Yeh Ishq Hai Ab Se Khuda – OS

Hello friends..
This is me.. Urs #AngelAshu
Today I came with new OS..
This OS on My Darling.. Oops Our Darling Swasan..
After thinking properly.. I keeping this OS tittle as..

Hope u all will like tittle..
I never wrote this type of story..
I must say this is unique one..
Coz my all readers know me as I always write sweet family stories..
So, this time I tried a new taste..??..
Happy reading..
Lets go.. We are going into story now..
Before I start OS..
Iam giving a little intro about this OS..


Sanskar Maheshwari : A handsome young men.. 25 years..Searching for true love.. He will do anything for his happy.. Like selfish.. But if he love anyone.. He will do anything for them.. And he don’t have any family.. He is orphan.. But He is very rich.. He not need to do any work etc.. Coz he have lots of money..

Swara Gadodia : She is Orphan.. A simple, middle class, cute, sweet, girl.. 21 years.. She doing a job..
A good, honest nature girl.. Never have greedy about money etc.. She always happy with which is god gave to her..

Guyz.. Swara And Sanskar are the main lead..
Not need to explain about little side roles na..

If anyone ask to me..
What Is Love..?
My answer is..
Love is a magic.. Its can happen any time, any age..
Love is a unknown sweet feeling..
True Love is a colourful future..
In this OS.. We will know about which type of complications coming into their life’s and how they will fall for each other.. How they will realise about their feeling..
This is an unique love story..
So, let’s starts the story of this OS #Yeh_Ishq_Hai_Ab_Se_Khuda

It was a beautiful morning..
A girl supplying water to plants..
She wore a white coloured chudidaar..with a simple diamond jewal set…
Her hairs ware opened..
She is looking like Angel..
She is none other.. She is Swara
Some one called her..
Swara: yes Aunty…. Commingggg…
She went inside of her house..
Her house owner called her..
Aunty: beta.. My daughter gave her record book to complete u.. U did na..?
Swara: (smiles) yes aunty.. U sit na.. I just come..
Aunty: hmm..
She went and took record book and passed to aunty..
Aunty: how sweet girl u.. U always helps my daughter.. Thank u betaa
Swara smiles and Aunty going out.. At that time Aunty’s husband coming come from morning walk..
At gate..
Uncle: u coming from swara’s room.. Y u went there..?
Aunty: yes.. Coz she completed our lazy daughter’s record work..
Uncle: I think this time u also did fake compliments in front of swara.. Right..?
Aunty: haha.. Absolutely.. If I didn’t do like that.. Who will complete our all needs..
Uncle: let’s go..
Aunty: hmm..
Swara listening these all convo from window..
Swara: (crying) ohh god.. Y these all happening with me.. I always be honest to everyone.. But all just wants me to complete their needs..
No one loves me…
No one… (Crying more)
At the another hand..
A handsome young man driving car..
Just opened car window.. And removing sun glasses..
He is none other..
He is our Sanskar..
He looking at all girls who are present there (on the side of road)
Sanskar: (monologue) someone told me.. Love always happens in first sight.. But I saw many girls.. Its never happened to me.. I think my soulmate didn’t came in front of my eyes till now..
He moved ahead..
After 2 days..
Suddenly he saw Swara at somewhere..
He fallen on her beauty..
He start a feel for her..
Some days passed..
He started research on her and know all about her and her nature..
His love increased on her..
But he know.. If he proposed her.. She will ignore him pakka..
So he planed something to get her..
He daily following her..
She didn’t noticed him..
She busy in her daily works..
One day he kidnapped her..
He did something to make her unconscious..
And he took her to his Mansion..
After some time..
When she getting conscious..
She slowly opened her eyes..
She looking her self..
She lied on bed.. She is in a big room of mansion..
She confused..
Swara: why am here.. Who took me here.. Ohhhnnooo.. Am not able to remember…
She start shouting..
Swara: koi haiiiiiiiiii…. Koi haiiiiiiiii…
Our Sanskar Maheshwari came there with a juice glass..
Swara: who r u.. ?? Y me here..?? Please tell.. Mujhe kuch yaad nhi aarahi hai..!! Who took me here..?? (With tensioned face)
Sanskar: relax relax Swara…
Swara: (shocked) u know me..??
But I donno who are u.. How do u know my name..?
Sanskar placed tray on table which was lied near to bed..
He seated near to her..
She just moved a little back.. With a tensioned expression..
Swara: tell me.. Please..
Sanskar: am Sanskar..
Swara: am here.. How..?
I was going to my friend home na.. But I.. I… Am not getting anything..
Sanskar: relax.. Relax.. I will explain u all things..
He explained her.. How he saw her.. How he did research on her.. How he fallen for her..
She just numb..
Sanskar: from first sight.. I started liking u.. I want u life long.. I love u swara.. I love u..…

She gave a tight slap to him
Swara: (teary eyes) What was my fault.. Y r u taking revange from me..?

