Yeh hain Mohabatien Dil ka rishta Happy Ending


Hii my lovely readers
This may come as a shock to u all but friends today’s epi is last epi
Reasons for ending this ff
1.This was a short ff
2.story I had planned is executed dnt want to spoil it by simply prolonging college is going to start so will not be able to do justice to writing
sorry friends

This ff has really been very close to my heart it is longest ff I have written till date
soooo my going to miss it n miss u all alot n lot n lots

A big thank you to all my readers for ur encouraging comments

Snehal, buji, sowmy, anjali, kv, lekha, radhikaji, reshma, nivedha, guru, varshini, joke, ishan, rusky, Avinash, sharayumane, manvi, varun thanks all
I hope am not forgetting anybody if Iam
I apologize I will update in comments as soon as I remember sorry

A big thanks to all silent readers for all silent support

Friends I would really appreciate if u please take out ur some time for me,
please frankly let me know ur opinion about this ff n also about me as a writer
criticisms are welcome coz it helps in improving
please let me know if there are any changes u think I should bring about in my writing any suggestions

If u can please rate me as a writer from 1 to 10 1 being worst n 10 best it would help me assess myself

Ok am sorry all this went too long
I got senti after all friends we too share dil ka rishta
so lets witness happy ending

Toshi is busy supervising some arrangements
Bhalla house is getting decorated

A young girl (10 years) comes to toshi with two dresses
Girl-Dadi what should I wear help
Toshi-Ruhi my princess u look good in everything
another girl 3 year old comes
n says n me dadi
Toshi-Arre u r rajkumari pihu
I have two beautiful grand daughters rajkumari pihu n princess ruhi Toshi hugs them

Ishra room
Ishita is getting ready Raman eyes her adoringly he makes her wear gajra n kisses her on cheeks

Ruhi is making pihu’s hair
she makes pihu wear hairclip
pihu-thank u ruhi di u gave me ur pink wali hairclip
ruhi kisses her
ruhi-my everything belongs to u sweety
they hug each other

Amma comes n congratulates Toshi

ruhi n pihu hug amma

mr Bhalla supervises cooks he is worried Raman comes there

Raman-papa dnt worry am there no gadbaad will happen
mr Bhalla-Its simmi’s marriage she is getting happiness after alot of sorrows

Ishita makes simmi ready
simmi-Ishita thank u so much for always supporting me
Ishita-simmi u r my sister too n u deserve all happiness Abhi will always keep u happy he has done alot for us he gave me my ruhi n pihu n he loves u alot

Amma, appa n Raman go to room
abhi is looking dapper in sherwani Amma makes him wear sehra
Abhi-Thank u for all this thanks for being my family
Amma-ile ile abhi u r our son we have always considered u that way
Raman-u r my best friend abhi n today am from boy’s side
ruhi comes there she hugs abhi
ruhi-pufajii me also from ur side pihu is from girl side

Amma, appa, Raman, ruhi dance in bhaaraat abhi is on horse
simmi n Ishita look from window
abhi gives flying kiss to simmi
simmi blushes

Toshi welcomes Abhi
simmi is brought

Toshi n mr Bhalla do gadbandan
Abhi tells simmi she is looking gorgeous simmi blushes
they take pheras
he puts sindoor
he makes her wear mangalsutaar

they take blessings of elders

ruhi n pihu dance together on rab ne bana di jodi

Raman n Ishita dance on badhai badhai
family joins them
Raman lifts pihu n Ishita lifts ruhi
abhi lifts simmi


n they lived happily everafter

So dear friend s I hope u liked it

any ff u would like me to write?? suggestions give me please

with heavy heart bye friends
shayonara bye bye

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. all the episodes of ur ff were really good , though I could not comment many times , I used to read it everyday . u r really a good writer . u made the story short and sweet . coming to today’s episode , it was soo nice , ishra and ruhipihu bonding was very good . loved this episode . I will really miss this ff dear . I already requested u to write an ff on yrkkh . if u can do it , it would be nice . btw thank u for writing such a wonderful ff

    1. I would give 9.5 .

  2. Ruksy

    reading this ff would make me so happy its so sad to say goodbye. to improve i would say add a bit more charecters because all we saw was the family charecters we didnt meet any other charecters apart from teachers and doctors. i would give 9 out of 10.goodbye hopefully not for the last time.

