Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 26

Hiii everybody,
wishing u all a very happy guru purnima may almighty guide u all on path of never ending happiness, success n peace always

so lets see what happens with ishra

Epi starts with ruhi hugging Raman n wishing him happy bday she gives him card n kisses him she says I love u papa Raman emotionally thanks her
all wish Raman
ruhi asks what gift he wants
he says ur good health beta, ur smile, n lots of love
ruhi hugs him
all look on n smile
simmi brings cake for Raman
she says icing is done by ruhi
I love u is written on cake
ruhi, Ishita, n Raman cut cake together
Raman makes everybody eat cake
he takes blessings of elders
simmi takes photos of everybody
Raman holds Ishita
simmi happily observes
she clicks their pic

simmi tells Toshi that her prayers are answered Toshi says even she noticed it she says kisi ki nazar na lage

Raman n Ishita are shown taking care of ruhi
Raman makes Ishita have food with his hands
Ishita is sleeping besides Ruhi
Raman kisses both on forehead Ishita smiles

1 month latter

Ishita is working in kitchen she feels giddy Raman notices he holds her n takes her to room
he asks Ishita to rest
Ishita vomits
Raman gets tensed
he scolds Ishita he says she doesn’t take care of herself he says she should eat properly n on time he goes on n on
Ishita smiles
she shyly says its something good
Raman continues talking
Ishita says it will continue for atleast 8 months or so
Raman gets stunned
he says u r pregnant
she nods
he gets overwhelmed n hugs her he lifts her in his arms n thanks her
they eye eachother

Toshi hugs Ishita
ruhi is dancing n says small baby will come
Toshi says now this baby will give our ruhi new life thanks Ishita waheguru ka lakh lakh sukhaar hain
Raman is tensed
Ishita goes to him
she asks what happened
Raman says
”Ishita am happy very happy but tensed ruhi is sick she needs our attention n now baby too will need will I be able to manage this responsibility n Ishita I cannot compromise with ruhi’s treatment
this baby could be blessing for her but baby will be small n transplant I mean both my children will bear pain n I will just watch helpless ly”
Ishita holds his hand she says
”Raman I am also scared for this but this is god’s will n god will do best with us n our children
Raman aap best ho u can take this responsibility n fulfill it perfectly like u have been fulfilling all ur responsibilities
Raman u r my pillar of strength together we can overcome every hurdle, if u lose hope I too will”
Raman hugs her n says sorry he says they will be strong for their children
they smile with tears in eyes

precap-Raman says to a doc that his family needs him n he cannot come to hospital he needs to take care of his wife n ruhi

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