Sanskar: revenge… What r u telling..

Swara: am happy with my life.. I don’t need anyone.. Am happy alone..
Sanskar: swara.. See.. Don’t take a mad decision.. See this mansion.. If u did marriage with me.. U will be owner of these a property..

Swara: just shurt up… I don’t need any mansion.. Am happy with my simple house….

Sanskar: don’t go against to me swara… (Angry) its will be wrong with u..

Swara: please.. Let me go.. I don’t like rich people.. Properties etc..

She about to go down from bed.. He stops her.. He tries to convence her.. But she rejecting him..
He getting angry on her words.. He becoming little cruel..
Sanskar: enough Swara.. U have to marry me.. U have to stay here with me.. U have to accept my love..
(High tone)
Swara: (little scared) see Sanskar.. Try to understand me.. I don’t like marriage etc.. I like my alone life.. Please leave me.. I beg u.. Leave me..

Sanskar: (relaxed tone) u try to understand my love swara.. Am madly loving u.. My love is true.. Please accept my love.. I always keeps u happy.. I will give all what u want..

Swara: its not love.. Its just attraction.. Please leave me.. I want to go from here..

Sanskar: think some time and tell me..

Swara: not need.. Mujhe jaane do..

She again tries to move on..
But he stops her by holding her shoulders..

Sanskar: u can’t escape from here.. Doors ware locked.. U and me in this mansion only..
U have to stay here with me.. I will marry u with ur acceptance.. I want u.. I realised.. My love only for u..

She scared.. Start crying..

He melted to see her tears..

Sanskar: (cubbing her face) see swara.. I love u more.. Don’t cry.. Accept my love.. Marry me.. Stay here happily with me..

She jerked him with angry look..
Swara: don’t try to touch me… I hate u.. I hate u… I want to go from here.. Leave me..

Sanskar: y r u not listening my words..

Swara: see Sanskar.. I are handsome.. Rich.. U search another girl for u.. Am not match for u.. Leave me.. Please..

Sanskar: (stood) enough swara.. Enough is enough.. U have to stay here with me.. That’s final…

Stop cry and Drink this juice..
U can’t escape from here..
U have to stay with me..
Its my decision..
Am going.. U take rest..

He went..

She crying more..
Swara: ohh goddd.. I never like this pagal insan.. Please give me a way to escape from here.. Its like a hell for me.. Am happy with my alone life… (Crying)

She crying non stop..
Due to stress she slept..

After some time… Its night time…
He came to swara’s room with dinner plate..

He saw her.. She sleeping.. And he noticed.. She didn’t drink her juice..

She murming in sleep..
Swara: mujhe Jane do.. Please.. Leave me.. I don’t like u.. Leave me.. Leave me..

Sanskar smiled and went near to her..

He makes her woke up and asked to have dinner..

She ignored..

He tries to feed her.. Again she ignored.. She threw juice glass…
She shouted on her..
But he enjoying these all..

He stood and took a gun from his pocket.. Point to swara…

She shock… Her big eyes became more big…

Sanskar: what u think about me.. Sweet, little angry and soft..??
No no no no.. I will do anything for my happiness… U don’t know about me..

Swara scared to see gun..

Sanskar: (feeding her) if u don’t take dinner.. I will shoot u.. Chip chaap khalo..

She scared..
He feeding to her.. She eating with tears..

Sanskar: stop crying.. Others I will shoot u…

Swara: (more scared) please.. Don’t do like that.. I don’t cry more..

She is a simple girl.. Never see this type of gun etc in her life.. So she much scared to see gun..

Sanskar: good girl..

She completed eating..

He kept plate at kitchen..

he comes to room again..

She shivering coz of fear..

Sanskar: if u follow my words..
I don’t shoot u..

Swara start crying..

Sanskar: hyyy.. Stop crying Like a kid.. Chalo.. Give me good night hug and sleep..

Swara: cheeeeeee…. I hate u.. Go away from me..

Sanskar: haha swara.. He came close to her.. If u don’t follow my words u know na.. What can I do..

Swara: but I don’t like u.. How can I hug u..

