Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 31)

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Scene 1
The next morning Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika getting ready in front of the mirror. She dries her hair with the hairdryer leaving Shivaye mesmerised. Shivaye thinks to tell Anika about his feelings and Anika thinks the same. Shivaye sees her and they have an eye lock. On the other side Ritik gets an phone call from their America clients and finds out that there is a problem with a project. He then says what! The rest of the phone conversation is not shown but when Ritik hangs up he is worried and says now what shall I do? Shivaniya comes in the room and finds him worried, she says what happened Ritik? Is there any problem? He thinks to tell her. Later everyone is in the hall doing their own thing, Dadi, Jhanvi and Naira are watching some programme on the television while Manish, Shivaye, Omkara and Kartik are doing some office work.

Gauri and Anika come downstairs to join them. Suddenly Gauri gets some pain in her stomach and screams. Everyone is shocked as she collapses. Omkara goes to her and picks her up. Manish says I’ll call the doctor but Dadi and Jhanvi say that she should go to the hospital instead. Shivaye says Kartik get the car out! Ritik and Shivaniya come downstairs and see what is happening. Ritik says there is no point telling the family about the project right now as they are already worried, and they’ll get stressed if we tell them. Shivaniya nods and comforts him. Shivaye and Anika decide to go to the hospital with Omkara and Gauri. Everyone is worried at home while Ritik walks around thinking how to talk to the family members. The doctor tells them that Gauri has some complications in her pregnancy.

Scene 2
He then says that if you don’t get the correct treatment for her in time then the complications can increase. Omakara, Shivaye and Anika get shocked. They say what should we do doctor? He tells them that there is just one option and that is to take her to America. The doctor tells them that there are better specialist doctors available there than they are here. Shivaye says we will do anything to save the baby. He says I’ll get in touch with the team from America and you guys get ready to leave. Omkara says how long will we need to be there for? The doctor tells them until the baby is born you will have to stay there as they will handle Gauris pregnancy well. Back at home Omkara tells the family what the doctor told them. They all get shocked. Gauri says I don’t want to go to America, we will be away from our loved ones. Omkara says we have to go, I have art exhibitions taking place there too.

Jhanvi says who will look after her when you are away working? They all get thinking. Ritik and Shivaniya come and say that we will look after her. Everyone gets shocked and says how? Ritik tells them that he got a phone call from their clients in America and they are some problems in the project, if he doesn’t go there then they will be a problem. Manish advises him to go while Dadi and everyone is relieved. Omkara says that’s great I’ll be managing my art exhibitions, Ritik will manage his project and Shivaniya can stay with Gauri. Dadi says I will also go as my sister is there and you guys will get help too. Shivaye says that’s great! As you can all stay with Dadis sister she loves having people around anyways. Kartik says I’ll go and book the tickets.


Anika and Naira help Gauri and Shivaniya pack. They share some fun moments together. Shivaye and Kartik help Ritik and Omkara pack. They share some fun moments together.

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