Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-episode 2


Hiii friends
Am glad u have liked the story line n intro part hope to always be blessed with ur support

so here is presenting second episode

A funeral is shown
Raman is shown lighting pyre

He shouts pari n wakes up from his sleep drenched completely in sweat
he eats some medicines

Ishita tells Ruhi
ur papa was very very kind person


Ishita n Mani are going somewhere in car
Ishita has a small baby girl in lap

A child selling ballon knocks at window
mani sees two small children crying on footpath he asks the child about them
child says they are his siblings n are hungry so he is selling balloons to earn money n buy food for them
mani purchases all balloons
Ishita smiles n baby in Ishita’s lap is also very happy seeing so many balloons around her
********FLASHBACK Ends*******
Ruhi is attentively listening
she says she loves all stories of her papa as her papa is best
she asks Ishita y did papa go to god
Ishita says because god too liked him as he was too good
tears fall from Ishita’s eyes

In morning
Ishita is making ruhi ready for school she kisses on her forehead n asks her to have medicine on time
she tells ruhi that she has kept 50 rs in zip n asks her to give it to teacher
ruhi smiles
Ishita makes her board her school bus
she asks conductor to take care of ruhi
conductor assures her that ruhi is safe n he knows everything

Ishita bids to ruhi
bus stops at signal
ruhi sees a child selling ballons
she remembers ishita
telling her about mani purchasing all ballons she says maybe child needs help n mummy has given me 50 rs
the conductor is busy talking to driver
ruhi gets down
nobody notices
she purchases balloons
bus starts
ruhi turns around n sees bus leaving
she panics
she sees a car stopping at signal
she knocks at Window
Raman is in car
he doesn’t look at her
she keeps knocking
she is crying
Raman gets annoyed
he looks at her
he stares her
he eyes her adoringly he opens window
ruhi says”uncle I need ur help I missed my school bus please drop me to school my mummy will scold me”
she cries
Raman asks her to get in
he asks her how she missed bus
she narrates everything
Raman adoringly eyes her
in his mind he thinks if today my pari would be alive she
would have been of her age

His eyes gets moist
Ruhi looks at him
mere dilka tere dilse rishta purna hain plays
he caresses her face

Ruhi’s school comes
she thanks Raman
he asks her to take her balloons
she says teacher will scold me

Raman reaches hospital
he goes to meet some children
he gives them balloons
all staff gets shocked.

Raman is going through files
he remembers ruhi’s face n smiles he says there was something special about her I must meet her again

precap-Raman n Ishita are arguing he tells her its because of parents like her that a child’s complete development doesn’t take place
ruhi looks on

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Nivedha

    Wow Rushi very interesting… Cute Ruhi… Waiting for the next

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    awesome dear

  4. Cute b nice and really a different story line

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow!!!!! It’s Sooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeee

  6. rushi it is wonderful yar , waiting for next epi

  7. Very interesting

  8. Dhanya, nivedha, reshma, varshini, lavanya,snehal,chinnu
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