Sanskar: u have to.. Otherwise.. (Interrupted)

She hugs him.. He gives a kiss on her fore head..

She slept.. He went out..

When he went out.. She woke up..
Coz her sleep is fake..
Sanskar went to his room and slept..

She trying to open all doors to escape.. But vain..
All doors all strongly locked..she went to main door..
She tries to open door with her hair pin.. But vain..

She turns back.. Sanskar stood there.. She scared again…

Sanskar: what are u doing here..

Swara silent..

Sanskar: I told u na.. U can’t escape from here… Go and sleep well..

She not moving..

He points gut to her..

She rushed to her room.. Covers her with blanket and slept…

From that day he daily makes her scar and take caring too..

She scared to see gun.. She have to follow his words..
She following like good girl..
He caring her like a angel..
If she didn’t follow.. He will open his gun.. She scare again..

Some days passed..

She day by day start following his words obediently..
She don’t want.. But.. She helpless..
He not need to use gun..

One day..

Sanskar making lunch in kitchen..

Swara getting bored..
She thinks to go out of room for sometime..
She just about to take a step out of room..
Sanskar came there with lunch tray..
Suddenly she scared..
Sanskar: (angry) where are u going..?
Swara: WO.. WO.. I .. I was..
Sanskar: tell properly..
She scared.. She became silent..
Sanskar: go inside..
She went inside of room.. And seated on bed..
He went behind her feeds lunch to her..
She eats silently..
While eating.. Tears fallen on Sanskar hands from her eyes..
He gets tension..
Sanskar: swara.. R u crying..?
She silent…
Sanskar: bolo… (With care)
She melting day by day.. But she still don’t like him.. Just following him.. Nothing else..
Swara wipes her tears..
Swara: nothing.. Am okk..
She rushed to washroom..
Sanskar: (monologue) how much time u will take to accept my love swara.. Ohh god.. Bring that moment fastly.. I love her soooo much..
She came out from washroom..
He asked.. R u okk..?
She replayed.. Yes..
She always starring main door which was locked for her..
Some times she tries to escape.. But Sanskar makes her plan vain..
6months later…
Day by day she start changing..
Now she can come out from her room.. She used to go into kitchen..
But sanskar ek kaam tak nhi karne deta ta usko..
She used to spend time at hall..
But main door always looked..
One day..
She got bore.. She comes out from room..
Calling Sanskar..
Swara: sanskkaaarrrr… sanssskkaaarr..
She went to kitchen.. All rooms.. But she didn’t find him..
He just came from wash room.. Noticed she is searching him…
But he start going behind her..
He just want to know.. What will she do now..
She went hall..
She noticed main door was opened..
She going towards main door..
Sanskar kept one eye on her.. Like if she tries to escape.. Want to stop na..
She went to door..
Swara: ye sanskar bhi na.. Day by day beacaming irresponsible…
She closed door and start searching again..
Sanskar smiles to see her act and felt happy too for her change..
He stood behind her..
She just turns back.. Didn’t noticed him..
She about to fall.. He holds her waist….
Both looking into each other eyes..
BG plays..
Ye ishq hai.. Ab se Khuda..
Ye ishq hai.. Rab ki Dua..
Bas rab sa ho ye hogaya..
He makes her stood property..

Sanskar: r u searching for me..?
Swara: yes…
Sanskar: tell.. For y..
Swara: I was getting bored… Just came out.. I noticed u are not here.. So just want to know where u went..
Sanskar: I was in washroom..
Swara: ohh..okk..
She silently went to her room..
He starring her..
One weak passed..
He daily observing something change in her behavior..
He start bad feel for her..
He realized how he is suffering her..
Swara watching TV at hall..
Sanskar came there..
Sanskar: I want to talk with u..
She offs TV..
Swara: haa tell..
Sanskar: swara.. Am sorry.. I suffered u very much.. Its enough now.. May be u r love is not in my fate.. That’s y u r not accepting me.. Any way.. From 7-8 months i suffered u.. I don’t want u suffer more.. Now u can go from here.. Go to ur world.. (Tears falling from his eyes)
He wiped his tears..
Sanskar: ready hojao.. I will drop u..

He just notice her eyes filled with tears..

