Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 30


Epi starts with Abhi driving car Raman is pacifing Ishita
Bhallas are praying
Police stops their car
Abhi says its urgent there is a pregnant lady in car n they need to immediately take her to hospital
police says its risky n they should be careful

abhi is driving
a stone hits car glass breaks abhi is injured he is bleeding but keeps driving

Bhallas r shown praying
Ishita is in pain
n abhi is shown driving

They reach hospital
a lady doc takes Ishita in OT
Raman is worried abhi asks him to have faith
bhallas are shown praying
Raman is also shown folding hands

Doc-Congratulations Dr Raman its Baby girl
Ishita was brought at perfect time a little delay too could be very risky n good that inspite u both being such expert docs got her here even in these riots
Raman-Dr shinde is Ishita fine
Doc-Yes she is fine relax Dr Raman, we have kept baby in incubator

A emotional Raman hugs Abhi

Ishita is unconscious Raman goes to her with a smile on face n tears in eyes he kisses Ishita on forehead n says thank you
Ishita gently opens her eyes
she looks at Raman
Raman-congratulations Ishita its a baby girl
Ishita smiles
Abhi gets their baby (a cute cute sweet sweet adorable baby)
Ishita n Raman hold her together
they look at her adoringly

Ishita thanks abhi he says it was his responsibility

Ruhi supper excited she is dancing baby is coming baby is coming
mrs Bhalla is preparing kheer

Raman n Ishita get baby home
Toshi does arti
ruhi looks at baby she says baby is so soft she is doll she kisses her baby smiles
Toshi says nazar na lage meri khudiyoon ko

Bhallas thank Abhi simmi looks at him admiringly

simmi goes to Abhi’s room
simmi-Abhi thanks alot u gave us biggest joy n u took risk thank you Abhi-Dnt be formal simmi its my responsibility I always considered this family as my family

Ruhi is packing her toys she goes to ishra’s room
Raman-Ruhi beta what is this
Ruhi-Toys my all toys are now hers because I got biggest toy baby
thanks mummy papa for this beautiful doll
Raman Ishita hug ruhi

Ruhi makes baby sleep she sings lullaby

Toshi asks ruhi wat should be name of baby
ruhi says pihu
my sweet sweet cute pihu
all clap

Abhi is shown working on some files he is shown working late nights
simmi takes coffee
simmi-abhi since a month u have not slept properly please sleep today
abhi-simmi my sleep is not as imp as ruhi n pihu’s health their transplant is utmost imp I need to focus on this i have taken this responsibility n I need to fulfill it properly

6 months latter
ruhi is playing with pihu
pihu is crawling ruhi crawls with her
ruhi gets tired n sits
ishra emotionally eye their kids

Abhi-Raman, bhabhi reports have come pihu is fit for transplant n ruhi immediately needs transplant so I advice we do it without delay

Ishita breaks down she says both my children will bear so much pain what if am scared
Raman hugs her

Abhi-Bhabhi trust me please I will not let anything happen both will be fine n bhabhi please look at ruhi
she needs it
she is currently bearing so much pain

Toshi asks Ishita to be strong Amma blesses her
simmi ties a holy thread on both pihu n ruhi’s hand

simmi-abhi all the best please give us our happiness
abhi thanks her

abhi gives instruction to a panel of docs

Abhi-Raman please wait out ur family needs u please take care of everybody

OT Is shown
All r tensed
Ishita is crying
Raman holds her hand
Amma n Toshi pray to ganpati idol

precap-Ishita is getting ready Raman looks at her lovingly

Credit to: Rushi

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