    1. Thanks rusky would definitely include more characters in my nxt ff
      yes at times I too felt I kept family very small many key characters from orginal like mihika romi bala vandu n ashok were missing

  3. Radhikaji

    No plz no…don’t end it. …I mean should not have….8/10

    1. thanks a tonne I wish I cd continue sorry

  4. Nivedha

    Your FF is sooooooo cute I didn’t expect that you will end this soon… Your are almost welcome for writing new FF… Your writings are awesome… So cute…. Even in this FF Raman as a doctor… I admired at this… Enjoy your clg life to the core… You ll get more unforgettable memories there… Stay happy forever Rushi

    1. Nivedha thanks alot tysm dear
      for all wishes

  5. I never thought today I am going to read last update of this ff . your story line is very heart touching and I loved it . I have a suggestion for you. when I reading this ff I noticed that conversation and scenes you maintain little bit short . you should add masala and give some time to conversation.I give you 7 marks dear.have a great future.

    1. Ishan thanks alot n yes next time spicy spicy

  6. It is so shocking i will really miss ur ff. I would only open yeh hai mohabbatein page only for u and khyati’s ff !!! I will miss u and ur ff!! It was so heart touching and I would like u to come up with another season of this ff!! And yes last but not the least our rishta it like dil ka rishta
    I would give u 10 and be back soooon?????

    1. awwwwww maanvi so sweet of u wd miss u dear please dnt cry

  7. Omg this ff ended I can’t believe this was my first ff that I read fully from starting to end first I thought u might be joking then I came to know it’s true I can say my ,this ff and u our rishta was really like dil ka rishta luved it from core of my heart plz write one more ff of ishra and I would rate it 10 on 10 full marks…..yeah!!!!! And ya still can’t believe it ended

    1. so so so so sorry dear lisa forget to mention ur name sorry yaar n thanks alot for all ur support

  8. JeanelleRox

    I am shocked to see that today is ur last episode………I was a silent reader……….this took my heart at the very beginning……..after sometime time it was dry…….but I liked it……….pls do continue any other ff after clg……..even on sat and sun………..hoping to see u soon……..I would rate u 8………????

    1. thanks alot will surely try to get back tysm

  9. Nice I m sad because u r ending and plzz start new ff

    1. thanks will surely try πŸ™‚

  10. As u said it is a shock to me…….but I understand ur three reasons and I completely agree with u…..u r an awesome writer…..u have pictorised Raman as a very sensible man unlike in original yhm and ishita even more softer…..I liked it very much……n according to me ur rating should be 8.5

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    I think I commented on all Episodes of ur ff……….Actually I loved ur ff a lot……….It had some different plot & Emotions………But I dont thought that , Today I will Read its Last Epi……….But Its ok……..Everything needs an End………& Coming to todays Epi, I LOVED IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHH………………..You are a Good Writer yaar……….I will give 9.5/10……..Have a good Life……….

  12. i also never thought it is end of ff. but it is very close to my heart also.i am congratulating to take a such a nice story. thank u mentioning my name there. you are very fabulous writer. i liked the way the u narrate. it feel it is too express exicting,nervous, happiness etc.i will 9.5 because the story is ended too quickly and suddenly.all the best for ur future. i want to read the further ffs u r going to write.keep going on…………………….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. I have been a silent reader of your ff from the first chappy and I don’t like your ff shocked right but its true I don’t like your ff I love it ❀and one more thing your ff from my point of view is one of the best ishra ff
    And I rate rate your ff 9.9 pls continue to write more ishra ff and God bless you rushi
    di ?

    1. thanks sumi dear Truely means alot

  14. I was really shocked to see “Happy ending”..It was really an awesome ff…In the beginning itself I said that I love this to the core????
    Bit still I can’t believe its over…Such a superb thinking…I will give u 10 out of 10…If u r willing to write another Ff,Write on YHM itself,on current track…In real YHM again shagun turns negative… That’s Really irritating?
    God bless you,Be happy Always??
    I was really happy to read ur Ff…But surely will miss that??

    1. Thanks kv thanks alot for all ur encouraging comments they used to make my day πŸ™‚

  15. Today part was so beautiful and happy ending.
    This is very sad news of every fans..
    But your studies very important then miss u so much..
    U made a story was awesome..
    If u can plz continue the part.

    I can’t sleep without read your story but this is very sad…

    1. Thanks alot guru it was so touchy πŸ™‚

      1. This is not fair for me rushi..I come to see your next part but that’s end yesterday very miss u and ur fantastic story

  16. lekha dear thanks for all ur precious opinions thanks alot dear

    reshma dear u r every comment made my day thanks alot

    sowmy dear thanks alot will miss

    Dear all thanks for all ur comments n today I was extremely happy to read n every comment will cherish this life long thanks

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