Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 24


Hii readers,
I always like it n appreciate when u give frank opinions
Dear lekha n kv thanks for ur candid opinion I hope u will like the track in following episodes

Epi starts with ruhi getting shifted from ICU to children ward
she is happy
she tells Raman that now she is fine n he should not worry
nurse gives ruhi medicines
Ruhi asks y this bitter medicine has again started
Raman gets sad

Raman is shown surfing something on internet on his laptop in Ruhi’s room
Ishita is sleeping by keeping her head on ruhi’s bed

Ishita wakes up n finds Raman awake n busy on laptop
she says “Raman u didn’t sleep whole night?”Raman says he wasnt sleepy n he was talking to a doctor in Australia who is cancer specialist
he says that doc has recommended some different therapies n medicines I was ordering medicines
Ishita eyes him
Raman says”Ishita ruhi is my jaan n as I promised I will let nothing happen to her I will ensure she gets best treatment n medicines, I think we should ask for discharge n hire full time nurse ruhi will be more comfortable n happy at home”
Ishita nods n says but that will be expensive and doing therapies will cost alot
Raman tells her all he wants is Ruhi’s happiness n comfort

Raman brings some ppl in Bhalla house
they are shown fitting some monitors in Ruhi’s room

Ruhi is excited to know that she is going back home

Ruhi is shocked to see hospital like setup in her room
she starts crying
she asks”what has happened to me?all medicines all injections have started again,
will I not be allowed to attend school
will I always have to keep taking medicine”
Ishita goes out sobbing
simmi pacifies her
Raman hugs ruhi n says
”ruhi u r papa’s brave girl, beta nothing has happened u will be fine again just like before we will be happy again u just have to take care of urself, have medicine on time mummy, papa dadi dada bhua, amma appa all are with u bachaaa”
she hugs Raman

Ishita is making ruhi have soup
Raman is busy reading some book
Toshi looks on
she thinks she needs to do something

Toshi gives envelope to Raman
Raman asks wat it is
Toshi says its his n Ishita’ s honeymoon tickets to goa so that they can spend sometime together alone
Raman gets angry
he says they will not go anywhere
without ruhi n that too leaving her this way no way
he leaves
Toshi feels sad

Ishita tells Raman that whatever Toshi did is for them n he should not have yelled so much
Raman nods
he goes to Toshi
Toshi is preparing food
he says sorry ma
toshi hugs him n says she too loves ruhi alot

simmi tells Toshi that they will have to do something to get Raman n Ishita close because they are too stressed to think about all this
simmi says bhai is occupied full time in acquiring info about disease n medicines n treatment n Ishita is busy taking care of ruhi

simmi prepares juice she adds something in glasses
she says sorry waheguru for ruhi’s sake I need to do this

Toshi tells Ishita that tonight she will sleep in ruhi’s room
she asks Ishita to go to her room n rest

simmi keeps juice glasses n ask Raman to have it Raman is engrossed in laptop
he drinks one glass n finds it refreshing n drinks another glass too he thinks he will ask Ishita to take juice from fridge for herself

Raman feels giddy his head feels heavy Ishita notices she asks what happened she rushes to get balm

precap-Raman says his rishta with Ishita is dil ka rishta its very deep, its pure he says he never hurt ishita
Ishita is listening to him n she is smiling

Credit to: Rushi

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    Wow so cute

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    Soooo lovely……

  7. I was only reading this ff from starting and I wait for next episode and I don’t comment but today u rocked!!!!!can’t wait for next episode

  8. Ur ff is super rocking and iam waiting for the coming episodes.I like the story u have shaped.

  9. U didn’t update today…..waiting for the update yaar…..

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