yeh hi hai pyarr episode 2

Episode 2
Raizada mansion:
Arnav is back from his jog and gets ready and come down
Anjali says great I was about to call
Arnav – kyoon (why?)
Anjali – kyoon kya for breakfast n gives a look towards him
He is wearing brown shirt with black suit and he was carrying his coat on left forearm.
Arnav – di I don’t have time serve me fast I have to go for the meeting
Anjali serve him bread toast and juice
He finish them fast and calls Hari Prakash (HP)
He comes running and hands over the briefcase

Arnav leaves in his car
In Arnav car:
Arnav calls Aman (Shaleen Malhotra) and all ready for the meeting
Aman – yes sir
Arnav – when will the other party reach?
Aman – sharp 11 sir
Arnav – k
Ends the call

Arnav office A&A group of industries
Arnav waits for the client and checks his watch and says Aman where is he? This is important project for us
Just then someone enters the cabin and says sorry for the delay of 5mins actually Delhi traffic you know na?
Arnav see him and stares at him and says with surprising face u?
Person looks at Arnav with same expression just then
Aman says sir he is Mr. Raman Bhalla MD of Thoshi group of companies
And Arnav with amusement hugs Raman and says RB main tumen pahachaan nahi paye (I could not recognize you and Raman also hugs him back
Aman looks confused

Raman – ASR u changed a lot and u look somewhat different?
Arnav and Raman break their hug and say we were best friends in 4th class
Aman gives a smile
Arnav says to Aman cancel today’s all appointments we met after so many years lot to share and give look to Raman
Raman – yaa even I was going to do same and call someone and says cancel all appointments
Aman – sir but what about model audition
Arnav – you take care of it you finalize someone I trust your choice
Aman with glowing face thank you sir and leave
Arnav and Raman get into talks
Raman says we go to sweet shop I am hungry yehi pass mai hi hai (it is very near only)
Arnav with sad face I can’t have them yar I am diabetic
Raman with shocked face see’s at him and says but how u got this?

Arnav says all his misery to Raman how his parents died and how he faced all difficulties and do to stress he got diabetic
Raman says just come with me and drag him out of his cabin Aranv is shocked to that act and followed him
Arnav and Raman leave in Raman’s car
In ten mins Raman stops his car and asks Arnav to get down
Arnav get down and see around and stops by looking at the board Kushi’s sweet shop and gives a serious look to Raman
Raman says just come with me
Arnav and Raman enter the sweet shop
Raman search for seats and finds them near to kitchen
Arnav and Raman take their seats

Raman offers the menu card to Arnav
Arnav controls his anger and grabs it and see it
After 2 mins of staring he gives a happy look to Raman and says RB you’re really nice I don’t even know that these type of sweet shop exists thanks
Raman gives a smile wo sab chodo (leave all that) give order I am hungry
Arnav says suka mawa ka halwa and gives card to Raman
Raman says I want gulab jamun, and jilebi.. and says this he looks arounds and goes near to Kushi
Raman orders the sweets
Kushi – Raman ji aap bahut din no ke baad (after so many days)
Raman – ha I was busy but now I am hungry serve me fast
Kushi – k wait for 5 mins and gives a stare to order and says out suka mawa ka halwa
Raman says haaa
Kushi – but you never order this and give a pause
This is especially for diabetic
Raman says I know baad mein bathaunga (I will tell later) please serve me fast I am hungry
Kushi – 10 mins will you stand here?
Raman shows her the table and says I will be there bring them there and please make it fast
Kushi nods yes and Raman goes to Arnav and takes his seat
Arnav says why it took long time

Raman cook was busy
They continue their talks
Kushi interrupt them and serves them
Arnav gives a look and grabs his order and taste it
(In his mind wow it’s so delicious)
Kushi was staring at him (In her mind what kind of person he can’t wait till get served such aa )
Raman says thanks Kushi
Kushi smiles and leaves from there
Kushi was leaving to kitchen and just then someone enter from entrance and pushes her
She falls down
Arnav doesn’t bother
Raman shouts Kushi and makes her get up and asks are you fine?
Kushi says I am fine but Raman see her and take her to their table
Arnav was shocked for all that happened and how Raman was concerned about her
Raman makes Kushi to sit and he takes his seat
Raman see Arnav who was staring and says Kushi is my best friend
Arnav was still Staring

Raman says she is the owner of this shop and single cook
Raman and Kushi were talking
Arnav says oh (in mind I can’t believe she is so young and she cooks so delicious)
Aranv was staring Kushi all the time he was keenly observing her she was wearing light green colour suit with bandini chunni (stole) tied side wards and her hair was clipped up and some hair was on her face
He was lost in her
This is the end of today’s episode

Thanks kumud, Samreen Chougle, Reshma Pradeep and Jo I will try to add for some episodes
Stay tuned for upcoming love story
Please tell me shall I continue it or not.
All your valuable suggestions are needed.

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