Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 23)

Scene 1
Everyone in the Oberoi Mansion is worried. Someone enters the Oberoi Mansion. A new character called Priya is introduced, Kartik and Naira come back home. Kartik is happy to see Priya, he says my childhood friend is here after ages! Naira says who is this? Dadi tells her that this is his childhood friend, she looks on. Kartik and Naira meet everyone, they find out why Ritik, Shivaniya and everyone else is worried. Dadi tells them not to panic. Kartik introduces Naira to Priya, and she says wow! You are so pretty! Naira says thank you, so are you. Kartik says Priya how come you came all of a sudden? She says I have come here for a few days for some work, so I thought I’ll stay here with you guys. She says why is there any problem? Manish and Jhanvi say no, of course not!

Manish and Shivaye leave for some work. Priya meets everyone and Jhanvi tells Anika to take Priya to the guest room. Anika shows Priya the guest room and says do you like it? She says yes and Anika tells her to let her know if she needs anything. Anika goes. Priya looks around and thinks of going and spending some time with Kartik. Naira is in her room and says to Kartik that why didn’t you tell me about Priya? Kartik smiles and starts teasing her, he says I didn’t know it was that important. She says it was! He continues to tease her. He then grabs her and says that nobody is more important than her! They hug and Priya comes in. She says oops! Naira pushes Kartik away, and says do you need anything? Priya says no, I just came to spend some time with my friend. Naira tells Kartik to talk to Priya, while she goes and meets Gauri.

Scene 2
He says ok and Priya goes and hugs him, Naira looks on. Omkara and Gauri are having some sweet moments when Naira comes in, she says oops! Omkara sees her and says it’s ok Naira you guys talk I need to go for some work. Gauri says Naira come in. She says what happened? Naira tells her about Priya and says I disturbed you guys too. Didn’t I? Gauri says of course not! They talk. Ritik goes to Shivaniya and says are you still thinking about that? She nods and says no. Naira goes back to her room and sees Kartik busy with Priya. She goes to them and Priya starts boasting about her and Kartiks friendship. She then says what did you see in this idiot? Kartik says Priya! Naira tells her that she saw that Kartik is kind hearted and supportive. She says wow! Naira reminds Kartik that they need to go out, Priya says can I come too? Kartik says of course you can Priya.

Naira says you can’t come with us, as it’s important. Kartik looks at Naira and Priya says oh ok, she goes. Kartik says why did you say no to her? Naira says because she’s been talking to you for ages now, and if we take her with us she’ll carry on boasting about her friendship with you! He says someone is jealous! She says why would I be jealous for? She is just your friend. They go. Shivaye goes to the room and sees Anika tidying up. He says wow! She sees him and says what happened? He goes to her and says today you are busy. She tells him that she is always busy. She then says don’t you pay any attention to me? He says I pay a lot of attention to you. They laugh. Priya looks at Kartiks photo and smirks. She says I know what I have to do!


Kartik and Naira are talking. Priya comes in between and starts talking to Kartik. Dadi notices this. Naira gets annoyed because of Priyas behaviour. Dadi comes and talks to her.

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