Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 29


Hii friends sorry for late update I had submitted article but some how it was not properly accepted so writing again

epi starts with simmi giving medicine to ruhi
ruhi-bhua I really like abhi uncle he is so good he was ur friend too na bhua please tell me some interesting stories from ur childhood days please
simmi-Ruhi its getting late please sleep we will talk tom

Abhi who is overhearing them feels upset

Simmi is going towards her room
Abhi stops her
Abhi-simmi please talk to me once properly please give me one chance to talk to u please
simmi-Am going for walk u can join me if u wish

Abhi smiles
They are shown walking together in silence

Abhi-Simmi I know, I wasnt there when u wanted me most but trust me simmi u
(he fumbles)
simmi stops n looks at him
they have eye contact
abhi-but u were always in my heart n mind simmi I loved u since our childhood days but when u shared with me about ur feelings for ur college friend param I had no choice but to go away from u
simmi I didn’t wanted my feelings to create any hurdles in ur happiness

simmi is dumbstruck
abhi sits on his knees

abhi-Simmi I know u dnt need anybody but I need u will u please marry me?
simmi- r u mad abhi am divorcee
abhi-so what for me u r still the same simmi with whom I fell in love I still love u

simmi leaves in anger
abhi is upset

Ishra room, Raman gives Ishita medicines Ishita says baby is kicking Raman happily touches her stomach
he says awesome baby is playing football
they smile n giggle

Mr Bhalla is watching news
news reader says high alert has been declared in delhi due to communal riots ppl are adviced to be indoors
pictures of bloodshed, stone throwing are shown
Toshi prays for peace

Amma calls Ishita n tells her about riots she asks her to ask everybody to be indoors Ishita asks her not to worry

Abhi is getting ready to go to hospital
simmi-abhi there are riots there is high alert please dnt go
Abhi-Dnt worry nothing will happen to me
n even if it happens nobody is there to mourn

Simmi puts her hand over his mouth
simmi-am sorry f or my yesterday’ s behavior I am scared of words like love n marriage u were my best friend n will always be I hope u understand

Abhi smiles

Ruhi is getting scared seeing about riots
abhi says he has idea
he puts on cd
of movie kapoor n sons
all r watching
Raman is holding Ishita’ s hand suddenly she feels pain
abhi says its Labour pain
all panic
ruhi is crying
Ishita is unable to bear pain
abhi says they should take her to hospital
mr Bhalla asks how
Raman lifts her
he makes her lie on back seat abhi says he will drive
Ishita is crying Raman caresses her n assures everything will be fine.

precap-All r tensed Raman is holding Ishita’ s hands

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Ruksy

    nice love it

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb Yaar………..

  3. Superb…I think u r putting some of the scenes of original yhm….good going dear….
    I have waited for ur update since mrng….

  4. Yes lekha dear some of my fav scenes from yhm am putting
    this riot wali scene was originally shown as Ishita helping a pregnant neighbors in delivery

    1. Nivedha

      Rushi you are awesome… I guess the baby to be a boy… Cute story yaar

  5. Am a silent reader but I really enjoyed today’ episode. Pls update very soon and make it longer.

  6. Nice one.enjoy a lot

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