yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-Introduction

Hiii everybody,
Am Rushi
I have written Milan Do Dilo ka(ff for tashan-e-ishq) and True Love (ff for yeh rishta kya kehlata hain)
Am here with a short ff Dil ka Rishta for all IshRA fans
Today I will present a short intro
please let me know ur opinion on it

A cute girl(around 6 years of age) is shown getting wet in rain and enjoying the downpour
she is dancing and giggling

A beautiful lady dressed in simple baby pink sari
calls out Ruhiiiiiiiiiiiii

she sees the girl getting wet in garden n rushes out
she brings her in
he scolds the girl for not listening to her
lady wipes her wet hair n keeps scolding her
the girl says sorry mummma
lady says”no ruhi u always do it I willnot forgive u, u dnt understand my concern”
girl cries n goes
n old lady comes there
she says
“ishuu ruhi is child please dnt be so stern”
tears fall from ishita’s eyes she says “Aamma y doesn’t ruhi understand her immunity isn’t like other children how should I explain her y god is so unfair to us ”
Amma hugs her

Ruhi makes sorry mumma card n gives to ishita
ishita gets emotional n hugs her
she says ruhi u r my jaan

A hospital is shown
There is chaos all around
suddenly somebody says
Sir is coming n everybody sits quietly n do their work there is complete silence
A Doc enters
A man folds his hands n requests doc to save his wife
he doesn’t respond
he is shown entering operation theatre he doesn’t talk to anybody
n is shown doing some surgery
after operation he moves out
the man questions him about his wife
he doesn’t respond
nurse says operation successful man gets glad

Doc enters his cabin he sees some flowers on table n asks peon
about it peon says a patient send it as a token of gratitude
he scolds the peon n rudely tells him not to keep such garbage on his table
Doc tears thank u card
peon looks on n says in his mind inka naam Dr Raman Bhalla nai Dr Ravan Bhalla hona chaiye tha

Raman returns home late
His mother comes there n asks him to have food
Raman rudely replies her that he had food n he says that he has told her many times not to wait for him or keep food
he says he isn’t a kid

Toshi gets emotional n says”wahegurujii u had to be so unfair to my child
it has been six years since that incident took place but Raman is still depressed, he has become a stone n emotionless”

ishita is making ruhi sleep
she is telling story to ruhi
Ruhi says mumma please tell me story of my papa
ishita looks at mani’s photo having garland n gets emotional

Raman is looking at doll n crying
he says I miss u pari

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  1. A completely different approach. Continue.

  2. Different storyline….interesting yaar…..pls continue….

  3. Nivika

    amazing different..plz cont.

  4. Nivedha

    Extremely different… Raman a doctor…. Wow yaar its awesome… please continue

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Something New……You Should Continue…….

  6. Sarayumane

    Well, it is a completely different storly line. But still it is so good

  7. Veronica

    Plz update next epi soon….It’s really a different story…..Like mani as ishu’s hubby and Raman a doctor…..Wow…a diff story line…..All the best dea..

  8. Superb??

  9. Hi im new to this site . I also want to write a fan fiction . Can anyone please tell me the whole procedure of publishing a fan fiction .

    1. Nivika

      you can write your ff and submit it by clcikng on “submit article” on the top

  10. Superb????

  11. pinky,adithi,veronica,sarayumane,reshma, nivedha,lekha, snehal,anjali thanks dear all for ur encouraging comments will surely continue soon 🙂 thanks alot

  12. Hiiii jerry,welcome to tu
    u will find a menu option on top
    click on it
    there is option submit article
    click that
    write ur name
    article n select ff in type of article
    submit it and next time use same title n continue wd ur story
    am waiting to read ur ff
    all d best dear

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