Yeh hain mohabatien – Dil ka rishta epi 6

Ruhi wakes on her hospital bed she notices Ishita sleeping
she quietly sits on her bed
Raman notices ruhi while passing by he enters their room
she gets glad seeing him
he kisses on her check and says good morning princess
Ishita notices raman n ruhi talking happily When she wakes up
Raman apologizes to her for entering room like that
he says he felt he should accompany ruhi
Ishita says its fine
n smiles
Raman says he will leave as he has some surgeries lined up
ruhi asks him to come again
he nods
he tells Ishita that he will send breakfast n tea

Raman notices appa sitting with ruhi
he goes n meets appa
appa thanks him for taking such good care of ruhi
he says in today’s materialistic world its hard to find such good ppl
Raman says ruhi means alot to him
she is a very good child with excellent values
he says I developed instant bond with her
appa says ruhi is complete shadow of her mother
Ishita cums there
appa says u came so soon u should have rested
Ishita says she was missing ruhi n her heart n mind were with ruhi
she hugs ruhi
ruhi says I have made drawing
Ishita asks her to show
it is a family photo a daughter holding hands of mother n father on top is written IYER FAMILY MY FAMILY
Ishita gets emotional she tries to hide her tears Raman notices
raman says amazing drawing we will put here on wall
ruhi gets excited

Its night
Raman visits ruhi’s room
he sees her sleeping
Ishita asks him to cum inside
He says I just wanted to see ruhi once
ishita says its ok dr
Raman says ruhi loves her dad alot
Ishita nods she says he too loved her alot


Tensed mani is waiting outside hospital room
doc says congratulations its a baby girl
excited mani hugs doc
he distributes sweets
he purchases many many toys for ruhi
he keeps loving kissing baby ruhi
he makes her drink milk with spoon
he is shown crawling with baby
he gets excited when baby says papa
he brings many gifts for her
he tells Ishita ruhi is my princess

Mani is shown leaving with bag he kisses baby Ruhi n Ishita n says he would come back soon

mani is shown supervising a factory work
a manager tells him there is fire
mani panics
he is shown helping all workers get out from factory
but he is caught up

he is in ICU
he tells Ishita”sorry but all employees were my responsibility please take care of my princess ishu I could just spend a year with her”
His eyes close

*********Flashback ends*********

Tears fall from Ishita’ s eyes
Raman is stunned he says sorry
mr iyer was great
Ishita says I failed to take care of his princess
Ishita is sobbing
Raman places his hand over her n says bad cannot happen with such good ppl
nothing will happen to ruhi
I assure
Ishita eyes him
Tere dil ka mere dilse rishta plays

precap-Toshi eyes ruhi
she gets emotional n hugs her
she makes her eat parathas

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  1. Super super???….I don’t know what to say..After reading ur ff,I felt very happy…Waiting for next episode,… Precap was excellent????…I don’t know whether u write short or I feel its short…Jus I am swiping down and down…Its over..???

  2. Amazing eagerly waiting for next

  3. Lovely…..

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    Really awesome yaar

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    Its Amazingggggggg…….

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    wow very nice and emotional

  7. very touching………….

  8. amazing

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    Simply amazing

  10. Update next one soon….Can’t wait yaar??…Plzzz

  11. Dear all thanks alot
    kv will surely try to make it lil longer
    thanks again

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