Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 27

Hii friends a very good morning

Epi starts with Raman talking to senior doctor he says “sorry sir but I will not be able to come to hospital for year or so I need to take care of both my wife n daughter even if I come my mind n heart will be with them I willnot be able to devote myself to patients”
senior doc says “Its ok Dr Raman ur family needs u but remember we are there any help please feel free to convey n my best wishes with u”
Raman smiles

He goes to a book shop he purchases book with title 101 WAYS TO PAMPER A WOULD-BE-MOTHER
He goes to a shop n purchases some stickers of cute babies he purchases a cushion n asks sales girl if its soft
he purchases some comfortable bed sheets

Raman is seen setting up his room he sticks photos on walls
he cleans the room puts on bedsheet keeps cushion n says perfect

simmi is shocked to see messy kitchen n Raman working she says what r u doing bhai
Raman says he is making bhel for Ishita as he read in book that pregnant ladies crave sour things
simmi laughs she says not at such early stage bhai its after five months generally
Raman is shown making Ishita eat bhel with one hand he feeds Ishita with another ruhi
Toshi looks on n smiles

Toshi brings ladoo for Ishita at same time brings kheer
Toshi says ladoo is nutritive
Amma says ladoo can be heavy kheer is better it has milk n nuts good for baby
both quarrel
ishra look on confused
Raman says Ishita will have both one by one
both ladies get glad
Ishita says but she will become fat
Raman says he likes n loves teddy bear more than Barbie doll
Ishita feels embarrassed

Ishita goes to ruhi’s room ruhi has drunk her milk changed her dress done everything by herself she tells Ishita that she is big girl n will not trouble her she says mumma I will make u sleep
she caresses her hair Raman looks on n smiles

Raman goes to airport
he sees a young dashing man waves him they hug eachother
Raman says
welcome abhishek (yes he is vivek dahiya my ff wdout his charming face would be incomplete 😉 ladies in Bhalla house is busy preparing food n mr Bhalla is setting up living area
Ruhi asks she somebody spl coming
Toshi says” yes bachaa Raman’s childhood friend Abhishek
they went to same school same college now he is expert doc n working in USA”

ruhi gets excited n says wooww

Raman n abhi enter Bhalla house all greet him
Ishita is shown with baby bump
abhi says hello bhabhi u r much more beautiful than Raman described
Ishita smiles abhi asks
where is my princess ruhi?
ruhi comes abhi hugs her n gives her some gifts

simmi brings juice for abhi
he looks at her adoringly
he says hi simmi
she just gives faint smile n goes to her room
Toshi observes she says sorry abhi simmi has changed she hardly talks to anybody after her divorce
abhi says he will her talk

abhi looks at Raman n ruhi both r playing some game n enjoying he smiles
he goes to Ishita who is in kitchen
he says”thanks bhabhi because of u I got my friend Raman back his smile back thank you so much”Ishita says Raman is lucky to have such a caring friend

Precap – Bhalla family is shown enjoying n dancing Raman happily dances lifting ruhi. Abhi tries to dance near simmi she leaves from there in anger

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    Woww Abhishek Simmi food job yaar…. Ishra is awesome

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  2. Super cute ravan Kumar……abhishek entry is nice….

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