yeh hi hai pyarr episode 1


Hello guys Shree is back with her 1st episode
Episode 1 starts with a guy wakes up and getting ready
First shot he will be wearing his tracks ………
Next shot he keeps his right leg up tying his laces tight …..
Still his face is not visible he is about to leave his room suddenly comes back ….and
Searches and shouts di…….where is my Bluetooth …….
From another side he hear a voice chote wahi par hai ………
hai di milgaya …..he leaves from his room (guys I think you could guess who this is)
he reaches down and see his nani and di are praying. About to leave
di says chote
Arnav is shown ha di
Anjali – Going for jogging?
Arnav – haa di
Anjali – Come fast, you said you have some meeting and asked me to remind you
Arnav – thanks di I forgot it totally that it’s is really important one
Anjali – k leave now nahi tho late hojayaga !
Arnav – bye di and leaves for the jog
Scene shifts to another guy he is sleeping and suddenly he feels someone is hugging him and about to kiss him he wakes up and shouts arey Mihir ka bhacha phir se roj tum aisahe karthe ho (he is none other than our Raman) and quickly grabs the water jug from side table and throws on the another guy (Mihir) he shouts bhai what are you doing and wakes up with shock
Raman – abhey nahi tho tera kissi letha kya
Mihir – smiles and about to touch Raman
Raman – shouts try bi mat karo
Thoshi comes from down and so you people daily drama shuru ho gaya kya
Raman – dheko maa a Mihir ka bhacha kissi derahata
Mihir – maa wo tho may nindh may karahata (I was doing that in sleep)
Raman – nahi maa I don’t want him in my room
Mihir – bhai please I won’t do it again please bhai (actually Mihir have problem with darkness)
Thoshi – Raman wo sab chodo you said you have some meeting
Raman – haa maa I will get ready and he goes towards bathroom
Thoshi leaves from there and goes towards kitchen to see the preparations
Raman quickly come back to Mihir and say tek hai but asks whom were you imaging while kissing
Mihir gets shy and gets thinking Raman leave to bathroom to get ready
Screen shits to two lovely ladies sleeping and alarm is ring and we see that a lady is keeping a pillow on her face moving her hand (as if searching) and find the clock and shuts it other lady didn’t even move
And after 10 mins we see the lady who shut the cloak has got up
She is none other than our Kushi and slowly goes to kitchen and asks maid where is the coffee and grabs the both cups and return to their room and keeps them on table and go near to other lady and with giggle in her waist she makes her get up and says Shags (Shagun) coffee and offers her Shagun takes it and says good morning Kushi and see the time and says ajj tho gaya its late and rushes to bath room.

Screen shits to a lady sleeping with smiling face someone enters the room and goes near to that lady and blends and goes near to her ear and about to shout but seeing her smiling she could not shout she murmurs something and lady sleeping with smiley face gets up and her smile vanished and says akka why didn’t you woke me up early saying this she gets down from the bed. (guys I think you could guess who this is)she is our Mihika and see the other lady and we could see that she is ready wearing black saree with cream color floral print on it and black embroidery blouse and with loose hair. Seeing that Mihika shouts again akka. She is our sweetie Ishitha.
Ishitha – it not my fault dear you did not get up.
Mihika – dis is not fair akka
Ishitha – don’t get even more late, get ready!!!!
This is the end of today’s episode
Thanks kumud and Reshma Pradeep I will try my level best
Stay tuned to know how their lives are connected.
Please tell me shall I continue it or not.
All your valuable suggestions are needed

Credit to: Shree

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  1. U welcome but pls translate in english as well

  2. Samreen Chougle

    Really nice but don’t add more characters jumble hojata hai

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb yaar……..

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