about the goons incident. Later Shivaye checks the CCTV footage with Kartik and sees that Meghas hand is behind all of this incident.

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