Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-episode 3


Epi starts with Raman going to shop he is looking at some chocolates
he thinks chocolate is not a good option as it can cause cavity to her
he starts looking at toys
he looks at some video game
he says this could harm her eyesight
he looks at some crayons he feels what if she puts them in mouth
a sales girl is observing
she tells him that his daughter is vry fortunate to have a father like him who is thinking so much before buying a gift

Raman’s eyes get moist
sales girl shows him some story books for kids n says this will help her in improving English
Raman likes idea n thanks salesgirl

Raman waits outside for ruhi
he sees her coming out with other kids laughing n giggling
he goes to meet her
ruhi greets him
Raman gives her gift
Ruhi doesn’t accept she says mummy will scold she has asked me not to take anything from strangers
Raman says but what if we become friends
he puts forth his hand
ruhi hesitates at first
what remembers Ishita’s words to be friendly with everybody
n she thinks uncle helped me that day
she shakes hand with Raman
he smiles
he asks her to accept gift
she asks reason for gift
he tells her that he is doc n he gave balloons to kids who are his patients they got happy n sent gift for her
ruhi gets glad n accepts gift
she thanks Raman
she is about to leave

Raman asks her name
she says Ruhi

Raman repeats the name n says perfect name

Ruhi says I will meet u tom now need to catch my bus
Ruhi leaves
Raman adores her

Ruhi excitedly tells Ishita about Raman n shows her books
Ishita says he seems to be kind doc
but she asks ruhi not to accept gift henceforth
he tells her u shd always gift others n take gifts
Ruhi smiles
she starts reading the book

Amma says its so thoughtful gift ppl generally gift chocolates or toys which can be harmful
Ishita nods

Raman goes to meet Ruhi during her break she asks him he didn’t bring tiffin she says no prob mummy told me share my Tiffin with my friends she asks him to have he doesn’t eat she makes him eat
he eyes her emotionally
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purana hain plays

he asks her favorite dish
she says aloo paratha

Raman request toshi to make aloo parathas n give him for lunch
toshi is shocked
she gets pleased

Raman makes Ruhi eat parathas she thanks him n says it was very yummy she kisses on his check he smiles

he goes home n kisses toshi on checks n says parathas were yummy he thanks her
she gets glad

Ruhi is upset Raman asks her whats matter she says she wanted to participate in sports day but her mummy has got her name cancelled
she cries
Raman says he will talk to her mother he asks her about her mother
she points at Ishita
Raman goes to her
he says Mrs iyer
ishita looks at him
he says y did u got ruhi’s name removed from sports day
she wanted to participate
Ishita says she cannot
Raman interrupts n says prob of parents like u is u want child to only study n because of this their overall development doesn’t takes place he goes on speaking ruhi looks on
Ishita holds Ruhi’s hands n takes her
Raman shouts dnt be unfair to her

Precap-Peon tells Raman that Ruhi isn’t coming to school since a week
Raman is shocked

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Nivedha

    Wonderful episode

  2. Wow pls keep writing.
    waiting for ur next episode

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  4. sorry some mistake
    the line is Ishita tells ruhi she should not take gift from others she should only give gifts to others.

  5. Nivika

    awesome rushi…interesting…update next epi asap

  6. Nice one….Very lovely yaar…?…Eagerly waiting for next one…☺ Update next one soon

  7. very lovely and a different i have read the story for the first time and i have read previous episodes. all the best for the further episodes.

  8. nice , update next one ASAP

  9. Dear all thanks a tonne

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