yeh hi hai pyarr episode 4


Episode 4
Raizada mansion:
Raman, Arnav, Nani and Anjali have lunch
Arnav says I have some urgent work to finish it will take half an hour
Raman says ok you carry on I will talk with Nani
Arnav – good idea and leaves to his room
Anjali leaves
Raman and Nani start their conversation
Raman asks what happened Nani I see lot of change in Arnav
Nani gets emotional
Nani says after his parent’s death in accident
He could not come out of that for 6 months he didn’t have any one to share his sorrow
He kept all things inside his heart
And he managed all the things alone and to develop business he lost all his friends
Now no one dare to speak to him he is left alone
Raman was shocked to listen all that
Raman says Nani abb tho may agaya na may sabalunga (I am here know I will take care)
Nani gets happy
Raman where is Arnav room
Nani tells him directions
Raman enters Arnav kya yar adha ganta bhola ek ganta say jadaho gaya (you said half an hour its more than one hour)
Arnav – about to come
You only came up
Raman – Smiles and says abhi kuch kam ki bath karegey kya (now shall we talk about work now)
Arnav – nods yes (confusion face what he what to ask)
Raman – what was the purpose of meeting (morning at Arnav’s office)
Arnav – wo I forgot it completely actually
For building hospital in the memory of my parents and project should be completed before November 11th
Raman – okay
Arnav says I know it shouldn’t discussed
In this way but as a friend you will do this for me
Raman – okay just say me one thing you have any site ready?
Arnav gets sad and says no
Raman leave it to me bro I will take care of it akhir dosth ko kham nahi aya tho kisko ayenge (after all you are my friend I will do it for you) “it’s not exact translation sorry”
Arnav gets emotional and hugs him
Raman – okay yar we will meet in my office tomorrow morning at 11
Arnav – okay
Raman bids bye to Nani and Anjali Arnav accompany him till gate
Raman left in his car
Raman in his car while going to home
Raman thinks of Nani’s words and Arnav’s behavior
He could really feel his pain
And thinks do Arnav have any feeling about Kushi
If yes I should make it happen as they both are perfect match
Being friend of both I should do something and get thinking
On road car stop suddenly
He gives ignition twice and thrice and get down to check it
Another car comes there with speed and Raman just gives a look and continue to check the car
Another car stops and a lady get down and at the same time Raman face and dress get spoiled do to oil
Lady comes near him and ask any help he turns to see who she was (in mind such a sweet voice)
He see her
One shot her eyes are shown
Next shot her checks are shown
Next shot her lips are shown
And finally he see her full face and was lost in her beauty she is our Ishita
And he admire the way her hair moving do to wind
And she asks again do u need any help
He doesn’t reply

Scene change to Faculty of Management Studies College
Mihir and Mihika comes out the classroom
Mihir – where is your akka
Mihika – she will not come today
Mihir – why (with confused looks)
Mihika – I said her that I have some important to finish and I will get and I will come by myself
Mihir – what is that important work you did not tell me?
Mihika – arey buddu (stupid) it’s you
I thought to spend time with you
Mihir – oh that’s the matter
Mihika – now shall we go a?
Mihir – where and how?
Mihika – to canteen
Mihir with smile follows her

Back to Ishita and Raman
Raman comes back to his senses and says ya my car break down and I need lift could you help me?
Ishita – okay till where you want the lift
Raman with hesitation tell Janakpur
Ishita – okay (with shock)
Raman looks carefully and calls for toll truck
They both leave in Ishita’s car
Ishita offers tissues to Raman
Raman thanks and take them and start to clean his face
Ishita sees him from side while driving
She observes how he is cleaning and she like the way he was cleaning
Ishita – in Janakpur where?
Raman finished cleaning his face and we see his dashing face clearly
Raman – block C1
Ishita – okay (shock) which lane
Raman – do you know Shani mandir their if yes can you please drop me there if you don’t have any problem
Ishita – okay (shocked but doesn’t show in her face)
She again see him to get his looks and she sees him and gets lost in his sizzling looks
Horn blows and she comes into senses
Stay tuned for upcoming love stories
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Credit to: Shree

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