Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 21)

Scene 1
Shivaye and Anika are talking. Omkara and Gauri come there and join them. It’s night and Ritik takes Shivaniya for dinner. They talk and enjoy themselves. Back in the Oberoi Mansion Shivaye teases Anika and says that she is fat! Anika says who did you call fat? He says you of course! She gets annoyed and goes to get changed. She comes back to get her clothes and sees that nobody is in the room. She feels that someone is keeping an eye on her. She goes to check and Shivaye jumps out from behind the curtains and scares her. She hugs him. He laughs and says what happened Anika? She tells him that she felt as if someone was here. He says it was me all along, she disagrees but he calms her down. It’s morning and someone looks at the Oberoi Mansion and throws something inside. Anika slips over it and Shivaye grabs her.

He says Anika are you alright? She says Shivaye I am fine! She looks at the package on the floor and picks it up. She says what is this? Shivaye says let me see, he opens the package and a box comes out of it. He opens the box and smoke comes out of it. He drops it and pulls Anika back. Everyone comes there and starts coughing. Jhanvi asks Omkara to take Dadi and Gauri inside. He goes. Manish calls Khanna. Shivaye says that Anika was right! Manish says what do you mean? Shivaye tells him and Jhanvi that Anika felt as if someone was keeping an eye on her last night. They tell Khanna to find out who is behind this. Shivaye asks everyone to stay calm. Omkara asks Dadi and Gauri whether they are ok. They say that they are fine. They all go downstairs.

Scene 2
Shivaye phones Ritik, Shivaniya, Kartik and Naira and tells them what is going on as he can’t hide this from them. They get worried but Anika takes the phone and tells them that everything is under control, whoever done this will get caught soon. They get relieved. Kartik and Naira say that they will be back in a few days time. Ritik and Shivaniya say that they are coming back tomorrow. They put the phone down. Shivaye and Anika go to their room. Shivaye is worried. Anika says don’t worry Shivaye! He says you were right, I should have believed you last night. She says are you still thinking about that? He says of course!Omkara and Gauri go out, they are about to sit in the car when someone shoots Gauri, she falls and Omkara holds her. He says Gauri what happened? She cries and he sees her foot bleeding. He quickly picks her up and takes her inside the house.

Everyone gets worried and Shivaye phones the doctor. They take Gauri into the room and Omkara asks her not to close her eyes. The doctor comes and checks her, she says you are lucky that the bullet went past your foot. Shivaye says to the doctor is everything alright? She says yes don’t worry! Omkara says is the baby ok? The doctor says I can’t feel the baby’s heartbeat! They all get worried and Gauri hugs Omkara and says our child will be ok won’t it? He reassures her and asks the doctor to do something. The doctor checks again and says it’s ok! I can feel the heartbeat, she says sometimes the child gets a shock along with the mother she goes. They get relieved. Omkara hugs Gauri and tells her that everything is ok. Shivaye says the person who done this just wanted to scare us nothing else, but we will not get scared and give up!


Shivaye tells Anika not to worry. scared. Ritik and Shivaniya come back.

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    Shivaye tells Anika not to worry or to be scared. Ritik and Shivaniya come back.

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