She start crying little loudly..
He can’t see her tears na..
Sanskar: swara.. Don’t cry now.. Am leaving u na.. U will be happy from now…

Swara crying more..
He tries to calm down her.. But vain..
Sanskar: tell me reason y r u crying..
She silent..
He went close to her.. Again asked..
Swara: coz of u… Yes.. Coz of u..
Sanskar: am leaving u na.. Ab tumhe happy hona chahiye..
Swara: how can u decide this.. With out u I will be happy..? Haan..?
Sanskar: u don’t like me na..
Swara: yes.. I don’t like u.. Buttt..
Sanskar: butt..??
Swara: (downs her face) I can’t live without u…
He shocked..
Swara: I faced many people in my life.. Who just acted as loves me.. I never get any true love in my life..
That’s y I didn’t believed u.. But after some days.. I start noticing ur care for me.. Ur love for me..
U became my adad.. I can’t live without u..
I don’t know what is the real meaning of love.. But I saw in ur eyes, true love for me..
Sanskar ups her face by chin..
Swara: mat bejho mujhe tum se door.. I want u.. I know presently am not loving u.. But dheree dheere karne lag jaungi.. First I don’t want to see at least ur face.. But now I can’t live with out u.. Ur care and love did magic on me..
Sanskar: I thought am not perfect for u.. That’s y I asked..
She start crying again..
Swara: Sanskar.. Tum se door Jane se better ye hai ki my is dunia ko chodkar chali jauu…
He placed his index finger
On her lips…
Sanskar: shhhhhhh…. Bahut bol dia tumne.. Enough.. Not more..

Swara: I don’t need this property and all.. I want u only.. Who loves me honestly..

Sanskar: Swara.. U said na.. U can’t live with out me..

Swara: hmm

Sanskar: this feeling is called true love..

Swara: really…?

Sanskar: yesss…

Swara: it means.. Am in love with u.. (Excitedly)

Sanskar: yess..

She hugs him tightly..

Swara: then promise me.. Mje apne se door kabhi nahi bejoge..

He hugs back..

Sanskar: kabhi nhi… Kabhi bhi nahiii…

Swara: I love u…

Sanskar: I love u too..

Sanskar: r u ready to marry me now..?

Swara: yes.. But am not ready for marriage relationship…

Sanskar: (still hug) I never force u.. All things will happen by ur wish only.. Happy..?

Swara: hmm..

He broke hug.. He took her into mandir of Mansion..

Sanskar: I just come..
He went out and brought some plate which is filled with marriage things..

She smiles to see this…

He took chunarri and placed on her head..

Both exchange mala’s..
He filled her hair line..
He put mangalsutra around her neck..

She giving a blessfull smile.. Both took blessing from God and went outside of mandir..

Swara: today is the most special day in my life Sanskar..

Sanskar: mine too..

2months passed..
One night..
Swasan room decorated with flowers..
Romantic weather going on..
She came into room with milk glass..

He took glass from her hands and drinks half..
She drinks another half milk..
He starring her lovingly..
She hugs him due to shyness..
After that they consummate their marriage..
The night passed..
The next morning..
She coming from washroom while rubbing her hairs with towel..
She came in front of mirror.. Start wearing her jewellery..
She looking him through mirror..
He still sleeping..
She remembers yesterday night and blushes..
She about to see again him.. But he didn’t presented there..

She turns..
Swara: where is he.. Ab tak to yahi tha na..!!

She about to say something..
Two strong arms holded her from back.. A smile appear on her lips..
Swara: utt gayi..?
Sanskar: hmm.. (Sleepy voice)
Swara: good morning…
Sanskar: very good morning..
Swara: now go and fresh..
Sanskar: where is my good morning gift..? (Ups his eyebrows)
She blushes..
Sanskar: now u can’t escape from me..
She turns to him and kissed her cheeks..
BG plays..

Yeh ishq hai ab se khuda
Yeh ishq hai rab ki dua
Bas rab sa hi woh ho gaya
Is ishq ne jisko chua
Ab ke mushkil hai shayad
Dohrana wahi kahaani
Chehre nahin badle lekin
Tasveere huyi puraani
Yaara saari yaadein peeche chooti
Jo bandhe thi dor tooti
Na simitengi bhikri ghadiyan
Na jud paayenge ab khadiyan
Likhe the jis par apne naam tha
Ujli chunar ho gayi daagi
Laagi laagi laagi
Kabhi tumse lagan thi laagi…
Laagi laagi laagi
Kabhi tumse lagan thi laagi…

The OS ends….
So, friends.. How was the OS..
Hope u all will like..
If any mistakes present.. Am sorry..
All must do comment please..
Silent readers.. U also do comment..
Dil se manao..Diwali..
Happy diwali friends..
This is my diwali gift to u all..
Don’t forget to leave comments..
Love u all..
Thanx a lot for supporting me..

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