Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-episode 5 (Maha episode)

Hii friends
Today’s episode is a Maha episode
It has major twist n also crux of this storyline
I hope u all will like it
so here we go

Raman is worried after seeing Ruhi’s house locked
He asks the neighbour whereabouts of family
she tells him ruhi was unwell n is admitted in hospital
Raman gets extremely worried he takes details of hospital

Raman is shown driving rashly
he reaches hospital
He enquires at reception about Ruhi
is reaches n room n sees Ishita sitting outside
Ishita is weeping
Raman sits next to her n asks her about Ruhi
she points finger at room
Raman sees in room n is shocked to see ruhi unconscious and oxygen mask is put on her face
blood is been given to her
tears drop from Raman’s eyes
He asks Ishita what happened to Ruhi
Ishita says didn’t he notice in which ward ruhi is admitted
Raman gets confused
he goes near entrance n is shocked to read


He asks Ishita when did all this happen
Ishita is sobbing she doesn’t reply
Amma tells Raman
that one year ago when ruhi had persistent fever
diagnosis revealed that she is suffering from blood cancer
Amma cries
Raman breaks down he says ruhi is an angel this just cannot happen
he keeps repeating it cannot happen
Ishita eyes him
she tells him ruhi is unconscious from past 48 hours
she tells him that ruhi was missing him alot
she request him to try to wake her up
Raman enters room
he says Ruhi
she doesn’t respond
he sits besides her bed
n says”ruhi ur friend has come to meet u
I missed u so much
he says I have brought new story books for u
ruhi talk to me
I have learned to control my anger too ruhi ruhi ruhi”
tears fall from his eyes on her hands
ruhi moves
Raman notices
he checks her nurse n other family members come in
A doc cums he sees
Raman n says Dr Raman

Raman says doc mehra please check ruhi

ruhi is saying papa papa papa
Ishita comes close to her
she removes her mobile n shows mani’s photo
Raman holds ruhi’s hand
Ruhi opens her eyes
Ishita, Raman, amma, appa look at her lovingly

she sees Raman n says friend
I missed u so much
Raman kisses
her hand

tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purna hain plays

Dr Mehra tells Raman that her platelets count got very less
they need to be careful
she is small
they need to keep her away from all exertion

Raman remembers scolding Ishita for not letting ruhi participate in sports day he feels guilty

He asks Dr Mehra if they can shift Ruhi to his hospital
as he will personally be able to take care of her
Dr Mehra agrees

Ishita thanks Raman for coming she says Ruhi felt happy
Raman says sorry I unnecessarily scolded u so much that day
he says am very impulsive
Ishita says I know ruhi told me they smile

Raman says” if u have forgiven me lplz give me chance to take care of ruhi please shift her to city hospital am a surgeon there would be able to spend more time

Ishita agrees

Raman gets ruhi’s room prepared all Barbie stickers
staff welcomes Ruhi
she is happy seeing her room

Raman is in gurudwara he says”u snatched my pari but this time u cannot win nothing can happen to ruhi nothing”

precap-Ruhi draws a family photo
ishra get emotional seeing it

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  1. Maha episode nice

  2. Awww so sweet

  3. Awesome. No words to describe.

  4. Reshma Pradeep


  5. Nivika

    really awesome yaarr but didn’t raman and ishu know each ohter

    1. snehal
      they didn’t knew each other
      ruhi Ishita’s daughter had taken Raman’s help to reach her school
      Raman felt ruhi is of his daughter pari’s age
      he became fond of ruhi
      n kept meeting her at her school
      were once he realized Ishita was not letting ruhi participate in sports day because of which she was sad
      Raman scolded Ishita he felt Ishita wanted ruhi to focus only on studies
      thats when they met first
      n next at hospital

  6. nice one rushi , update next one soon

  7. Really awesome….Loved it????????…A lot….My kind kind request, Plz continue regularly.. Don’t stop at any point…I became very crazy an this…And making it little more long….U r such a awesome writer yaar….Luv this completely?????????

  8. Kv am so touched thanks a tonne.

  9. nisa, kumud, varshini, snehal,reshma anjali thanks alot dear all

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