Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 25( Milan spl)


Hii dear friends
so sorry tried alot yesterday to update epi but site wasnt opening
Today’s epi is very spl n I hope I can do justice to it n u all like it so without wasting more time here we go……….

Epi starts with Ishita getting worried Raman is holding his head she makes him lay on bed n massages his head
Raman eyes her lovingly
Ishita says”what happened to u suddenly u got headache I have told u so many times to take care of urself to sleep properly n not to use laptop so much no never listen to me”
Raman holds her hand
he says its because of simmi she had spiked their juices, he says his family has gone crazy his mom gives honeymoon tickets n sister spikes juices but they dnt know that he will never touch Ishita
Ishita is confused
Raman says can I tell u something
Ishita says yes tell
Raman says” Ishita when I married u I promised u that we will be friends it was all for ruhi’s sake I cannot break this promise u married me because u had trust on me I cannot break it I cannot take mani’s place noo
but u know what mani was so lucky to get ur love
Ishita u r best u actually love n care for my family more than I do u r a perfect Bhalla
u know our rishta is dil ka rishta its very deep n pure
I never express myself or my feelings but Ishita I just cannot think of life without u or ruhi
All I want to say is I really love u Ishita, love ur simplicity, love u care n concern, love just everything about u but I will never force u to give me mani’s place I will keep loving u, u have got me out of darkness I hope u will never leave me n go”
both are tear eyed
Raman is holding Ishita’ s hand she says I will never go Raman says please dnt please be with me I love u he keeps repeating n falls asleep holding her hand Ishita looks at him n recollects all that he said she smiles
tere dilka mere dilse rishta plays

Its morning Raman wakes up with heavy head he finds nimbu pani on table he drinks it n finds a note he reads it
”Raman yesterday u told me something I hope u remember yes Raman u r right our relation is scared n deep but u know what Raman aap bahut achee hain n thanks for being there giving me emotional support always I too cannot imagine my life without u n ruhi Raman u know what u have a spl place in my heart yes it is difficult to replace mani he will always be in my heart n thanks for understanding this n giving me space, u have got spl part in my heart n life.”
Raman recollects whatever he told Ishita
he smiles

Ishita is preparing break fast with Toshi Raman comes there he looks at her lovingly she too shyly looks at him

Raman is getting ready Ishita gives him glass of milk Raman holds her hand”Thanks for note Ishita thanks for giving me that spl place but am waiting to hear those three words n I am ready to wait life long”
Ishita feels shy n goes
Raman goes to ruhi n happily hugs her he kisses her n says everything will be fine now

Ishita gives medicines to ruhi,
ruhi says she is extremely happy as tom is papa’s bday she says will celebrate Ishita nods
Ishita n ruhi together prepare a happy bday card for Raman
ruhi ask Ishita wat gift she will give papa Ishita blushes
she makes her sleep
Ishita request simmi to be with ruhi
simmi readily agrees

Raman enters his room he is stunned to see it romantically decorated he finds a happy bday card he smiles
Ishita enters room (she is dressed in black sari) she gives rose to Raman n wishes him
she asks him to cut cake
he cuts n makes her eat
he thanks her
he asks her for his gift Ishita puts on music she gives her hand they start dancing,they look into each other’s eyes
agar tum saath ho plays
Ishita says ur gift n whispers I love u Raman in his ears he smiles they hug each other
Raman lifts her in his arms n places her on bed n kisses her on forehead

In morning they wake up in each others arms Raman thanks Ishita n says it was best gift Ishita blushes

precap-Toshi hugs Ishita ruhi is dancing Raman is tensed.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Wow…What a episode dr….
    Really loved it????
    Awesome episode, But y Raman Tensed….Waiting to know 2mrw☺

  2. Nice milan episode good

  3. Very emotional talk between ishra……totally loved it..

  4. Radhikaji

    Loved it to the core….awesome. ..

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Loved it to the core♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Awsome……superb……loved it.????

  7. Nivedha

    Lovely dear

  8. mouni roy fan

    please upload the next rpi today pleaeaesease….

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