Yeh hain Mohabatien-Dil ka rishta episode 9


Epi starts with
Ishita purchasing medicines from chemist in hospital
Group of junior docs are shown talking one tells that this lady is ruhi’s mother
other says she is widow
third says she seems beautiful definitely Dr Raman has fallen for her
they laugh
a doc says that now a days who does so much
Dr Raman definitely has some relationship with them
a lady doc says he was so arrogant now he has changed maybe this lady’s love has changed him

Ishita overhears them

Ishita is thinking n recalling junior docs talks
she recollectes all past moments how Raman got ruhi shifted, his coming n meeting ruhi, his scolding the staff
Ishita is getting confused.
appa comes n says”ishu there is very important meeting lined up with Australian company I cannot manage alone if u can please come along for few hours”
Raman comes there
he says”Ishitajii dnt worry u may go Am done with today’s surgeries so I can be with ruhi”
Before Ishita can speak a word
ruhi expresses her happiness
she says”woowwww friend n I it would. be fun u please go mumma”

Ruhi n Raman give hi fi to eachother
Ishita eyes them tensedly

Ishita is thinking about Raman n whatever those docs were talking

Raman makes ruhi eat medicine he makes her drink soup
they watch some movie on laptop

Raman n ruhi are playing game n enjoying
they are laughing
Ishita comes back
ruhi says
”u came back so soon I was enjoying with friend”
Ishita feels bad
Raman tells Ruhi its late n she should sleep
he makes her sleep
n kisses her
he tells Ishita that tommorow a nutritionist from London will visit them so he has asked herto meet ruhi too so that she can prescribe best diet for Ruhi

Ishita is upset
she says Raman y is he doing all this
Raman is confused
she says”y do u care so much for ruhi n me
what are ur real intentions
ur staff is talking so much about us
I maybe widow but my heart belongs to only mani
u have done alot for us thanks alot now enough please stay out please i can take care of ruhi alone”

Raman doesn’t say a word
Ishita is crying
Raman sadly leaves from there

Ruhi asks for Raman
she says she is missing him
appa says he might be busy

Ruhi asks nurse about Raman
she says Dr hasn’t come to hospital today
Ruhi keeps waiting for Raman
she is very sad
Ishita gets tensed

Raman is shown at gurudwara
he says I willnot trouble or bother ishita jii anymore I will be away from ruhi
tears fall from his eyes

Ishita gets bouquet
there is note

“sorry Ishitajii u had to face all this because of me
I assure to stay away
am going to Mumbai for few days u plz tell Ruhi that am busy
take care
Dr Raman”

Ishita tells ruhi that Raman has send flowers for her
she gets glad
ruhi kisses flowers n says I miss u friend
Ishita looks on

precap-Toshi tells Ishita that she wants to answer her questions .

Friend s want to know Raman’s past??

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. We are waiting to know Raman’s past

  2. Haa yaar ….badly….

  3. Haa yaar……. Plz update soon….waiting eagerly…

  4. Yes…Eagerly waiting to know abt Raman’s past….Episode was awesome…Ruhi Raman bonding lovely???

  5. Lovely. …waiting for the next one. …

  6. varshini tamanna fan

    Nice epi
    Ya show ramans past soon

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    I am waiting to know Raman’s Past……..Reveal it sooonnnnn…

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