Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 4)


Scene 1
Shivaye, Ritik, Omkara and Kartik all sit together in the cabin and talk.
Gauri and Naira take Shivaniya and Anika to their cabin which is opposite Shivaye and Ritiks cabin. They ask Shivaniya and Anika whether they like the cabin or not. Shivaniya says it’s nice and Anika says O Bete Ki! Shivaniya asks her to be quiet while Gauri and Naira laugh at her because they find her language interesting. They ask them to settle down. Shivaye says to his brothers why did you stop me from kicking them out? They all say because their work is good. Forget about your first impressions on them.

Shivaye says if you guys say so otherwise I would have kicked that Anika out she’s so weird! Ritik says Shivaniya is good I feel as if I know her from before. They all pull his leg and says someone has fallen in love! He says there is nothing like that she’s a good designer I’ve seen her designs. And they all say stop changing the topic you have fallen for her, haven’t you? They all continue talking and then Gauri, Naira, Shivaniya and Anika walk in. Omkara says Kartik, Gauri, Naira lets all go and leave these guys to work as they are all workaholics. They leave.

Scene 2
Shivaye and Ritik explain the work to Anika and Shivaniya. They say will you manage all of it? And Shivaniya says yes. Shivaye says to Anika you won’t be able to do it will you? She says I know my English is kind of weird but my designs are good. Shivaniya says that I manage all of the paperwork as my English is better but my Anika is number one at drawing the designs out! Ritik says that’s ok and tells Shivaye to stop annoying Anika.

Shivaye gives Shivaniya the paperwork and asks her to sort it all out in the cabin and he gives Anika some designs and asks her to keep them in the correct folders. They go. Anika says to Shivaniya that Gauri and Naira are quite nice and so are Omkara, Kartik and Ritik, but Shivaye is kind of the grumpy one. Shivaniya says that’s because he is the oldest out of all of them so he has a lot to manage, and that Anika should stop making fun of him now because they all will be working together from today onwards. She says ok then, and continues putting the designs in the correct folders.

Ritik and Shivaye go to the cabin and Ritik sees Shivaniya and all of the papers go everywhere in the air, Pehla nasha plays in the background. Anika sees Shivaye and says chipde, while Gaurika and Kaira see all of this from far and smile. They tidy all of the papers up and Ritik says that they need to come home now to do some decorations. Shivaniya says why? Ritik says that Anika is quite good at them and Shivaniya will help her. Shivaye says to him that we will get some other people for decorations but Ritik refuses and says that he has contacted the decoration company and they gave Anikas reference to me. Anika says what party is it? Shivaye says we cracked a business deal a few days ago so we are giving a party for it today evening! Ritik says to them that we all will go in one car, everyone else has left!


Shivaye, Ritik, Omkara and Kartiks family and younger sister Priyanka is introduced. An character called Megha is also introduced. Anika is doing the decorations and she slips, Shivaye holds her and O jaana instrumental music plays in the background. Megha watches all of this from far.

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