Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 28


Epi starts with simmi standing alone in balcony she is upset
abhi goes there
abhi-simmi can I please stand here with u if u dnt mind
simmi-whats need to ask this stand u dnt need to be so formal
abhi-the view from here is still same it looks spectacular I missed all this n u all alot
simmi-dnt lie Dr abhi u didn’t miss anything, u didn’t bother about us in past 10 years u were so busy that u cd not come once to meet us
u call Raman bhai ur best friend he went through so much
he was so depressed did u come? I gor married did u come? I tried calling u I emailed u did u ans?
u didn’t have time we never mattered abhi so let it be
abhi-sorry simmi its not like that,now am here promise will always be there when u all need me because u all matter alot
she interrupts
simmi-I dnt need ur sorry we dnt need u, Raman bhai has Ishita n ruhi n also us n I now need nobody I am used to being alone
simmi leaves in anger
abhi tries to say something but doesn’t

In Raman’s bed room
Raman makes Ishita sleep on bed he gives her a book n asks her to read relax her mind n sleep
he kisses her forehead
he says he will talk to abhi n come
Ishita says”abhi is really nice n he cares alot for u, he removed time from his busy schedule to handle our case so good of him, I feel I can trust him for transplant because I saw care in his eyes for ruhi he will be gentle thanks Raman I was just not able to trust any other doc”
Raman smiles n says after all we are chaddi buddies n he is best n very expert
Ishita laughs

Raman n Abhi are discussing something
Abhi says “Raman its excellent foetus’s bone marrow matches ruhi naturally as indicated by report so its best we willnot have to rely on any artificial method it could be painful n risky too”
He notices Raman sad n in deep thoughts he places his hand over his lap n says
“Raman trust me ruhi, ur baby n bhabhi all will be fine please trust me “Raman hugs him abhi says”sorry Raman in past 10 years I was not able to fulfill my responsibility as a best friend I didn’t give u emotional support when u wanted it sorry”

Toshi n Amma are busy making preparations
simmi is decorating house with flowers abhi admires her
while she puts garlands on walls
abhi offers to help she refuses to take his help

Ishita is unable to move
Raman notices he panics he asks what happened suddenly she says she got cramps in her feet n its paining n she is unable to move
Raman rushes to get ointment
he lovingly massages her feet
Ishita says she needs to get ready for godbharii (baby shower)
she says even simmi is busy who will help
Raman says he will make her ready
Ishita smiles n says kuch bhi
Raman says he will
Raman carefully applies nail paint to her hands n makes her wear bangels n kisses her hand saying perfect
Ishita shyly smiles. he then makes her hair applies bhindi makes her wear earings he then kisses her cheek n says perfect
Ishita hugs him
Ishita says she is lucky to have him she says I wish simmi too gets somebody who will love her like this

Raman n ruhi hold Ishita’s hands n get her for ceremony
Amma n Toshi make her sit flower petals r put on her
ladies r shown putting coconut n some gifts in her lap n saying something in her ear
ruhi says there is lot of silence they should dance
Ruhi starts dancing on aaj ki party she makes Raman, Toshi, abhi simmi, amma appa join

ishita n Raman dance raman lifts ruhi n dances abhi tries to dance close to simmi she gets annoyed n leaves

recap-abhi sits on his knees he tells simmi that he needs her

Credit to: Rushi

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  2. Superb dear…..loved it

  3. Deborah Thomas

    Great story but the part where he put his hand on Raman lap sounds gay srry

  4. very good.

  5. Radhikaji

    Waiting for the next episode. …l update. …

  6. Hloo rushi ….u didn’t upload today….waiting for the update…

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