Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 22)

Scene 1
Shivaye tells Anika not to worry or to be scared. Ritik and Shivaniya come back, they find out about Gauri. Ritik says to Shivaye that what are we going to do next? Omkara says Shivaye has spoken to the commissioner and he will send some of his guards to stand outside the Oberoi Mansion. Anika goes to the room, a red laser dot is shining on the room window, but she doesn’t realise. She is about to go out of the room when the glass falls and breaks. She shouts Shivaye! Everyone comes running. They are all shocked to see the state of Shivayes room. Shivaye says Anika are you alright? She says I am fine. Shivaniya asks her how this happened. She says I came into the room and it was fine. Ritik calls Khanna. He comes and Shivaye says show me the CCTV footage! They all watch the CCTV footage and Omkara notices the red laser dot, he tells everyone.

Shivaye says so this was all planned! First that package, then Guari getting hurt and now this. Ritik says Khanna did you find out about that package? He says no not yet, he goes. Manish speaks to the commissioner again. Jhanvi says what did he say? Manish tells them that he is sending more guards to the Oberoi Mansion, and he is also trying to find out who is behind all of this. He goes. Dadi, Jhanvi and Shivaniya take Gauri to rest. Ritik and Omkara say that we will call someone to come and repair this. Shivaye hugs Anika and says are you sure that you are alright? She says yes! Omkara goes to the room and sees Gauri trying to get a towel out of the draw. She is about to fall and he holds her. He says I’ll do it! He gets the towel out of the draw and gives it to her. She smiles.

Scene 2
Kartik and Naira get worried after they hear about all of the incidents. Shivaye tells them not to worry. Naira goes to the room and Kartik tries to make her happy by dancing like a frog. She calls him a weirdo. He says I’m not a weirdo madam, I am a frog! She hugs him and he smiles. Ritik says Shivaniya where is my file? She gives him his file. He says where is my phone? She gives him his phone. He is about to say something else, but Shivaniya says Ritik! They start laughing. Shivaye is sitting by the pool. Anika comes and says what happened SSO? He says nothing! She says no there is something tell me SSO! He says why? So that you can get worried again? She says of course not! He tells her that he is thinking about who could be behind all of this.

She says do you know anyone who could be behind all of this? He says no! She sits with him by the pool and they talk. Dadi comes there and calls them to come and eat. They go. After they have all ate they sit together and talk. At night Anika comes to get water and hears someone. She quickly gets the water and bangs into someone. She is about to scream when Shivaye tells her that it is him. She says Shivaye you have been scaring me for a few days now! He says I was just messing around Anika! By the way why are you so scared? She tells him that she is afraid of the dark. He says I didn’t know. They go. It’s morning, Ritik is sleeping and Shivaniya feels that someone is watching them. He wakes up and sees that she is awake. They go downstairs and Ritik says what happened Shivaniya? She tells everyone that she felt as someone is watching them. They get worried, Shivaye and Anika tell them to stay calm.


A new character called Priya is introduced, Kartik and Naira come back home. Kartik is happy to see Priya, he says my childhood friend is here after ages! Naira says who is this? Dadi tells her that this is his childhood friend.

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