Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 3)

Hi guys I have made it longer. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Scene 1
Shivaye and Anika manage to pull Ritik and Shivaniya apart. Anika sticks her tongue out at Shivaye and he just stares at her with his cat eyes. While Ritik and Shivaniya are still lost in one another’s eyes, as if they have seen one another’s features before. Shivaniya and Anika go home and Anika is talking about Shivaye and making fun of him, Shivaniya is lost in some thoughts. Anika asks her what happened? Why do you look so worried? She says nothing forget it.
Ritik and Shivaye are examining all the projects to see who is going to join their office. Shivaye is talking about Anika and he says Kya cheez thi woh! And Ritik says that he knows she was quite a thing remembering Shivaniya. Shivaye says not the one who fell into your arms and teases him saying Anika is pagal! They both laugh and pick the final project, it ends up being Anika and Shivaniyas project. Ritik says to Shivaye go and phone them he goes. Shivaye phones and Shivaniya picks it up he tells them that their project has been chosen, and that they join the office from tomorrow onwards. Shivaniya goes and tells Anika, they both get happy and dance.

Scene 2
It’s morning and Shivaniya and Anika join Ritik and Shivayes office. Two new couples are introduced. Kartik and Naira and Omkara and Gauri who also belong from the same family as Ritik and Shivaye. Kartik and Omkara are Shivaye and Ritiks younger two brothers who have sorted their lives out as they have married Naira and Gauri. They meet Shivaye and Ritik and tease them that they need to get their lives sorted now. Anika says wow what an office, Shivaniya asks Anika to behave herself here as they are big people. Kaira and Gaurika take Shivaniya and Anika inside Ritik and Shivayes cabin. They see one another and say Tum! And Shivaye whispers to Ritik that they cannot keep these two here. And says get out! But Ritik stops him and whispers to him that their work is good let’s just keep them Shivaye refuses but Omkara and Kartik ask him to agree. Gauri and Naira introduce themselves to Shivaniya and Anika and get them settled in.


Ritik sees Shivaniya and the papers go everywhere in the air, Pehla nasha plays in the background. Anika sees Shivaye and says chipde, while Gaurika and Kaira see all of this and smile.

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