Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 8

Hii dear all
thanks alot for ur encouraging comments
thanks to all silent readers too for ur silent support
Yesterday I did a mistake
the episode for 7th I wrote as 6th
so sorry
yesterday’ s was 7th epi
n today’s 8th
sorry again
so lets enter ishra’s life

epi starts with Ishita shown talking to Toshi she”says sorry ruhi called u dadi actually she has never seen her dada n dadi, after mani’s death they considered me n ruhi to be inauspicious and abandoned us
ruhi sees her friends with grandparents so she”
Toshi interrupts
n says she liked that ruhi called her dadi

Amma comes to meet ruhi
she brings fruits for ruhi
ruhi refuses to have saying her tummy is full
as dadi made her eat yummy aloo paratha
Amma says ” aloo parathas
ile ile ile not good for health so heavy u should eat light food like fruits so healthy”
Toshi hears her
they start quarreling over food
Ishita tries to intervene but ladies r busy arguing
Raman tries to stop Toshi but no use
ruhi enjoys their talksn fight n is shown clapping n laughing
Ishita Raman notice her n smile to each other

Raman comes to meet ruhi
she is very sad
Raman says they will play games
she disagrees
he says music
she disagrees
he says drawing she refuses
Ishita says god knows whats wrong with ruhi today

Raman asks her to say
Ruhi starts crying
Ishita, Raman look on
she says am missing school my missing my friends
will I never be able to go to school again

Ishita gets emotional

Its early morning
Raman tells Ruhi he has a surprise for her
he gives her laptop
her teacher wishes her good morning n says welcome back ruhi
we will talk to u over laptop
u can see us hear us n interact like u do in class
her friends wave to her
she waves back
she is enjoying
she hugs Raman n thanks him

Ishita looks on
she gestures a thanks
they have eye contact

Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi’s therapy will start today
Ishita nods

Dr says Ruhi he will give her just one injection
ruhi insists that she will not take injection until her friend comes
staff says Dr Raman is in operation theatre
Ishita tries to convince ruhi but she is stubborn

Raman comes
he says ruhi’s treatment didn’t start yet
Ishita tells him about ruhi’s condition
he goes to ruhi
holds her hand
doc gives her injection
Raman feels pain
he kisses her on forehead

He scolds staff for not
calling him
he says nothing is more imp than ruhi
n he cannot tolerate any delay in her care n treatment
not even delay of a minute
no compromises when it comes to ruhi

All staff looks on

Precap-Ishita is shown to be upset
she asks Raman what are his real intentions y is he doing so much for her n ruhi

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  1. Wow….Awesome yaar…Loved it….Preacap was very Interesting…Waiting eagerly for 2mrws episode..??
    Raman’s love towards Ruhi was emotional, The scene he shouts for Ruhi is amazing…Jus no words to say…Simply loved it☺☺☺?

  2. Nice one

  3. very nice

  4. Nivedha

    Simply cute yaar

  5. such a cute relationship ………..

  6. Nivika

    sweet cute emotional………..awesome story

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Sooooooooo Cuteeeeeeee & Lovelyyyyyy……….

  8. very nice and cute , raman and ruhi’s bond is soo nice …

  9. amazing

  10. Sarayumane

    Really good

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