Yeh hain Mohabatien- Dil ka Rishta epi6

Epi starts with
excited Raman entering Ruhi’s room
he tells Ishita that he has taken appointment of most expert cancer specialist he says the doc specializes in cameotherapy
he asks Ishita if she can accompany him
Appa asks Ishita to go
he will be with ruhi
ruhi says I have one condition please get a gift for me
Ishita n Raman smile

Doc tells Ruhi’s age is very less so her immunity is weak
therapy can be painful

Ishita’ s eyes gets moist
Raman asks how can they reduce the pain
Doc says by taking care of her diet her physical n mental well being by keeping her happy
Ishita emotionally asks my ruhi will be fine
doc says dnt wry please be strong it will give ruhi strength

Raman n Ishita are returning in car
Ishita is silently crying
Raman notices
He says Ishita jii please please be strong
he tells her some examinations have to be passed we cannot get scared
Ishita nods
he tells her Ruhi’s gift
he says lets buy something or she will not talk to us her anger is dangerous
Ishita smiles hearing this
Raman says lets face all this with smile
he shows her a shop

they are shown buying something
simmi (Raman’s married sister)observes them
she says bhai with girl must tell mumma

Toshi is happy to see simmi she hugs her
simmi says I have breaking news bhai is having chakkar
toshi is stunned

Raman comes home very late
Toshi is waiting eagerly for him
Raman says ma u still awake
Toshi asks him to have food
he politely says he has already had food
toshi says with that lady
she asks him wat is he hiding
Raman is confused he says he isn’t getting her
Toshi says simmi saw u with her in mall today
u r so changed
who is she
Raman gets annoyed
he says why simmi keeps always intervening y she doesn’t take her of her family
Toshi tells him sternly not to say a word against simmi
annoyed Raman says u want to know who is she who has changed me
he shows her his n ruhi’s pic on his cell
he narrates everything to her
Toshi’ s eyes r moist she asks Raman if she can meet this angel Raman agrees

Raman tells ruhi u liked aloo parathas alot right ruhi says yes he says my mum had cooked it u will meet her
ruhi happily nods Ishita looks on

Toshi cums to meet ruhi
Ruhi sees her n says dadi
toshi gets emotional
she hugs ruhi
ruhi says ur my friends mother can I please call u dadi
toshi happily agrees
she tells her that dadi has got parathas
ruhi gets happy
Toshi feeds her
tera dil ka mere dilse rishta purna hain plays

Ishita seeks her blessings
Toshi eyes her lovingly n says I will pray daily to waheguru for u n ruhi
putaar hum sabh tere naal hain
they hug each other

Raman looks on

precap-Ruhi says she is missing school will she be never able. to attend
Ishita gets emotional

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  2. Super super dr….Nice one…Very cute, Ruhi calling Dadi is very emotional☺??
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    Soo Emotional……..

  4. Love it just can’t get enough of it next one pls

  5. wonderful , update next one soon

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    Very nice, my eyes are moist after reading your ff, lol

  7. Rushi, This is 7th episode yaar…
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