Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 22


Epi starts with Raman asking Ishita to have medicines on time n to rest n not move more
Ishita smiles seeing Raman’s concern
Ruhi comes rushing n excitedly tells Raman that today is her elocution competition n they both should attend
Raman says how will Ishita be able to attend
ruhi gets sad
Toshi asks Raman to take Ishita along for ruhi
Ishita gets ready
she is unable to walk
she tries walking she trips n lands in Raman’s arm
tere dil ka mere dilse plays
they eye each other n are lost in each other

Raman holds Ishita’ s hand n takes her
Toshi looks on smiles n says waheguru inkii jodi bane rakhe
khush rahe mere bachee

Raman holds Ishita’ s hand n they enter auditorium
teacher welcomes are parents
children are spoken speaking turn by turn
it is ruhi’s turn to speak
Raman gets excited
ruhi says she will speak about papa ”my papa is a doctor he saves many life daily he works hard, he cares for everybody, he loves us all,he can do anything to make me smile, he calls me his princess my papa is not just best papa , but best son, brother, husband, doctor he is perfect.”
Raman gets tear eyed
Ruhi gets standing ovation
Raman runs to stage n hugs ruhi
n tells her she is best beti
ruhi wins

In car Raman thanks ruhi for her words she says mummy helped me Raman n Ishita eye each other
they smile

ruhi excitedly tells everybody about competition

Raman tells Ishita that he will apply her ointment Ishita says she will apply
Raman says it should be properly applied
Ishita says Raman is her husband n she doesn’t like him to touch her feet
he laughs
he applies ointment n says dnt be so sanskari Ishita jii
Ishita says please dnt call me jii
call me Ishita
Raman says it should be equal
even she should stop calling him jii n start calling him Raman
they smile

Toshi tells Mr Bhalla that all looks so perfect her family is happy family she says ruhi’s condition is improving n she is leading a normal life
simmi has also moved on n is successfully running her day care
she says now my only wish is to see Raman n Ishita as real husband n wife
mr Bhalla says slowly even this will happen
Toshi says Ishita deserves happiness

precap-Amma hugs Ishita n asks her to be strong.Raman is crying inconsolably.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Wow….Superb dear, But Preacap is little bit fearable,Waiting for next one

  2. Sarayumane

    Awesome episode as usual, ohoooooooh precap

  3. Reshma Pradeep


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