Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 20)

Scene 1
Pinky and Megha pack their bags and come downstairs. Pinky says give us one last chance please. Megha says please Shivaye! Dadi tells Pinky and Megha that this time they have gone too far. Shivaye says this is my final decision! Pinky says where will we go? Megha says yes Shivaye where will we go? Ritik says don’t worry, Shivaye isn’t as bad as you guys are. Omkara says your house is ready now, you can go and live there. Kartik says exactly! Pinky and Megha say sorry to everyone. Pinky looks at Anika and Megha says sorry to her. Anika says it’s ok. They leave from the Oberoi Mansion. Manish and Jhanvi call everyone for the last few rituals. Ritik pulls Shivaniya back and says are you happy now? She nods and smiles. Shivaye and Anika finish the last few rituals. Everyone gives them a couple name and calls them Shivika. They look at one another and smile. Everyone is happy and Dadi says let’s dance now and have some fun.

Shivika, Rivaniya, Gaurika and Kaira dance happily. Shivayes room is nicely decorated. Shivaniya, Gauri and Naira bring Anika to the room and tease her. Anika gets shy and hugs Shivaniya. Gauri and Naira smile. On the other hand Ritik, Omkara and Kartik tease Shivaye and he yells at them, they laugh. Shivaye comes to his room and sees Anika sitting on the bed. He goes to her and says thank you for saving my family from such a big problem. She says you’re welcome, I’m sure you didn’t want to marry that chipdi anyways! He says oh so you are jealous then! Anika says excuse me? Shivaye says you are. She says I am not jealous of that chipdi! Shivaye says where do you get so much courage from? Anika says what do you mean? Shivaye says you are very brave. Anika says thank you to him and tells him that life gives us courage. He smiles at her and they go to sleep.

Scene 2
Ritik and Shivaniya decide to go on a honeymoon. They ask Shivaye and Anika too. Shivaye says to Ritik that you two got married before me and Anika, so you should go on a honeymoon. Anika says we’ll go later! They agree and go to pack. Shivaye says to Anika shall we go too? Anika says you just said that we’ll go later! She goes. Naira gets a phone call from home and finds out that her grandmother isn’t well. She gets worried and Kartik says what’s wrong? Naira tells everyone that her grandmother isn’t well, so she’ll have to go home for a few days. They ask her not to worry, Kartik and her get ready to go. Later Omkara and Gauri share some sweet moments together. He shows her two pairs of socks, one pair is blue and the other one is pink. Omakara asks Gauri to choose one, she chooses the blue one and says that I want a little long haired boy who looks just like you! He says I choose the pink one because I want a cute little girl who looks just like you!

They argue and Dadi walks in. She says what are you two arguing over? She then sees the sock pairs and says oh so you made her choose one then. She says whether you have a boy or a girl, everyone will still be very happy. They smile. Shivaye gets a phone call and goes to the office with Manish. Jhanvi takes Anika to her room and gives her some clothes and jewellery and says to her that this is a gift from me. Anika takes the clothes and jewellery and hugs her. Ritik and Shivaniya arrive at the hotel. They check in and go to their room. Their hotel room is nicely decorated, Ritik pulls Shivaniya and Tere sang pyaar mein plays in the background. She gets shy and hugs him. Shivaye sees Anika sitting by the pool. He goes to her and says why are you sitting by the pool? She says don’t worry I won’t fall in! They laugh. Anika tells Shivaye that she is very lucky to have him by her side, he says I will always be with you no matter what happens, they have an eye lock.


Someone looks at the Oberoi Mansion and throws something inside. Anika slips over it and Shivaye grabs her.

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