yeh hain mohabbatein (fanfic) Part 1

hey guys u just hate this leap so I am going to write a ff
from when ishu goes to take pihu in exchange for ruhi from niddhi hope u guys like niddhi threaten ishu that if she don’t give ruhi to her she will through the baby off cliff ishu has no choice she hold ruhis hand n take her to niddhi ruhi says no ishimaa I don’t want to go ishimaa ishu was also crying niddhi gets ruhi n refuse to give both of them ishu throws baby n is hu catch her is hu kisses the baby at that time niddhi takes ruhi n make her sit in car ruhi was looking at is hu n was crying is hu sees her n immediately gets up n shouts ruhi at the time acp with police come n arrest nidfhi Raman also come n take ruhi out of car n hugs her is hu alsoi run towards ruhi n hugs her then Raman hugs ishu baby n ruhi niddhi shouts I will not leave u I will return u all will have to pay for this police takes her
raman says to abhisheik thanks is hu also thanks him
Mrs bhalla does Raman ishu ruhi n baby aarti
ruhi goes to her room
she sits on the bed n remembers is hu giving her to niddhi she says to herself ishimaa loves the baby more she loves the baby more before this baby ishimaa loves me the most n now on the other hand she think no ishimaa loves me more she is first my ishimaa then if she loves me more then why she gives n
me to niddhi
shravuu came : ruhi what r u doing here come let’s play with baby
ruhi : noo I will not come
shrvuu : why u used to say that u will play with baby a lot when baby will come now
ruhi : now I don’t want to play if u want to play then go
shavvuu : OK I am going u sit here lonely
ruhi think : no one cares for me I am here alone n everyone is with baby
ishu was sitting beside baby in room
Raman : madraasan what r u thinking
is hu : nothing
Raman : I know u r thinking something
ishu : Raman in do dino me kya kya ho gaya baby come in our life then niddhi kidnaps the baby n ask ruhi in exchange u know when niddhi takes ruhi i thought I lost ruhi if anything had happened to her na I would die
Raman put his hand on ishus mouth
Raman : never say this again madrassan jab tak ne zinda hon me tumhay aur hamary bachoo kuch nii honey doon ga Raman Raman ishu hugs e
Raman yeh hain mohabbatein plays n they smile looking at baby
adi came to the room ishimaa papa
ishu : adi come na
adi : ishimaa I want to play with baby can I hold the baby
ishu make adi hold the baby adi smiles holding the baby
is hu : where is our dadi ama did she eat dinner
Raman : I said neelu to make her eat the food
ishu : Raman I said u to check her u know name she don’t eat properly at night baby was crying I was going but u stopped me saying that u will feed her
Raman : cool down I am going to check
ishu : leave it I am going to check
ishu goes to ruhis room
ruhi was sleeping
is hu a: RU r u sleeping
ishu to herself : meray bina hi so gi
she sits by her
ishu touches rihis face h kisses her forehead ishu holds ruhis hand n says I am sorry an me apni ruhi ko risk par dal diya if anything happened to u to me karti n get teary eyes b
n remember moments with her n hugs her n says I love u baccha

precap : a girl says to ruhi your mom loves your sis more after your r her step daughter she is your stepmom stepmom always be a step mom ruhi pushes her n says how dare u

guys ppppllllzzz comments otherwise I can’t continue
I want u to suggest a name for ishra baby girl

Credit to: Aisha


  1. ude

    Shall I suggest a name? Mmmmmmmm u can put the baby name Meesha…………
    Love ur episode s lot!

  2. jasmine Rahul

    1st ff on leap where Ishravr not separated,even Nidhi is arrested.Great.But Ruhi is insecure.I hope she doesnt cont doubting her ishimaa’s luv.Y u dont want d baby to be named as Pihu?I prefer a south Indian name as Ishita is a south Indian

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.