yeh hi hai pyarr episode 3

Episode 3
Arnav still lost in her
Raman see him and kick him from under table taking care that Kushi doesn’t notice it
Arnav comes to his senses
And makes an excuse and leave to bathroom
On his way to bathroom (in his mind think what I was doing? Why I was doing? What’s is special in her
Huh she don’t have any sense of dressing? Stop thinking about her she doesn’t match to your level)
Arnav joins Raman and Kushi
Arnav says hogaya? (finished)
Kushi feels hurt and leaves while leaving to kitchen (he didn’t even say hello and bothered about me and at the end he asked me to leave indirectly such aa?? arrogant what he feels about himself that he so big and behave as he wishes Kushi tum bi na chodo uske baramey (leave him why to bother about him)
Raman says what was that ASR?
Arnav tries to change the topic but Raman interrupt him
Todi der phele tho goor ra ha tha abhi uuse asi bhath kar ra ho (sometime time back u were staring at her and now so rude)
Arnav – leave that she is not my type
Raman – k (in mind dal mei kuch kala hai (something is there)
Arnav – aunty uncle and you have bro right kaise hai sab logeh (how are they)
Raman – all are super fine and haa Mihir bi wo MBA kar ra ha hai and nani and di kasi hai? (how is di and nani)
Arnav – they are also fine ok let’s go from here
They both leave

Scene change to Faculty of Management Studies College
A car enters with full speed and drifts
a lady get down and says thanks akka bye sham ko milege (will meet in the evening)
Ishita smiles and with same speed the car goes back to gate and soon vanish from the sight
As soon as car vanish the guy who was hiding behind the pillar come out and says yar why will you bring your di daily
Lady with smiling face sees him
He is wearing light green pepe jeans cotton shirt with gold color cotton jean he was looking dashing (guys he is Mihir)
Arey mihi don’t say that again she likes to drop me and I love to ride with her
Mihir with pale face see her she was wearing sleeve less sky blue top with jeans and her hair was slightly puffed and left open he could not shift his sight

City hospital
Ishita rushes to her cabin calls to receptionist and asks her to send the patients in
And she was busy in them
At lunch time someone knocks and Ishita checks time and says come in as Ishita knows who it was
A man comes in and says ah hectic day ah some many patients
Ishita says yes Manoj
And they both have lunch together
(Ishita and Manoj were friends from college)

Arnav office A&A group of industries
Aman is taking interviews and auditions for their fashion show
30 models were called for interview
All models were sitting in room and waiting for their turn
Aman calls them one by one and interviews them
5 members were selected for additions
Aman says to them you people get ready for additions tomorrow

Back to Faculty of Management Studies College
Mihika beats Mihir with book
Mihir come back to his senses
They both leave to their class

Raizada mansion:
Arnav and Raman enter
Arnav shouts di and Nani come fast and see who came
Raman was excited to see them
Nani and Anjali comes and asks why are you shouting who came
With confused face they try to recognize him but they couldn’t recognize him
Raman takes blessing from Nani and she gives him blessings and says I don’t remember beta
Arnav who was silently watching this says my friend RB Nani
Nani and di says your childhood friend na
Arnav nods yes
Stay tuned for pyar bari kahani keliye (story filled with love)
Thanks for motivating Bhavana, Jo, Chery, Kumud, Reshma Pradeep and Bihaan ki Deewani
Sorry I don’t watch that show

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  1. wow awesome episode wating for next episode
    shree ur just amazing

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow….Its Superbbbbbbbbb…..

  3. Wow arnav fell for her…. on their first meet itself…so nice….

    Mihika n mihir intro was nice…..

    Raman go to arnav home , he shout in excitement superb… that’s different…Usually he is a rough type…. but happy to see him like this…

    Waiting for Raman n ishu first meet….keep it up dr… so nice episode…

  4. Really nice superb love it

  5. Samreen Chougle

    Really vry nice

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