Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-episode 4

Ishita is recollecting raman’s comments n crying in her room
ruhi goes n hugs her
ruhi says” sorry mummy my friend scolded u
my friend gets angry very fast sorry
I know u love me alot n I will not trouble u
I dnt want to participate in sports day”
they hug each other

Raman sits next to ruhi
ruhi doesn’t talk to him
she moves away
he gets worried
he asks her to tell me the matter
he says r u angry but y
please tell me

ruhi takes out notebook n writes that she is angry as he scolded her mother alot she willnot talk to him
he apologizes and holds his ears
ruhi smiles
she says he should learn to control his anger
he asks her to teach him
she tells him when u get angry u should count 1,2,3
Raman eyes her
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purna hain plays

Raman brings board games
Raman n ruhi r shown playing games together in break

Raman enters operation theatre he talks to patient n pacify the patient he ask her not to worry
the staff members n junior docs r shocked
two docs discuss that Raman’s behavior has changed n he goes everyday to meet somebody maybe it is chakkar of some girl

Raman overhears them
they get worried
Raman is angry
they apologize
Raman remembers about Ruhi telling him not to get angry
he counts n leaves from there

A man tells Raman that he should go to medical camp in Bangalore as he is their expert doc
Raman nods
he thinks in his mind that 10 days he will not be able to meet ruhi
he will miss her
but he cannot get used to meeting her every day

Ruhi waits for Raman in break
she gets disappointed

Ishita tells Ruhi not to worry n be sad she tells her might Raman is busy
she asks her to read story bks he gave her
she reads bks n says uncle I miss u

Raman is shown counting n says ruhi u r so cute I miss u
he looks at their selfie

Tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purna hain

Raman is shown on Mumbai airport
he says finally I can meet ruhi

He goes to school
he tries to find ruhi but cannot see her
he ask peon he says ruhi hasn’t attended school since past one week
Raman gets worried
He request office staff to give them Ruhi’s address

Raman reaches house n is shocked to see it locked

precap-Raman is crying n says this cannot happen
emotional Ishita looks at him.

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  1. Wow ur storyline is diff but it’s awesome.
    Pls update next episode ASAP

  2. Nivika

    awesome rushi….

  3. it’s very nice

  4. Your storyline is different and interesting too can’t wait for next episode

  5. Wow yaar….Awesome story….Waiting for next one….Loved it a lot?????

  6. wonderful rushi , in original story , ishita befriends ruhi , but here it is the opposite , unique one ,update next one soon

  7. Radhikaji

    Unique but awesome. …

  8. its awesome yaar. its a unique one

  9. waiting 4 next ep..

  10. Vms, kv,sowmy,radhikaji,varshini,lavanya, bujji, khayati, snehal
    thanks dear all
    🙂 ur r comments encouraging me lots 🙂

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